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Miller Launches Bonner County Assessor Campaign

Richard Miller launches County Assessor campaign on accountability, accessibility, efficiency.

Miller pragmatist

Miller Launches Bonner County Assessor Campaign

SANDPOINT – Advocating for an assessor’s office that serves the people, local business owner Richard Miller announced his candidacy for Bonner County Assessor.

With over 40 years of experience in property development and the construction industry, Richard Miller is well aware of the challenges that local property owners in Bonner County face.

His core belief is that government is supposed to serve the people and that the assessor’s office should be a benefit to county residents. “The perception of property owners in Bonner County is that they are not being heard. To serve and advocate for others is the highest sign of respect. The property owners of Bonner County deserve an assessor who has their best interest at heart.”

Bonner County property owners interested in learning more about Richard Miller’s campaign and his plan to make the assessor’s office work for you, are invited to check out


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