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3 Alternatives To Big Government Bills

Republican House Conservatives have released three alternative options to big government bills which are currently making their way through the House committee process.

3 Alternatives To Big Government Bills

3 Alternatives To Big Government Bills

By Rep. Heather Scott

As I write this update we near the half way point of the 2018 legislative session.  It has been one of the busiest sessions I’ve been a part of.  The presence of more liberty legislators throughout the House and Senate has meant more bills have been flooding committees, containing legislation that limits bureaucracy over reach, protects freedoms, and returns common sense to government.

In response to the never ending “top-down executive branch” plans that fail to offer real solutions for average citizens and hardworking Idaho families, Republican House Conservatives have released three alternative options to big government bills which are currently making their way through the House committee process.

The BIG Tax Relief Plan (Businesses, Income, and Grocery tax cuts), the Idaho Victim Protection Act, and the Conservative Health Care Plan all offer solutions to Idahoans’ growing frustrations with big government’s top down solutions.  The healthcare and tax relief bills offer positive cost-effective solutions which are a stark contrast to Governor Otter’s little tax relief plan, and what would ultimately become Medicaid expansion.  The Idaho Victim Protection Act is a much better plan when compared to the California billionaire’s proposal for a constitutional amendment called Marsy’s Law.

The BIG Tax Relief Plan would offer greater tax cuts for families, greater tax cuts for Idaho businesses, and most importantly, include the elimination of taxes on groceries. The BIG Tax Relief plan would put 59% more money back in Idahoans’ pockets than the Governor’s plan ($280 per household versus only $175).  Many legislators across Idaho are hearing the voices of their citizens and their concerns about high taxes.

The Conservative Health Care Plan saves Idaho taxpayers over $100 million, does not shove people off private insurance, allows patients to keep their current doctor, and most importantly does not expand Medicaid.  We need Idaho solutions which allow people to exercise individual choice in healthcare rather than the big-government plan to put more Idahoans on a federal program.  Idahoans deserve choices, low costs, and independence in their healthcare, not more federal dependency and control.

The Idaho Victim Protection Act would provide a series of additional protections for Idaho victims over and above those proposed in Marsy’s Law. This includes an expansion of the Idaho’s Victims Information and Notification Everyday (VINE) program so victims would be notified at every step throughout the criminal justice process, including the time of the criminal’s release from incarceration.  It also directs the state government to provide 12 protections to crime victims under a new section of code without the expense of changing the state constitution, as Marsy’s Law would do.

Last week the House legislature heard six and a half hours of excellent testimony (for and against) House Concurrent Resolution 32 in the House State Affairs committee. This resolution pertains to Idaho participating in the call for an amendment convention of the states, or an Article V Convention.  Legislators are divided on this issue and with good reason; much is at stake if an Article V Convention were to be convened.  I heard credible information presented by both sides, but in the end, it was apparent to me that there are still too many unanswered questions about how to protect our unique Constitution, our citizen representation and our current way of life should such a convention occur.   As result I was one of the 10 who voted in 10-5 decision to stop it in committee last Friday.  I can assure this voted elicited a lot of messages both praising and condemning the Committee’s decision. You can watch the video at (Feb 6 & Feb 7).

This week I introduced a bill on gun rights for retired law enforcement officers (HB 565) and will present my citizen protection bill against perpetual bond and levy elections (no means no for 1 year) bill (HB487) this Friday.  I believe these bills will provide citizens with protections and put the burden on government to insure their actions are fiscally responsible, necessary and prudent.

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