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The Folly Of It All

There are plenty of ways to fund-raise without behaving badly.

The Folly Of It All

The Folly Of It All

Our culture has entered a stunning paradigm shift. If you told me a year ago that bad behavior behind closed doors would actually be punished, I’d never have believed it. But here we are, and while we are here, I believe it is time to examine what happens behind closed doors in our own community.

The most notable example of this is an event that takes place every winter in our community theater. For several evenings, grown-ups have the opportunity to meld a little political satire with much vulgarity. The followers of Bacchus from far away are welcomed with open arms, while the dignified members of the community are discouraged from attending. No wonder, not everyone wants to see their neighbors prancing across the community stage in their underwear, let alone be confronted by one of the main participants who said “she would dance naked in the street if it would help to feed the poor.”

Every year, local businesses are hit up for support. In the past, teens from the local high school were recruited to display their talents at the beginning of the show, but were carefully whisked away before the real fun began. Last year adult try outs were held at the local Forrest Bird Charter School. Sadly, some attendees of local churches have had a hand in the folly themselves.

The most clever part of this folly is that it is all done for the children’s sake. Really? Neglected, abused and poor children desperately need assistance, but they could also use better modeling from the adults in the community. Since there are plenty of ways to fund-raise without behaving badly, I appeal to the better Angels of Bonner County to pull down the curtain on this event. And as we turn away from this folly, I pray that the next charitable enterprise will edify our culture. Thank you for listening!

Diane Wheeler
Bonner County Resident


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1 Comment on The Folly Of It All

  1. “No matter how abandoned may be a man’s principles, or how vicious his practices, provided he keeps his wickedness to himself, and does not violate public decency, he is out of the reach of Human Law. But if he makes his vices public, then they become by his bad example, of pernicious effect to society, and it is the business of Human Law to correct them!” – Sir William Blackstone

    This freaky event sounds like vices being made public and normalized; leading to the situation where the moral and freaky are all pulled under the same umbrella of normalization. (I’ll try to avoid seguing into the fact the umbrella of the “Full Faith and Credit” of the USA and the debt attributed thereto already pulls/binds the moral and the freaky together.)

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