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Idaho Stand-Your-Ground / Castle Doctrine

The law as it stands currently favors the criminals that roam Idaho and prey on innocent victims.

Castle Doctrine

Idaho Stand-Your-Ground / Castle Doctrine

by ​​Rep Christy Zito District 23A

One of the most basic and fundamental tenets of our liberty in the United States is the presumption of innocence until proven guilty.

Our system of law was created so that if five guilty men went free to preserve the liberty of one innocent man, then the system has worked.

In addition, our right to life and the God-given right to protect and defend it is clearly stated in our Constitution and is a right that existed before there was an organized government of any kind. Laws in the United States today, including Idaho, typically have a presumption of guilt when deadly force is used to defend one\’s life.

There is great risk in delay or hesitation to use deadly force if you are must wait for law enforcement to arrive.

I am a mom who lives in an area where the report time on a call to the Sheriff\’s Office can be as long as 45 minutes, because of the immense area that our amazing officers must cover. It is not acceptable for anyone, anywhere.

The stand your ground section of HB444 states that one has the right to use deadly force and not retreat if you are not the aggressor and you feel like your life is in jeopardy.

HB 444 provides that one can use deadly force to defend life in their home, yard, place of business, or any place where one has a legal right to be.

Also included is the presumption of innocence when deadly force has been used. That means that you are innocent until proven guilty.

Current laws state that the criminal who broke into your home is the victim until you can prove you needed to shoot in self-defense.

Additionally, H.B. 444 includes “criminal immunity” which says that if you are charged and tried for your justifiable homicide, and you are found not guilty by reason of self-defense, you are entitled to have reasonable court costs reimbursed.

This provision serves more than one purpose.

First, it will encourage prosecutors to think twice before filing charges based on public pressure. Some prosecutors will charge and try gun owners for murder to make a political statement against guns. Never mind that you had to take someone’s life to defend yourself or your loved ones. Now they are going to ruin you financially in court to try and make an example out of you? This law helps prevent that.

The Stand-Your-Ground/Castle Doctrine legislation pending in the House State Affairs Committee in Idaho was drafted in response to the citizens of Idaho.

The law as it stands currently favors the criminals that roam Idaho and prey on innocent victims.

House Bill 444 will put the law firmly in favor of the innocent victims who are forced to defend themselves. That’s you. That’s me. That’s most Idahoans who just want to be left alone and not attacked by some violent individual who intends to take away what is rightfully yours – your life.

After listening to a presentation by Idaho’s Gang Task Force, I am convinced more than ever that preserving and expanding our right to stand our ground and defend our loved ones is more important than ever.

Thank you for choosing me to be your voice in your government. I have enjoyed your comments and suggestions, and look forward to more. If you are in the Boise area be sure to stop at the capital, It is a beautiful building and your representative would love to see you.


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5 Comments on Idaho Stand-Your-Ground / Castle Doctrine

  1. My dog and I were out walking and happened to surprise a ground squirrel who had strayed too far from his Burro. with escape impossible, the little critter “Stood his ground” getting up on his hind legs and ready to fight to the death. No one would remark on this natural reaction, or blame the little guy – only about 5″ tall – for defending his life. In the perverted reasoning of liberal/progressives however, we, and especially women, do not have the same rights as a ground squirrel. At bottom, the liberal agenda wishes for a disarmed and defenseless civilian population.

  2. Thank you Rep Zito for your work on behalf of the citizens. I had a conversation the other day with your opponent in District 23. His position is that this bill is just for headlines and that this is not a priority for Idahoans. Mind you that he was asked by several businessmen in his area to run against you (read rhino establishment in his case). The truth is you have done outstanding work on many bills that otherwise would not have had the ear of the “leadership” much less their interest. Servant leadership deserves high praise.

  3. To: St Aff Hs Cr ,, St aff hs , Rep Crane , st aff hs , “” , st aff hs , Harris Ed Com ,, “” , “Rep H. Scott” , “” ,
    Cc: Barbieri Ed Comm

    Subject: Let HR 444 stand your ground out of committee
    Date: Feb 8, 2018 6:41 PM
    Stand Your Ground Law:

    Rep. Christy Zito, has spent over a year drafting and aligning support for house bill 444 to improve Idaho’s Stand Your Ground / Castle Doctrine law.

    The bill protects individuals who use guns to defend themselves, their families, their homes, and their property from intruders and assailants.

    As a retired State Trooper of 22 years, living in rural Idaho where the Sheriff’s arrival has already been demonstrated to be 1/2 hour (2x), I implore you all to put HR 444 to a committee vote. I would file a document request for your inboxes messages on HR 444 responses, but with 7,000 affirmative response on the issue, it appears abundantly clear this bill is popular with voters.

    Chairman Loertscher locking this bill in the draw is a travesty of representational government, be the hero, or, in the alternative be lonely on the wrong side “of the hill,” baaaa!

  4. I urge everyone to support HB444, the Castle Doctrine. I am a retired Chief of Police and I have personally witnessed agenda driven prosecutors attack and harass innocent victims who did nothing more than legally protect their lives. And I have watched in disgust as civil awards were granted to suspects and/or their families by activist judges and juries. No law abiding citizen ever wants to be put in the position of using lethal force to protect themselves. Add to that horrible experience the trauma of arrest and malicious prosecution and suddenly the lawful become the accused law breaker! Don’t let it happen in Idaho!

    • Thank you and God bless you for working to educate the public on the truth. I have been a victim on more then one occasion , I seem to have a knack to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. I learned to use a fire arm and started carrying after I was mugged by 3 women in broad daylight on a busy street and none came to my aid. While attempts were made to assault me I was not a victim again, in all but one case all I had to do was draw my fire arm, thank our Lord, I did not have to shoot, they always ran. Not only was I a victim previous to carrying but discovered I was further victimized by the judicial system, it is a failure, their hands tied by rules , regs and laws that protect the guilty not the innocent, justice was never served.

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