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HB-410 CBD Oil Facts of the Matter

The benefit of legal use of CBD Oil in the promotion of health and freedom of personal choice far outweighs any negative effects that are argued for its continued illegal status.

HB-410 CBD Oil Facts of the Matter

HB-410 CBD Oil Facts of the Matter

by Rep. Dorothy Moon

CBD oil is a regulated narcotic according to Chapter 27, Title 37, Idaho Code. It is currently a felony to possess, distribute or consume CBD Oil according to current statute. House Bill 410 has been drafted in response to a substantial and growing public awareness for the many health benefits its use has been proven to be effective and safe.

CBD Oil contains trace amounts of THC, up to 0.3%, which is the component that makes the oil illegal under Idaho Code. The concentrations of THC in CBD Oil is well below any hallucinogenic effect that could occur using the oil, some manufacturers have even prepared CBD Oil with no THC content. Much of the concern, as reported by many Idaho Legislators, is to the content of THC in the product and the quality of the product itself. There is little argument against the many and varied health benefits which have been reported and recognized across America.

The benefit of legal use of CBD Oil in the promotion of health and freedom of personal choice far outweighs any negative effects that are argued for its continued illegal status. There is however, a real and politically sensitive exchange that must be addressed should CBD Oil gain favor with the Idaho Legislature and most importantly, the Governor.

As of today, it is likely that a veto override majority in the legislature will be necessary to legalize CBD Oil in Idaho. To accommodate the necessary votes required to pass this bill and to insure public safety, HB-410 addresses three administrative requirements that lessen concerns about use and quality of product giving promise to thousands of Idaho users who risk felony conviction every day.

Conditions for legal use of CBD Oil include procurement of a quality product by reputable manufacturers who test and label THC content. Some suppliers of CBD Oil do not prepare quality products. The content of THC can vary greatly and in some instances the oil has been substituted with inert or artificial ingredients. A recent case involving poor quality CBD Oil or synthetics at the Army Medical Center in Fort Bragg, North Carolina left approximately 60 patients suffering from nausea, palpitations, dizziness and pupil dilation.

Secondly, Idaho’s CBD bill would require a medical doctor prescribe the oil under his/her direction. A child with epilepsy or other disorders should be seen by a physician to help chart the best path for continued care. Adults with a variety of maladies would want to make sure chronic pain isn’t indicative of more serious conditions.

Finally, a registration card, obtained through the Idaho Board of Pharmacy, would be carried by the patient as proof of their legal possession of CBD Oil in the treatment of an illness so prescribed. Law enforcement would be the only agency with access to this information to verify the directed use.


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3 Comments on HB-410 CBD Oil Facts of the Matter

  1. The CBD oil and its legalization is not the issue. It is about the MJ industry and the pushers first step to getting weed/pot/ legalized. Their first step. Their second step “oh it is great for medical use”. and then whamo, “Oh, let us legalized it for “personal use”! Do you ever hear about all the negative side effects? Have you heard from WA state about how many DUI’s have been made with MJ involved? NO. How about the medical side effects from “recreational use”?

  2. I am sorry, but this bill is total baloney. It is not about freedom and liberty, it just continues government control at a different level. Forcing me to go to a doctor and SPEND MORE MONEY is absolutely ridiculous. I do not need a doctor to tell me about my health, I know my body, I know my body’s needs. I also, absolutely do not believe in having to pay the government for permission to use a product of any kind and then to have to carry a permission slip with me.
    On page 3 of HB410, lines 12-14 it reads:
    “a) Possesses or uses the cannabidiol oil to treat an illness, and the cannabidiol oil is used in the person’s or parent’s residence by the person for whom the use was recommended;”
    So, if a person is taking CBD oil for a seizure disorder, and a seizure begins, they cannot take the CBD oil to stop the seizure do so anywhere but in their place of residence. Really? Since when do seizures only happen at one’s residence? Also, if taken for pain, and an extra dose is needed and you are out and about. Apparently that is tough luck. Panic attacks in public? Too bad, you can only take the CBD oil at your place of residence.
    I do not doubt the good intentions of Representative Moon, but trying to placate our unreasonable Attorney General and his office has led to an unreasonable bill. Please, exempt all hemp products, including CBD oil, with less than 0.3%THC. That is what is needed. Not a permission slip from a doctor and the state.
    As far as quality of the product, and unscrupulous sellers. Since when has government intervention led to an end of abuses? Never. Those kind of people lack morals and they will do what they are going to do regardless. It is up to the individual to do their research, not for the government to regulate.

  3. I live in Colorado, so THC is legal. I do not use it for intoxication. I use a product called Muscle Freeze for joint and muscle pain. It has no intoxicating effect, and has nearly instant relief without any side affects. I know other people that have far more serious health issues than me, that use some form of THC for pain management. It would seem to be “no brainer” that THC is a better option than other pain medications, from Ibuprophen to Opiods.

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