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Second Amendment Forum for Gubernatorial Candidates

Tuesday, February 20th 6-9pm, on Redoubt News Live

Second Amendment Debate for Gubernatorial Candidates

Second Amendment Forum for Gubernatorial Candidates

The first specifically Second Amendment Forum for candidates is happening in Idaho this Tuesday!

The Idaho Second Amendment Alliance (ISAA) is hosting 3 of the candidates that would like your vote for Governor of Idaho.

Congressman Raul Labrador, Lt. Governor Brad Little, and Dr. Tommy Ahlquist have agreed to answer your questions on gun rights, gun control and more!

Redoubt News is proud to have the President of the Idaho 3% Eric Parker behind the camera to live stream this very important event for you. As a defendant in the Bunkerville Standoff Trial in Las Vegas, Parker brings a unique insight to the real questions that citizens have for these candidates.

The event sold out of 600 tickets, so watching it online is the last option to view it real-time.

From the ISAA:

Candidates will field a variety of questions on their support for gun rights and on many of the specific issues surrounding gun rights in Idaho and the nation.

Thanks to this event, Idahoans will have a much clearer understanding of where these candidates stand on the critical issues surrounding the Second Amendment and our inalienable right to keep and bear arms.

More about the ISAA:

Founded in 2012, the ISAA exists to fight for the Second Amendment rights of all Idaho citizens. Even in a gun friendly State like Idaho, the Second Amendment is under constant threat.

The ISAA will not stand for anyone compromising your gun rights away. There is no “give us this and we’ll give you that.” We demand the full restoration of the 2nd Amendment and we will fight day and night to ensure that happens at both the city, county, and state level.

Stay tuned Tuesday, February 20th 6-9pm, on Redoubt News Live:


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5 Comments on Second Amendment Forum for Gubernatorial Candidates

  1. In 2005 a man in the area where I lived in Nampa decided to run from police. He was high on meth. He ditched the officers chasing him, doubled back down the alley, vaulted over my 6′ fence, ran in my back door. My dog alerted me and I went to my bedroom, got my pistol. We ran him out of the house, but he entered my garage. Then I had time to call 911. The officers had to run 3 blocks, were out of breath, but they fought him for 15 more minutes in my garage. A few days later at the courthouse, his own daddy told me his son would have killed me if not for that pistol. If guns are outlawed, then I will be a criminal, because the only way to take my pistol from me will be “COLD, DEAD HANDS!”

  2. First and foremost, many thanks to Redoubt news, and your hard work! This is probably not the area for this discussion…we are so sadened about what happenend in Florida, and our prayers! We are aways worried that this might happen in a sleepy community in Idaho. Our children are ours, not the government’s, not the school’s, not the state’s. It is our duty to protect my children as a parent, and help to protect all children. Colorado has changed their laws since Columbine. More and more school districts are allowing teachers to carry firearms. Last year, I went to school with my daughter, to see why she wasn’turning in her work. I had a visitors badge, and purposely hid it to see who and when would ask questions. One, only one teacher asked me what I was doing, and why I was there. No one asked me for identification. No one asked me for my visitors badge. School shootings happen in 12 minutes. The other night at Stephens center on ISU campus, was honors band night for the kids. According to Idaho law, that building is a gun free zone. 50 to a 100 of children on stage with many more in the seats, and many parents. No one at the doors observing. My wife and I sat above, as we were a little late, and that when the conversation started as to how could we would protect our child st that event. We wpuld gladly volunteer to be at a door and just observe. As highly trained concealed carriers and instructors, we would gladly, as volunteers, observe at our daughter’s school, but that is a gun free zone. We would gladly volunteer carry or no carry. We as a community need to be proactive. Our school district needs to be proactive. I am not sure, but I believe the Lewiston school district has become proactive, or has considered. I and we dont exactly know what to do, however, we need to protect our children. Home school if we have to, but we dont offer band as a subject.

  3. Never heard of a 2A specific candidates forum like this, just goes to show how highly Idahoans value this God – given right. We’ve been fighting tactical battles against gun control for so long, perhaps we’ve lost sight of the war as a whole. Having these candidates available to answer your questions could be a way to hear their stance in this larger picture….Would they sign a “Made in Idaho – stays in Idaho” nullification bill ? How about nullification of NFA ? nullification of the -68 gun control act. When my old Western Field 12 ga. was sold ( Actually, its a Mossberg 500 made under contract for Monkey Wards) The purchaser laid it on the counter, paid his money,and walked out the door with it. What do the candidates think of this ?

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