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Will We the People Retain American Values?

Socialism got its foot in the door of America soon after America’s first century as a nation.

Will We the People Retain American Values?

Election 2018
Will We the People Retain American Values?

By Sue Dawson

Most Americans are witnessing on TV, radio, Internet, and newspaper the mean-spirited and aggressive language of political adversaries locking horns. The rhetoric has escalated to a level that is so uncomfortable that many Americans are either driven away or are bravely choosing to take on the fight. For sure there is something huge at stake that is driving this war. We, as a society, should not underestimate the importance of this conflict playing out right in front of our eyes.

This election year is heating up to be a blood feud between two polar opposite ideologies. The election is often portrayed to be between two major political parties, but this is not true. The debate is not even between conservative and progressive camps. The two ideologies that are driving the entire election cycle are American values vs. Socialism. For those who still have enough faith in our system to vote, the understanding of this election battle is within the basic canons of these two doctrines.

American Values were clearly established with the country’s earliest and most successful immigrant communities who wanted to live free from government tyranny. Eventually the cultural values, beliefs, and ethics of these people were embedded in founding documents of a new nation. At the core, was their belief in God, the Ten Commandments, and biblical principles including a representative republic to govern its society.

Regardless of the religion or creed of the people, the overriding principles established in this code were based on specific biblical underpinnings and principles. The code was not established to be a theocracy, but rather a system that allowed all of its people to live as God intended, free from oppression of government and ruled instead by moral and just laws. These values have served the country well as evidenced by its prosperity, generosity and its service to other countries of the world for more than two centuries.

America has proven itself to be one of the most successful nations in the history of the world by any measure of culture, economy, or politics. No other country holds the same fundamental principles for a free people who can pursue their own happiness within the security of a just system of laws. Do modern-day Americans still support these basic values of freedom and personal prosperity established by our founders?

Socialism is almost directly opposite in its philosophy. Socialism and its Humanism cousins are not new to the world and can be exemplified in recent times by Marx, Stalin, Mussolini, Hitler, and Mao. Each one represents a variation of the same Socialist theme and all began with the basic premise of the more ancient Atheism.

Socialism’s morality is based on what man decides is right or wrong and has no burden of conscience accountable to a supreme being. The worth of politeness, respect, cooperation, compromise, and honesty are seen only in the light of being useful to one’s goals. In the very same way, rudeness, aggression, violence, and even murder may be just as helpful in achieving goals. Note that the above named Socialists were responsible for the cruel barbaric deaths of many millions, which in Socialistic ideology was necessary to achieve a goal and therefore was right!

The individual life is not important, only the group identity and its cause are valued. In essence the government and its “righteous” leaders become god. Government seeks to own or tightly regulate property, business, and essential services for the good of the community. It all seems like a good idea on the surface, but has never worked. None of these Socialist societies have lasted long and none are generally considered to be successful or admirable by American standards. No new version or heroic leader is going to make socialism work. The principles are deeply flawed in their basic conception. Historically Socialism has taken hold through hypnotic, glamorous, promises that turn into horrendous poverty and captivity of its people.

Socialism got its foot in the door of America soon after America’s first century as a nation. Its values were challenged by Socialist ideas known by many names like progressivism, fascism, and communism -all variations of the same top-down government-controlled systems. Americans were, and some still are, mesmerized by its message of equality and helping the needy (which of course are appealing to Godly people -but are perversions of Gods meaning).

The country has ended up with run-away income tax (1919), a bankrupt social security system, and massive growth of many other government programs now firmly embedded into the fabric of our nation.

The redistribution of wealth, a socialist concept where the government takes citizens’ money and decides who should be the recipients of that money, is now the norm in America. Income taxes, once deemed to be for the support of essential government services, is now collected by the billions and given to favored groups or organizations, and to countries that the government deems worthy.

And now, just after the second century of America’s existence, the Socialist programs are being propped up artificially as the Socialists are making an all-out grab for the country. -This time pushing harder to overturn, by violence if necessary, the last vestiges of American culture.

Every American cultural value stemming from founding ancestors is under attack by the godless counter-culture that has no compunctions about civilized behavior and answers to no conscience of right or wrong. Within the culture of Socialism, the laws are ignored, no civil discourse is respected, and no cultural issue is too small to assault.

The well-organized Socialist army has key operatives within the all 3 branches of government, environmental groups, schools, medicine, science, corporations, media, political parties, churches, military, and movie industry. For the Socialists, the only judgment of what is morally “right” is in winning the battle. And the Socialists are vehemently passionate in defeating the American God-lovers and their abhorrent fairy tale myths.

Currently, American values still stand (but just barely) in the face of these forces that hate our society and its soft, compassionate, albeit brave, powerful, and free system based on biblical values. Will Americans be deceived by the sophism of socialism, tricky logic that sounds good but does not hold up to honest examination? Do Americans still believe that the Constitution and founding documents are the guiding laws and necessity of a free society? We will know the answer to these questions by the primary election choices of May of 2018.

In closing two things are for certain: 1. The godless culture of Socialism will do and say whatever it takes to win its war against American values and will team up with their comrades to undermine and nullify adversaries in the most repugnant ways. 2. Americans who were brought up to be polite, reasonable, and conciliatory had better be willing to engage aggressively and with appropriate fire power or they will lose this war.

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1 Comment on Will We the People Retain American Values?

  1. Miscellaneous thoughts:

    James Madison, June 26, 1787, Federal Convention
    “….No agrarian attempts have yet been made in in this Country, but symptoms, of a leveling spirit, as we have understood, have sufficiently appeared in a certain quarters to give notice of the future danger. How is this danger to be guarded agst. on republican principles? How is the danger in all cases of interested coalitions to oppress the minority to be guarded agst.? ….”

    Leveling = Raise the poor up by taking from the prosperous.

    There was though, an early attempt to create a socialist Utopia in 1814 in Indiana (It flopped due to same reason socialism always flops):,_Indiana

    There were many Utopian attempts, which is the ultimate objective of Communism, via Private societies and social clubs in the 1800’s…but they were PRIVATE.

    There is another impetus that drove people to the Communists and Socialist who were “preaching” brotherhood, fraternity, and comradeship in the late 1800’s…and that is there were over 4,000 lynchings in the USA from 1867 to 1921…including mobs storming courthouses and dragging the victim from their cells and hanging them…these mobs were not all KKK…and 28% of those lynched were not black…not to slight or ignore the fact 72% were black. How did justice in America descend to that nightmare? Whatever the reason…it DID drive people to the Communist and Socialist camp. And the foreign press slammed America during this time (look up Google for articles and cartoons during this era). We might say we don’t care what the foreigners think…but consider from 1870 to 1920 how many immigrants DID come to America.

    And lastly, the Communists/Socialists are very sharp when it comes to furthering their own goals. This article does a good job of fleshing out how the Communists/Socialist mentality is intertwined with the Statist bureacracy in place…but how would the Communists/Socialists who are knowledgable justify this article?…they would not deny it…this is how they would justify it:

    “In order to explain…the meaning of the term class dictatorship as distinct from personal dictatorship, and the tasks of a democratic dictatorship as distinct from those of a socialist dictatorship, it would not be amiss to dwell on the views of the Neue Rheinische Zeitung.

    …the defeated party (i.e., the party of reaction) strengthened its positions in the bureaucracy, and in the army, and here and there even began to venture upon open struggle.”
    – Vladimir Ilyich Lenin – “Two Tactics of Social-Democracy in the Democratic Revolution”

    Those who support and are part of the Federal bureaucracy and influenced by Communism/Socialism see themselves as part of a “Class Dictatorship” and a “Democratic Dictatorship”…and since they are cloaked thus they and their actions are absolved from personal responsibility, ethics and morals. “Anything for the State, comrade!”

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