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Known By Your Enemies by Pete Ketcham

The common ground for reasoned dialog and compromise has now disappeared.

Known By Your Enemies

Known By Your Enemies

Editorial by Pete Ketcham

An old saying states “one is known by their enemies”. I am reminded of this saying when I think of the Lewiston Morning Tribune’s editorials. I have always felt that as long as their editorial is disparaging a local conservative or politician, that person is on the right track, but when their editorial endorses or compliments a conservative, that is a pretty good indicator that person is probably a conservative in name only.

This same “litmus test” applies well to the Trump administration as the mainstream news media, Hollywood, and academia do all in their power to disparage, ridicule, and liable Trump and his staff. I feel that as long this hatred and animosity towards Trump continues, it verifies that Trump is also on the right track.

There is another “enemy saying” that says “an enemy of my enemy is my friend”. This saying is born out by the ungodly left as they extend protective measures to the Muslims. Even thought these two have very little in common, they do  share an intense common hatred of the Christian beliefs that run counter to their particular philosophies.

I use the preceding quotes to illustrate that we God fearing conservatives do not have merely political opponents, but have dedicated enemies, determined to stamp out our traditional constitutional and Christian beliefs by any and all means available. We are now locked in a civil war with these socialistic enemies which will determine the future of America. Like the last civil war, the common ground for reasoned dialog and compromise has now disappeared, and we are left with only one option, and that is to destroy them before they destroy us. I believe many conservatives realize this and accept it, but unfortunately many Republicans still crave the approval of the “enemy” press etc., and refuse to face this harsh reality.


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