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Campaign for Re-Election of Dan McDonald

Dan and Kathy McDonald
Dan and Kathy McDonald

Campaign for Re-Election of Dan McDonald

It is our pleasure to announce the campaign for re-election of Dan McDonald.

mcdonaldDan McDonald is unique in today’s political environment where so few candidates have the ability or integrity to deliver on the promises they make.

In 2016, Dan campaigned on responsible, business-oriented management of the County’s budget and assets, and bringing a cultural change to local government oriented on customer service and supervisory responsibility.


Since taking office, he has delivered that and more. He has been instrumental in:

  • Reducing the County’s budget by almost eight million dollars.
  • Reducing the number of department heads, saving approximately $250,000 yearly.
  • Moving the County into self-insured status, saving hundreds of thousands of dollars.
  • Re-tasking Road and Bridge to maintain the investment in county roads.
  • Creating a procurement/project manager position to take advantage of collective purchasing. To date this position has saved the County $600.000.
  • Pushing a more customer-friendly profile for all County employees when dealing with the public.

Promises kept and proven performance is the theme of McDonald’s campaign and clearly he has already exceeded his promises during his first term as commissioner.

Please join Dan at his Campaign Kick-Off, Monday, February 26, 4 to 8 PM at Second Avenue Pizza. Come and meet Dan to learn more about his accomplishments in office and to share your ideas for even more improvements in the future.


1 Comment on Campaign for Re-Election of Dan McDonald

  1. Simple question; Why would a person claiming republican partisanship want to derail the trend of responsible management Dan McDonald has followed?

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