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Defendants Drop Lawsuit in Malheur Refuge Case

We were charged with Conspiracy, but who are the true Conspirators?

Defendants Drop Lawsuit in Malheur Refuge Case

Defendants Drop Lawsuit in Malheur Refuge Case

Today We: Shawna Cox and ryan-c: family of Bundy have made the decision to withdraw our complaint against those individuals who are responsible for the death of our friend LaVoy Finicum, for our attempted murder of ourselves, Victoria Sharp, Ammon Bundy and Ryan Payne (an honorable veteran).

We have no doubt that with all the evidence we have that we would be more than likely to prevail in a court of law with an honest jury. But due to our experiences in the past two years we believe that the Federal Government will try to get us to settle to some substantial amount of money to keep the truth away from the public.

We asked ourselves: how does that further our message of the need to restore the Constitution for the united States of America?

Due to our experiences we also have NO Faith in the Federal Justice System. Yes, a jury did properly find that we were not guilty of the crimes that the government wrongfully accused us of in the Harney County case, even though there were hundreds of witnesses who were not allowed to testify in our behalf. The Constitution was not allowed to be mentioned or even brought into the courtroom. God was not allowed to be talked about or our religious beliefs expressed (explaining our intent). The Truth was never allowed to be brought forth, it was all a game of smoke and mirrors with a bunch of lying Attorneys making deals in the back rooms daily.

The Courts were not open to the public denying of our Constitutional right to a Public Trial, as no one, including the media, was allowed to record or video tape the trials. We wanted an open public trial. We wanted the Truth to come out. We want the world to know what really happened.

The Judge told the jury they were not to worry about what the sentences or punishment would be for the defendants if convicted, just follow the law as she interpreted it to them. Do the Judges truly believe that the Constitution (The Supreme Law of the Land) is so hard for We American People to read and understand that we have to have it interpreted for us by a Judge in legal ease?

If you are an American, you should be able to read and write English. The Jurors were instructed not to make a decision based on how they felt or what they believed was right or wrong but to take an oath to follow the law as it is interpreted to them by the judge. The Judge also told them many times over that they had more than enough evidence to convict. How is that for Blind Justice?

They were also told that Jury Nullification was illegal. That is a bold-faced lie! The Jury has the right to determine if the law alleged to being broken is actually Constitutional or not.

Many documents were redacted and secret meetings held. We discovered over 15 government paid undercover agents who were at the Harney County Resource Center (formerly known as the Malheur Wildlife Refuge), not only to report our every move but to instigate unlawful actions: such as setting us up by leading a target practice and then filming it as if we were instructing an army. They spun the narrative through the major media that it was an armed takeover. Ask yourself, who owns the media?

Instead of coming to the Refuge and issuing trespass citations, they ambush us, Why? We believe it was because the Federal Government can not produce a lawful title to the land therefor they could not issue a trespass citation.
They still could have arrested us at any time when we traveled to town meetings, to the grocery store and many other places we frequented in town. Why did they wait until we were traveling on a lone desolate road headed to another county? Why ambush us? Why did they have snipers in the trees? Why did they have a road block set up like a kill zone? Why did they fire on us at the first stop? To force us into fleeing? Why kidnap us? Why no warrants? Why were all their body cameras turned off? Why kill LaVoy? Why continue to shoot at us for 10 minutes after LaVoy was killed? Why did they set up the Harney County Hospital with a large blood bank and 24 hour FBI guards? Where was the Sheriff in all this? Where were our rights? Where was our protection?

In the Courtroom we realized that no court appointed, federally paid attorney would represent us properly. That no attorney knew the truth nor could we properly communicate that truth to them and that they would never be able to communicate and transfer the truth to the jury. We had to speak for ourselves. We had to stand on our own and for our own behalf. We could not let an attorney assume our identity to act in our behalf. Boy! Have we learned a lot!! It turned out that the only real defense we were allowed was to take the stand and testify in our own behalf. That is totally against all the advice of the attorney’s as they believed we would perjure ourselves. But the Judge left us no other choice or we would have had no defense at all.

Many of the accused men were threatened and frightened into taking plea deals. They would rather lie about committing a crime they did not commit than risk spending upwards of 58 years in a Federal Prison if they stood for the truth. That is how the Federal Court system wins at a rate of 98% of the time.

We know that it was only by the Grace of God that we are free. That all of the prayers offered in our support were answered as the Jury felt impressed to stand boldly against things that they saw were wrong in the court system. Jurors that had been planted by the Judge and Prosecution were ousted out by the other jurors who had the courage to stand up and speak out. That was a miracle!

In April 2014, it was an Army of armed BLM, NPS, USFS, EPA and FBI with surveillance cameras, snipers and a host of other’s that arrived at the Bundy Ranch and literally pointed weapons at hundreds of unarmed Americans. There were undercover agents there also, including the Nevada Federal District Prosecutors, days before the whole thing even began. Makes you wonder why? Who was behind all this? Politicians enriching themselves? Control of our State Public Lands? Theft of our underground minerals? We had to do our homework with many other Americans looking for the Truth.

In the trials in Nevada men were charged with crimes they did not commit.

We were charged with Conspiracy, but who are the true Conspirators?

We want “We the People” to determine who are the guilty and who are the innocent. We want a Jury of our Peers as the Bill of Rights affords us. A Government of the People, by the People and for the People. That’s why we have summoned a “Common Law Administrator” to convene a Grand Jury to indict those people who have conspired against America, for Treason, and their crimes against “We The People”.

We cannot and will not allow our people, so wrongfully incarcerated, so wrongfully accused of crimes, to be railroaded, tortured, and even killed, like our friend and brother, LaVoy Finicum.

These people have torn to shreds our Constitution and Bill of Rights. Ammon Bundy made a very true statement on April 12, 2014 when asked why the Armed Federal Agents backed down and left. He said, “It’s the people, The power is in the People!” Shawna continues to say, “UNITED WE STAND, DIVIDED WE FALL.”

Do you have the courage to STAND? Or will you continue to be lulled away into a carnal sleep as you watch TV, Ball Games, Entertainment and many other distractions as they come for our guns, homes, families, our liberty and our very lives?

For these reasons we have withdrawn from the suit placed in the federal court and are relying upon the We the People of America to convene a 7th Amendment Grand Jury to examine the crimes and the criminals who have done us harm.

-February 8, 2018


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38 Comments on Defendants Drop Lawsuit in Malheur Refuge Case

  1. Just now catching up with my emails.
    It is a sad State of Affairs when an American Citizen can’t get any Real Justice today for an ambush and murder by Federal Government entities.
    Proof now shown to the Public that there is corruption widespread in Our City, State and Federal Government.
    There still are options for the American Citizen to take and there are still Honest Attorney’s that can guide one or assist.
    God Bless You All. Prayers sent from Alabama.

  2. The People’s Panel
    The Grand Jury in the United States, 1634 – 1941
    Richard D. Younger

    “They proved their effectiveness during the Colonial and Revolutionary periods in helping the colonists resist imperial interference. They provided a similar source of strength against outside pressure in the territories of the western United States, in the subject South following the Civil War, and in Mormon Utah. They frequently proved the only effective weapon against organized crime, malfeasance in office, and corruption in high places.

    But appreciation of the value of grand juries awas always greater in times of crisis, and, during periods when threats to individual liberty were less obvious, legal reformers, efficiency experts, and a few who feared government by the people worked dilitently to overthrow the institution. Proponents of the system, relying heavily on the democratic nature of the people’s panel, on its role as a focal point for the expression of the pulbic needs and hte opportunity provided the individual citizen for direct participation in the enforcement of law, fought a losing battle. Opponents of the system leveled charges of inefficency and tyranny againt the panels of citizen investigators and pictured them as outmoded and expensive relics of the past. Charges of “star chamber” and “secret inquisition” helped discredit the institution in the eyes of the American people, and the crusade to abolish the grand jury, under the guise of bringing economy and efficency to local government, succeeded in many states.

    “The reasons for Bundys accessing the Grand Jury, without a prosecutor or bar member, is so crucial is because

    “1) they are in the spotlight at the moment,

    “2) they have widely known reasons to believe the accusations is valid (as you pointed out that sitting ‘judge’ noted the breach on the record) for criminal action,”

    The real government is bottom up, grass-roots, organic, voluntary, effective, expedient, defense of the innocent from the guilty in time and place: reality. People will know it when the finally see it.

    • Grand Juries are like Committees of Safety in that they are our historical inheritance for protecting ourselves and drawn from the citizenry rather than a privileged few…but they are both toothless unless some one or some group enforces the decisions.

  3. Nobody seems to understand the Corruption within the Grand jury and I agree that with the Bundy’s access to the public and media exposing the Corruption of the grand jury system is an option. The Corruption runs so Deep and is so entrenched along with the apathy, complacency, and ignorance of the public at large makes it very tough to fight, not to mention the bought and paid for establishment media.



    My use of quotes are offered specifically for the purpose of validating the information that you offer at a crucial time. People reading this who are unfamiliar with such terms as indictment, True Bill, and presentment, may want something more than the words of someone responding to an article on the internet, to validate the information you have offered.

    I think there is a remote possibility that the information you offer might actually help people who are in this specific situation where they seek actual due process of law. Rather than having financial transfers flowing from public funds: awarding victims of “government overreach,” rather than that the true goal is to hold each individual perpetrator to account for the specific crimes perpetrated by those criminals; and if there is punishment then it is the whole country, through the petty jury, whose job is to decide on what constitutes redemption, remedy, and restoration. Punishment, or revenge, is not the goal.

    I’ve heard this specific type of thinking expressed by Ammon Bundy in an interview with Kelli Stewart.

    Wrong: Government entity pays damages to victims of crimes perpetrated by individual government agents: money is (counterfeited, printed out of thin air?) to pay damages to victims of “government overreach.” The perpetrators are free to resume criminal activity under the color of law.

    Right: Victims employ their “equal protection of the law” access to a (common law) Grand Jury: see Bill of Rights. Grand Jury is made up of people who are not affiliated with foreign corporations posing as legal experts (not BAR members), and the charges brought to them by Finicum or Bundy family members are investigated and in at least one case there is a confession of withholding evidence already on the official record, recorded by the “judge” (BAR member), the Grand Jury members (unless they are criminals themselves) would have a clear duty to move the course of due process (common law: see Bill of Rights) to the petty jury trial phase. The people as a whole are represented in the Grand Jury, specifically not BAR members, specifically not employees working for a corporate (for profit) business, and as such they are free, and at liberty, to see the facts before them for what they are, a clear case of – at least – withholding evidence, and that part of due process moves the accusation from mere accusation to the petty jury phase.

    The trial then generates a public access transcript. An example of a public access trial transcript is The Martin Luther King Jr. Conspiracy Murder Trial Transcript.

    Page: 434

    “Then when they had the
    plea-bargaining business, I said to myself,
    here is this justice system, the most
    important American perhaps other than the
    President of the United States has been
    killed, and they are going to have a
    plea-bargaining instead of a full-scale trial
    so that a court of law can tell us, can give
    us a full transcript of what that murder is

    Correctly pointing out that the victims in this or any case ought to attempt to gain access to the grand jury in their county so as to follow the prescribed due course of law is a very important point.

    I had also heard during Interviews with the Bundy’s that they were unaware of a system that would work toward the goal of holding the individual perpetrators to account, and that confession of ignorance reinforces the need to point out this specific step in due process.

    If the judge is not a real judge, confessed by action if not words. If the prosecutor is shown to be a criminal in the official words of the judge. If the defense attorneys are unaware of, or failing to advise their clients of the purpose of a grand jury (according to the known common law principles, if not named as such) so as to validate the accusations against the members of “the government” who are accused of crimes, and put those individuals on their trial (according to the common law: see Bill of Rights), then it might become clear to more than a few people, that the government has been counterfeited.

    If the government has been counterfeited, where then is the real government?

    Is it true (or not true) that these specific people have tried to gain access to the local, county, grand jury, so as to move the real government due process through that crucial step?

    I don’t know.

    • Accusers accessing a real, ‘court’ recognized, Grand Jury for determining valid cause or not (true bill or no bill) is the single most important issue in the US regardless of who currently recognizes this fact at this time. The reasons for Bundys accessing the Grand Jury, without a prosecutor or bar member, is so crucial is because 1) they are in the spotlight at the moment, 2) they have widely known reasons to believe the accusations is valid (as you pointed out that sitting ‘judge’ noted the breach on the record) for criminal action, 3) if the bar conspirators obstruct justice by blocking access the Bundys access to the Grand Jury then the elements of obstruction of justuce can be obtained directly from the perpetraitors mouths and actions where evidence of all elements of obstruction of justice can be collected when attempting to gain direct unattended access to the Grand Jury, 4) if (when) the bar conspirators do obstruct justice by blocking access to the Grand Jury and since the act is committed by bar members to prevent fellow bar members from ever being brought to justice then evidence of misprision of a felony could also be obtained 5) The whole process could be the first public revelation on how the bar conspirators have cut off the people’s access to the Grand Jury OR reveal that everyone does, and has always, have a peaceful pathway to pursuit remedy for EVERY constitutional and criminal breach, 6) either move they make will either reinstate the proper lawful precedent or get the conspirators to make a move into the flank and rear guard that will not be mentioned here.

      I can tell you that there is tons of information that supports that certain members of the bar has specifically conspired over multiple generations to remove access to the Grand Jury by anyone but them and they knew that by doing this is exactly how they would wrestle exclusive control over precedent, use criminal law as a weapon of war and enable them a transition into their desire for an elite technocracy controlling everyone but them via statutory ‘law’ eliminating the republic of equal justice under common law.

      They intentionally removed anyone’s access and they intentionally made it where only bar members could be judges or practice law because the administrators of the bar and justice system seated bar memvers are, I believe, the conspiracy levying the war on the US.

      I have already tried to access the local grand jury for crimes committed against me by criminals claiming to be ‘law enforcement’ and ‘judges’. Justice was obstructed by certain bar conspirators in the DAs office by blocking access to the Grand Jury – of course all of this was after I went to seek the magistrate first and was told “there is no magistrate” then was later told the magistrate is inside the jail and you can only access them if you been arrested and booked. They have literally cut off the people’s access to seek criminal justice and say you must go to a bar attorney which is really a conspiracy and I am not the only one saying that where I am at. There are literally sitting state Judges and other court personnel that have been calling for capital punishment of conspirators in the courts already but for different reasons but still for a true conspiracy to overthrow the courts but that is entire other story that is very very long and on-going.

      I also uncovered even more mindnumbing fraud of the Grand Jury where I am at, where a pentagon operative supposedly on the grand jury, in the courthouse hall, said the Grand Jury is just an oversight board that has “no jurisdiction over people who work in the courts”, “does not issue indictments” and only makes “recommendations on government department spending issues”. See the NWO technocracy’s intended purpose of the Grand Jury? It is already partially in effect and can be seen now for those paying attention. It seems the bar conspirators plan is to turn the Grand Jury into a public oversight board without indictment powers as I saw in my experience. Once I pushed the issue forward the prosecutors told me there is a “second criminal Grand Jury” but would not show me where to access and literally told me they would not allow me access even when I told him he is in breach and that I WOULD NOT SEEK JUSTICE THROUGH KNOWN LAW VIOLATORS – my whole experience tells me the conspirators have already initiated the transformation of the Grand Jury – How does all of this happen? The secretary of the Grand Jury office said I was “the first person to ever come there” in her 27 year career. That’s what public school indoctrination is for, making a population ignorant of law so that they have no defense within the protection of law making them slaves to criminals who use legal proceedings as a weapon. Other evidence of the bar’s conspiracy that I found is: remove the special appearance from courts – the conspirators are changing the definition of special appearance from challenging the jurisdiction of the court to an attorney appearing in place of another attorney, change the definition of “right” to the definition of “privilege”-althpugh ties into their oldest conspiracy of improper application of personhood.

      Other important points to note about bar conspirators and the hitmen surrounding the Grand Jury is the following two people – Terry Trussell in Dixie County FL, read EVERYTHING (and I mean EVERYTHING) on what happened to him. He was a selected as a Grand Jury Foreman, he tried to uphold the law and the bar conspirators and hitmen threw him prison. Walter Fitzpatrick III, McMinn county TN, he tried to access local grand jury, found corruption, sought justice and bar conspirators and hitmen threw him in prison (Tennessee is one of the most, if not the most, corrupt ‘judicial’ / ‘ justice’ systems in the US. Tennessee has fallen into a total police state with real criminals as cops, torture instituted in their prisons, private for profit courts openly stealing and extorting property, some drug dealing murdering sheriffs, little to no protections of law whatsoever, full bore tyranny – with Lousiana, Pennsylvania and Florida right there with them.

      So much more to all of this but too much for here. I have not even touched on the historical bar publications that reveal the conspiracy to remove the Hrand Jury but it’s all in the bar’s peer reviewed works but the easiest way to prove their conspiracy is to gather the evidence seek equal access to the Grand Jury and let the conspirators provide all the evidence right out of their own mouths and actions.

  5. Nobody,

    As with any case involving public liberty the gate that bars access to both investigation and official accusation must be controlled by the people themselves: meaning the people as a whole, and expressly not meaning a division of the people that is less than the whole.

    If only a few special people are allowed to decide who can and who cannot be investigated and tried for crimes, then that special power held by that special segment of the population would command absolute power: despotic power, and then the only hope for public liberty would be the hope that those few special people were not subject to normal human vices.

    So to avoid absolute power corrupting people absolutely, it has proven true that the whole people must be responsible for, and accountable for, maintaining equitable justice through an open gate, a gate that is maintained by the whole people themselves: their grand jury, or a construction that affords the whole people the same equal access to rule of law.

    Criminals know these facts well enough.

    U.S. Supreme Court
    RESPUBLICA v. SHAFFER, 1 U.S. 236 (1788)

    “It is a matter well known, and well understood, that by the laws of our country, every question which affects a man’s life, reputation, or property, must be tried by twelve of his peers; and that their unanimous verdict is, alone, competent to determine the fact in issue. If then, you undertake to enquire, not only upon what foundation the charge is made, but, likewise, upon what foundation it is denied, you will, in effect, usurp the jurisdiction of the Petty Jury, you will supersede the legal authority of the court, in judging of the competency and admissibility of witnesses, and, having thus undertaken to try the question, that question may be determined by a bare majority, or by a much greater number of your body, than the twelve peers prescribed by the law of the land.

    “This point has, I believe, excited some doubts upon former occasions but those doubts have never arisen in the mind of any lawyer, and they may easily be removed by a proper consideration of the subject.

    “For, the bills, or presentments, found by a grand Jury, amount to nothing more than an official accusation, in order to put the party accused upon his trial: ’till the bill is returned, there is, therefore, no charge from which he can be required to exculpate himself; and we know that many persons, against whom bills were returned, have been afterwards acquitted by a verdict of their country.

    “Here then, is the just line of discrimination: It is the duty of the Grand Jury to enquire into the nature and probable grounds of the charge; but it is the exclusive province of the Petty Jury, to hear and determine, with the assistance, and under the direction of the court, upon points of law, whether the Defendant is, or is not guilty, on the whole evidence, for, as well as against, him.

    “You will therefore, readily perceive, that if you examine the witnesses on both sides, you do not confine your consideration to the probable grounds of charge, but engage completely in the trial of the cause; and your return must, consequently, be tantamount to a verdict of acquittal, or condemnation.

    “But this would involve us in another difficulty; for, by the law it is declared that no man shall be twice put in jeopardy for the same offence: and, yet, it is certain that the enquiry, now proposed by the Grand Jury, would necessarily introduce the oppression of a double trial.

    “Nor is it merely upon maxims of law, but, I think, likewise, upon principles of humanity, that this innovation should be opposed. Considering the bill as an accusation grounded entirely upon the testimony in support of the prosecution, the Petty Jury receive no bias from the sanction which the indorsement of the Grand Jury has conferred upon it.

    “But, on the other hand, would it not, in some degree, prejudice the most upright mind against the Defendant, that on a full hearing of his defense, another tribunal had pronounced it insufficient? which would then be the natural inference from every true bill. Upon the whole, the court is of opinion, that it would be improper and illegal to examine the witnesses, on behalf of the Defendant, while the charge against him lies before the Grand Jury.”

    • Yes I am aware of all this, the Grand Jury is hearing the case only the accusation, but none of the quotes takes away from the fact that the Grand Jury is there for the ACCUSER(S). The accuser(s) are the one(s) demonstrating that they have all elements of valud cause for court action – a petit trial jury to hear the case. The prosecutors fraudulently claim exclusive access to the Grand Jury and this is their usurpation which becomes a criminal act when they obstruct justice by denying an accuser access to the Grand Jury to seek indictments for claims of criminal injury inflicted upon them by those whom the accuser(s) are accusing. The Grand Jury is simply there to confirm or deny that the cause for action is true or false – true bill or no bill.

      For the prosecutors to claim only they have access to the Grand Jury is to deny equal justice to each and every one who make up the whole of the People but denying justice is only one part of the prosecutors intent the primary being to ensure that only they can pursue justice so that they gain unlawful power to use legal proceedings as a weapon of war against the United States, the whole of the people and to forever protect themselves and their criminal network derived from the bar association from being brought to justice for their criminal conspiracy and for the longer term agenda of molding precedent to their conspired terms. It is not only the prosecutors but certain members of the bar including judges and other attorneys in the bar adminustration that make up the legal arm of the army waging this sophisticated war on the United States right now – and for a very long time before now. There is evidence of their intent, motive, tactics, efforts, successes and vectors, I believe more than enough to convict them and permanently remove the bar’s criminal tentacles from our system of justice. The bar conspiracy and treadon is the larger issue that makes up the WHY of how the common law is being removed from the US.

      The immediate issue is that the Bundys have all elements that make up valid cause for criminal action RIGHT NOW. They can be accusers and they have every proper reason for going to the Grand Jury to seek a criminal indictment against every single conspirator involved in injuring them. The bar conspirators will block them from accessing the Grand Jury because the bar worked for morw than 100 years to usurpe that mosr important stronghold position in their warfare against us but the fact remains that ANY ACCUSER has a lawful right to access the Grand Jury without any obstruction and without anyone else in attendance. The Grand Jury will decide if the accusers bill is true or not.

      The people MUST end the bar conspirators’ unlawful usurpation of our Grand Juries if we are to maintain lawful government that secures our unalienable rights of lufe, liberty and the pursuit of happiness which can only be mainrained peacefully through equal access to justice for ALL.

      Are the Bundys going to make the accusations? I would if I were them and I would make the entire process an expose of how the bar conspirators and the violent hitmen have overthrown the entire judicial branch of the US and all State governments.

      The prosecutors are not gods of justuce they are servants who are suppose to ensure EVERYONE has equal access to all aspects of justice including criminal accusations against the men who claim to be prosecutors, judges and law enforcement but breach that duty vua criminal acts.

      If the ‘prosecutors’, ‘judges’, and ‘law enforcement’ haven’t done anything wrong then they should have no problem with defendong themselves against an accuser un a court of law and should have no issues with an accuser presenting the cause for action to Grand Jury.

  6. The function of a common law grand jury is to afford the people themselves the power to lawfully accuse anyone including people in government: to put them on their trial by jury.

    “THE GRAND JURY originated in England as the accusing body in the administration of criminal justice. At the Assize of Clarendon, in 1166, Henry II provided that twelve knights or twelve “good and lawful men” of every hundred and four lawful men of every vill disclose under oath the names of those in the community believed guilty of criminal offenses. Members of this inquisitorial body were obliged to present to the judge sworn accusations against all suspected offenders. Unlike petit juries, grand juries were not to pass upon guilt or innocence but were to decide only whether an individual should be brought to trial. At first all accusations originated with the members of the inquest themselves, but gradually the juries came to consider accusations made by outsiders as well. The jurors then heard only witnesses against the accused and, if they were convinced that there were grounds for trial, indicted him. They also passed upon indictments laid before them by crown prosecutors, returning a “true bill” if they found the accusation true or “no bill” if they found it false. However, the juries never lost their power to accuse on their own knowledge. This they did by making a presentment to the court. The presentment represented an accusation on the jury’s own initiative while an indictment represented a charge that originated outside the membership. Under their power of presentment English grand juries could and did investigate any mater that appeared to them to involve a violation of the law.”

    The People’s Panel:
    The Grand Jury in the United States. 1634-1941
    Richard D. Younger

    Think of a Grand Jury as a gate kept by either A: The government, or B: The people themselves. If the government becomes despotic, then the government will close the gate, so that the people are no longer able to bring to trial any despotic government agents. Therefore the despotic government would have to control each Grand Jury in each county. They key here is to point out that while the despotic government is so busy fighting internally there is likely to be less power available to maintain control of every Grand Jury in every county. In each county, in each state, in what was once a Federation of Independent States, are bits and pieces of common law Grand Juries, involving regular, average, people, who are put into those seats of power, which is a very limited power, but none-the-less a decisive power: the power to investigate allegations made by witnesses, and the power to indict, to put the accused on his, or her, trial.

    Clearly there are people who support anything the government does, as if the government can never do any wrong, and those people will not see the wisdom in maintaining the power to indict commanded by the people themselves. Those pro-government agents are likely to claim that the government is capable of indicting itself when needed, and those pro-government agents are likely to claim that the people would abuse the power to indict.

    Now the situation is clearly showing the falsehood of such a pro-government, and anti-people, stand. The government is on record confessing that very serious crimes were perpetrated by people claiming to be prosecutors, as those criminals with those badges willfully withheld evidence from the defense. That is just one crime worthy of indictment.

    Pro-government agents will claim that there is no need to return the power of indictment back to the people, as people sit, and work, on Grand Juries. In order for those pro-government agents to get away with those claims, those pro-government agents have to award criminals who withhold evidence the power to control a Grand Jury.


    The government has confessed, on the record, the crime of withholding evidence, and the perpetrator guilty of that crime is in control of the Grand Jury.

    The criminal who is identified as a criminal, for withholding evidence, is the prosecutor who controlled the Grand Jury, directing the Grand Jury to indict innocent people.

    Why doesn’t the Grand Jury indict the prosecutor?

    Millions of dollars worth of expenses were spent on persecuting innocent people, and the government confesses that a criminal posing as a prosecutor is guilty of withholding evidence.

    Pro-government agents prefer millions of dollars worth of expenses spent on persecuting innocent people, while pro-government agents prefer criminal persecutors withholding evidence with impunity.

    Why, if the government is there to protect and serve, to administer justice, is no one doing anything to bring that criminal prosecutor to justice? The answer is such that all those pro-government agents are guilty, and if one goes down in a public trial, that one will bring many other’s along with them. Even on Public Forums like this, the pro-government agents, will no longer have any power to deceive regular people who still have moral conscience.

    • “Why, if the government is there to protect and serve, to administer justice, is no one doing anything to bring that criminal prosecutor to justice?”

      Excellent question with at least one of the three sides of the question being an obvious answer – side 1- the bar conspirators unlawfully usurped exclusive access/control of the Grand Jury explicitly for the purpose of getting away with their crimes so there is no expectation of criminal conspirators to bring themselves to justice.

      Side 2 – Why are the Bundys and/or other victims not the accusers going to the Grand Jury and exposing the prosecutors 2nd and 3rd crimes of obstruction of justice and misprision in the process of the prosecutor blocking the accusers access to formally bring their valid cause for action before the Grand Jury??? Are the Bundys et al the honeypot?, scared?, unaware?

      Sode 3 – the Grand Jury making a presentment on their own, is the Grand Jury unaware of the crimes committed by the prosecutor?, Is the Grand Jury filled with bar co-conspirators, pentagon operatives? Has the Grand Jury been told they cannot make presentments on their own by a ‘judge’ or ‘prosecutor’ (jury tampering)?

      What is the answer if sides 2 and 3? It seems the Bundys et al are the last line of defense of lawful justice here but after all that they do nothing??? If they do nothing then they must be assumed to be an FBI orchestrated honeypot. If they go common law Grand Jury instead of court recognized Grand Jury then they will have failed to seize the opportunity to re-open our Grand Juries to the people thus proving they are at least stupid and providing evidence that are in on an FBI honeypot targeting ‘Sovereign Citizens’.

      I could write an entire encyclopedia set on why they should go to the Grand Jury immediately and another set on the on-going bar conspiracy that is unfolding all across the country right now…

  7. “Taking over a Wildlife Refuge with guns in hand to protest a dumb decision by the 9th Circuit…” I agree with you about that part.

    “all the while having the object of releasing legitimately impounded cattle…” I don’t agree with you that the army of hitmen stealing property is legitimate and I really don’t understand how anyone could justify stealing and initiation of violence as “legitimate” – who was their accuser to initiate any action in the first place? The BLM ‘agents’ whom had no principal(s)??? as part of a ‘government’ prohibited from owning such land??? with a ‘court order’ issued by bar conspirators whom have intentionally overthrown the lawful government and whom are levying war on the United States??? Nothing legit there, government is instituted to secure rights not violate them.

    Bundy’s actions may have been “stupud” but only for not going to the Grand Jury first. If they went to the Grand Jury first then they could have shown the whole world the bar conspirators tactics of warfare against the US and them. Defending their rights was not stupid but the protest at Malheur seemed more like a honey pot constructed by the hitmen claiming to be the FBI.

    Regardless of opinions of stupidity, the fact is that evil carries a strategic intent to injure another for one’s own gain – a criminal act with criminal intent. Whom had criminal intent? The answer is obvious that the criminal racket made of bar conspirators whom have overthrown the ‘courts’ with their army of hitmen claiming to be ‘law enforcement’ are the evil, criminal conspirators whom should have been indicted by a Grand Jury long before any of the Bundy mess ever started. Bundys had precedent, the bar conspirators have a criminal agenda to alter precedent for their own unlawful gain in power and wealth which evinces a design to reduce everyone else to absolute despotism – altering precedent is to remove precedent completely thereby removing the entire purpose of courts and leaving the people with no foundation of what is lawful activity other than reading tens of thousands of pages of incomprehensible codes passed/altered every year – taking a position that ever changing legal statutes is law and precedent is not only stupid, incomprehensible but reprehensible to the very purpose of law and precedent being an evil conspiracy by a criminal gang of tyrannical psychopathic barbarians that our Grand Juries offer the only peaceful means to remedy via indictments and appointments of special, non-bar member, judges and prosecutors for presiding over the conspirators trial and conviction in order to return to the rule of law, return equal justice, return to security and general welfare for the people by ending the conspirators breach of our peace and permanently removing from society/existence for their on-going crimes. It is obvious the conspurators will block our access to our Grand Juries because they will all hang from the gallows for what they are doing. There is nothing stupid or violent about accessing lawful proceedings for peaceful remedy to the on-going criminal injury executed by the bar cinspirators and their violent army of hitmen – the bar conspirators and hitmen are the only violent party which is why they will use violence to obstruct justice and carry out their misprision -we don’t need to respind with violence because we can expose them to the press and general populace one by one, bear witness divine law and reclaim divine providence.

    • In November 2015 I was contacted by some of the participants of the Malheur take over to put up website for them called which I did (and was snitched on to the FBI by one of the informants).

      Their purpose was explained to me as “committed patriots going around the country…” with the inflection of the phone conversation leaning more towards meeting and education rather than what happened at Malheur. That is an inside look at a part of this event.

      I did not actually learn of the Malheur take over until about January 13th or so; that winter being my first year offgrid and having focused troubles of my own to overcome.

      The point is, these Patriots were not just protesting a dumb decision by the 9th Circuit Court…they were simply being committed Patriots…and if they had not chosen Malheur their cup runneth over with other Federal transgression to protest and spotlight.

  8. Being “brainwashed” is one thing; being practical and realistic is quite another. Hence, the use of the word “Quixotic”. You might not have noticed, but I don’t defend the status quo…I merely point out the futility of kicking against the pricks, as the Apostle Paul would say.

    Taking over a Wildlife Refuge with guns in hand to protest a dumb decision by the 9th Circuit re: Hammonds is just plain stupid. Driving away from a legitimate traffic stop while chanting “just shoot me”, then jumping out of the truck and acting like a crazy man is just plain stupid. Pointing guns at cops while hiding behind “human shields” who have been duped into “protesting”, all the while having the object of releasing legitimately impounded cattle not only is stupid, but is amoral and reprehensible…the type of thing you’d expect from Osama Bin Laden.

    John Wayne is said to have coined the phrase “Life is tough. Its even tougher if you are stupid”. Life has been tough for the Bundys because they have chosen to be stupid. Learn from their mistakes…don’t be stupid.

    • From a remote perspective it does seem the Patriot movement could employ better tactics.

      But there again, is something as dynamic as human politics ever so precise as to avoid criticism? To flash freeze the tempestuous sea of liberty?

      The Sons of Liberty’s Committee of Safety in 1775 had a set of rules, by which they would muster the Militia, which stipulated the British had to leave Boston with artillery…but the British did not march to Concord with artillery…and the CoS’s mustered the Militia anyways leading to Lexington and the “Shot heard around the world”.

      On the opposite side of predicting doom over the people attended Bunkerville and Malhuer…these people deserve a large amount of CREDIT because they did gather with guns and there were no shots fired; that lends gravitas to their maturity. (But no, I am not a fan of, ‘Send the women up front’, that was not a shining moment in Bunkerville)

      And what about Ammi White, a Militia Man at Concord who dispatched a wounded British soldier laying on the ground with multiple hatchet blows to the head? The Patriots protected Ammi’s name from the British for 20 years and the British were fairly pissed and searching hard to learn who Ammi was. Who at Bunkerville or Malhuer has actually attacked the people of the Federal government?

      And there again, what does better tactics mean? If you start people, who are really righteously indignant, to thinking about stopping the carte blanch funding of corrupt, authoritarian, and frivolous Federal policies with a never ending descent into Fiat Debt….does that mean Monkey Wrenching?…does that mean employing the OSS’s “Simple Sabotage” manual? You won’t get to see all the pretty Patriot faces if that is the case…but you will get their meaning.

      • For historical comparison and who is justified in doing what…on December 14th, 1774, four months before Lexington/Concord…the Patriots stormed the British’s Fort William and Mary and seized arms, powder and shot.

        Who remembers their pretty Patriot faces? And who in the modern Patriot movement has taken such extreme measures? No one at Bunkerville or Malheur yet they are blamed as being dumb, stupid, traitors…etc.

        Which brings us to the fact that when the British DID march on Concord they were in a very large part trying to recover the arms, powder, and shot that was stolen from Fort William and Mary four months prior; learning from Tories that part of that haul was stored in Concord.

        All things considered the people who attended Bunkerville and Malheur have behaved like mature adults who have not out of malice broken or stolen anything. It is a crying shame they will not be treated in kind.

  9. “It is truly mindboggling how far Americans have fallen and is very telling of Bundys et al that they have never even attempted to go the courthouse and access the Grand Jury to get the indictments themselves and expose the obstruction of justice and overthrow of the peoples’ protection from government and the true meaning of equal justice.”

    This would be a most spectacular example of Quixotic stupidity if anyone were to give it a try. The Bundys are stupid…but perhaps not THAT stupid. (Ammon/Ryan live today because the followed officer’s orders during their arrest in Oregon…unlike Finnicum who didn’t.) Then again, there are genius badasses like Neil Wampler who “deploy and make history”, so maybe you can follow him through the courthouse doors. I’ll stock up on popcorn to see how that works out. A word to the wise…those courthouses are well defended…so think before attempting to commandeer a sitting grand jury…you can rest assured it would get violent very fast.

    • Why do you think it is “stupid” to seek access to a Grand Jury to present the elements for a valid cause of action? Hearing complaints with elements of a valud cause for criminal action is exactly what the Grand Jury is for. It is truly mind-boggling that the people (falsely) believe that only bar member prosecutors can access the Grand Jury. It is expected that the criminal bar tyrants would claim only they can access the Grand Jury because that is exactly the intent of their crime and conspiracy – claim a monopoly over justice so that they can use legal proceedings as a weapon and enable themselves to always get away with their crimes and warfare – it is OBVIOUS that this is their tactical strategy in their warfare against the United States because the Grand Jury and courts is the peaceful means to protect the People from the Government and the criminal conspirators of the bar know this so they cut off the People’s access to the peaceful remedy intentionally to leave violent revolution as the only other means to bring remedy so that anyone who attempts to bring them to justice will enable the bar conspirators to use legal proceedings as their weapon of choice – their whole strategy and criminal intent is OBVIOUS.

      There is nothing stupid about seeking peaceful remedy to on-going criminal injury – if you think that is stupid then you must believe the entire reason for government is stupid because its main purpose is to establush justice (so that peaceful remedy is pissible).

      Unvelievable that you would defend the indefensible by saying equal justice is stupid. If everyone doesn’t have equal access to our grand juries then we don’t have a government- it is a tyranny posing as the government levying warfare on everyone to make us slaves to their criminality. We are either equal in law or not – we are not equal then that is just another crime the bar conspirators are committing – fraud.

      Good to know P. Schreiber is one of the brainwashed. I am not beainwashed, I know what equality before law means and I have collected mountains of common law precedent that demonstrate that equal access to Grand Juries is the rule and has become the exception only in more recent times (due to the bar overthrowing the government).

  10. They need to go to straight to a real sitting Grand jury. The fact that prosecutors fraudulently claim exclusive access to our Grand Juries is EXACTLY how the Government has been overthrown by the criminal’s claiming to be ‘prosecutors’ and ‘judges’. Why does everyone have this mental block on ANYONE having unobstructed, unattended access to our Grand Juries in Courthouses that have “Equal Justice under Law” chiseled into the walls? Equal justice means everyone has equal access to the Grand Juries. The criminals claiming to be ‘prosecutors’ and ‘judges’ know that it is standing precedent that “the Grand Jury is to protect the people from the Government” but if the people can’t access the Grand Jury then justice is being obstructed by the prosecutors (a felony criminal act) and the Grand Jury cannot offer any protections; this is plain common sense.

    Everyone needs to begin independent efforts to seek access to their Grand Jury and Grand Jury indictments for every criminal claiming to be a ‘prosecutor’ and ‘judge’ for all the injuries, breach, conspiracy and warfare they are levying on the United States. We already have just cause for indictments of all of them for conspiracy by the bar association to obstruct justice, to overthrow US law, breach of duty for implementing an unlawful tender, perjury to their oath, misprision of a felony to protect fellow bar members from being brought to justice, conspiracy to overthrow the government, deprivation of rights and treason. Because EVERYONE has valid cause to bring them to justice for what they do every single day EVERYONE has valud cause for unobstructed, unattended access to our Grand Juries to seek indictments because our action is against the ones who claim a monopoly on access to the Grand Jury. Also, since the action is against criminal bar members operating in a conspiracy againsttl the United States, the Grand juries will be required to appoint special non-bar members and prosecutors to preside over and prosecute the case of the People v Government Seated Bar Conspirators. For those really paying attention the cases would also include the bar administrators embedded into the legislative bodies that are converting leglislative enactments into statutory codes because they are co-conspirators in the unlawful monopoly and warfare certain members are committing.

    The peoples access to our Grand Juries is so basic, so necessary, so required, so deep in precedent for equal justice that I honestly can’t believe that virtually NO ONE is calling out this conspiracy by the bar and that EVERYONE is not beating down the doors of tge Gran Juries and arresting anyone who obstructs access to equal justice. It is truly mindboggling how far Americans have fallen and is very telling of Bundys et al that they have never even attempted to go the courthouse and access the Grand Jury to get the indictments themselves and expose the obstruction of justice and overthrow of the peoples’ protection from government and the true meaning of equal justice.

  11. It was declared a mistrial,. They were not found either guilty or not guilty. I dont trust people that rely on lies to get people to take up their cause.

  12. An unstated but perhaps a very BIG reason for withdrawing this lawsuit is that plaintiffs on the losing side have to pay court costs and attorney’s fees. Looks to me that Shawna Cox did one of the few smart things she has done in this entire fiasco and withdrawn her frivolous and baseless lawsuit.

    I await the next act of Quixotic stupidity by these self-described “patriots” in taking over yet another Federal installation. Just like OJ could be countered on to re-offend after he was wrongfully acquitted of the murder of Nicole Simpson and Ronald Goldman, the shameless Bundy Bunch can be counted on to again make asses of themselves. I hope that “human shields” and/or law enforcement are not harmed in whatever idiocy they eventually devise.

    And knock yourself out with that “Citizen’s Grand Jury” nonsense. Sounds like something Che Guevara did in the Havana Prison after Castro came to power. Good luck with that.

    • I think you like the actions taken by the Gov. while some of us don’t ,I don’t think you like being free and in your statement are dragging the rest of us down into the treasonous acts committed by these rogue really need to take a better look at the facts instead of your imagination of what you didn’t see.
      The land occupied by the Fed Gov. is unconstitutionally illegal and as such we the people have the duty to stand up and say so.if you want to just stand there and watch our country fall then leave!!! We don’t want you here .you are part of the problem not the solution.

      • S Johnson, it must be tough living in a country where the vast majority of citizens who know anything about this Bundy baloney think they and their followers are kooks. Sorry we disagree, but it seems since Jefferson bought Louisiana from Napoleon in 1803, the country hasn’t fallen. Since you and the Bundy doofuses have their panties all tied up in knots over Federal ownership of land, I suggest you take the issue up with Jefferson. Meantime, you might want to take some deep breaths, grow up and get over it.

  13. I read the Pleadings they filed. The KORT would have DISMISSED those pleadings as They Were BALD, VAGUE, and Devoid of FACTS. Conclusionary Allegations will NOT pass muster of the HEIGHTENED PLEADINGS Requirements. 42 Sec 1983 is a JOKE. I am now very SUSPICIOUS of these CLAIMED OUTLAWS

    • Did you read the Larry Wooten whistleblower pdf.? If not, google it and read. You might not be suspicious at all after reading it.

      • None of that would stand a chance under evidentiary scrutiny. It was a lot of circumstantial allegations. That is not to say there may not be accuracy, but they are not substantiable. Also, his stuff primarily regarded the Bunkerville situation not Malheur.

        • It really amazes me how many people are offering opinions on subjects they have not done their homework on specifically believing that are federal government Would Do no harm please do your homework and I really wish that they would follow through with this case and make it public so people could see the absolute atrocities committed against the American people.

  14. I imagine that it’s impossible to find a lawyer to take this case on a contingency or pro-bono basis.

    Also, what ever happened to Shawna Cox’s $666 billion countersuit against the US government and others for “damages from the works of the devil”? Did anything come of that?

    • “what ever happened to Shawna Cox’s $666 billion countersuit against the US government and others for “damages from the works of the devil”? Did anything come of that?”

      It had even less chance than this one. It never went anywhere except in press releases.

  15. So where does that leave the guys that took a plea deal under duress? The ones like Jon Ritzheimer and Ryan Payne sitting in jail? Are they to be forgotten now? Just wondering?

    • Wholly separate matters. This case, regardless of whether it had proceeded or is dropped, had nothing to do with the other cases/defendants.

  16. I am so sorry, for each of you, and your families, for what you have been through, and while I am sad that you are throwing in the towel, I can understand why. You have stood, when the rest of us sat on the side lines. I really appreciate what you have contributed to our Countries freedom. What little we have left.

  17. Because they did not file claims with the appropriate agencies and instead filed complains into a court of the wrong jurisdiction. Even from sitting over here, it is painfully obvious that these courts have not followed their Rules of Procedure. This is how to attack this case. Until these people learn this, this will be the result of all their legal actions.

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