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Idaho Election 2018: The 7% Majority

March 9th Last day to register as Republican for the primary

Election 2018: The 7% Majority

Election 2018: The 7% Majority

By Sue Dawson

For those seeking to Drain the Swamp in Idaho, your big chance to pull the plug will be on May 15, 2018, the day of the Idaho Primary Election. More people will actually turn out for the November General Election, but the key decisions about Republican candidates will have already been decided in the May primary.

This election will be a critical tipping point for Idaho policymaking to either return to American values of we-the-people, shrink big government, and reduce taxation, or instead move full speed ahead with big government socialism. This is no time for conservatives to wimp-out! Now is the time to move this election and the state of Idaho in the right direction.

Who votes?

Voter records confirm that only a small percentage of voters typically vote in the May Primary Election. According to the Secretary of State website, in the 2016 primary only 23% of registered voters turned out for the May 2016 election. Sadly, that is only 14% of the voting age population. That means that a measly 14% of voting age adults battled it out at the poles for who would govern. Furthermore, what percent of that 14% is really conservative? We don’t know, but a majority of 14% would be just over 7%. That would mean as few as 7/100 adults, the majority of actual voters, could easily select the winners in this next election. Scary thought in a representative republic, where the citizens are free to choose their own government, that so many have chosen to allow a small minority to choose for them.

Patriots beware! Know your candidates.

We recognize that in the red state of Idaho the winners in most precincts will likely be Republicans, but the critical question is whether they will be conservative or progressive Republicans? Big Difference.

We also know how many Republicans are registered in the state, but we do not know how many of those Republicans are conservative and how many are liberal progressives. In this year’s election don’t unintentionally grow the swamp for lack of information about your “Republican” candidates. You will likely hear every Republican candidate this election year claim to be conservative regardless of voting record. And establishment swamp masters are already mobilizing mainstream media attacks to smear the truly conservative candidates. Watch for this as a huge marker of who the real conservatives are. Pay attention to who endorses your candidate, birds of a feather usually flock together. Get the truth from trusted on-line websites like and

Know the election laws.

Voters can declare at the time they register whether they want to be affiliated with a specific party. According to state election law, if you are not registered as a Republican voter by March 9th, you will not be allowed to vote in the Republican Primary Election. The state records indicate that an overwhelming majority of all registered voters are not affiliated with any party. Don’t get shut out of the May Primary Election. Get registered as a Republican. –Because, like it or not, that is how the elections in Idaho will be determined.

Each conservative voter can multiply his political power (legally) by 10x or more by making sure other conservatives you personally know are registered to vote in the March 9th primary election. Considering what is at stake, it is time to roll.

Are you registered to vote? As a Republican? –How about your brother, your aunt, and neighbors? Some may need your help, so get moving on it now.

Important Dates

March 9th Last day to register as Republican for the primary

May 15th Primary Election Day –when conservatives must win over liberals

November 6th General Election Day – final confirmation of remaining candidates

For more information regarding the elections, information can be accessed at: You can register to vote by mail or at your county court house.

*Updated to include:

If you go to the polls (physically as most people do) to vote and you are already registered but unaffiliated, you can sign up as a republican and get a republican ballot all on the same day.
If you vote by mail (as many do in rural Idaho) March 9th  is still a good date.
If you are an absentee voter it is still a good date.
If you are registered with any other party you can not vote on a republican ballot.

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  1. My wife an I have been registered in other states as independents because we prefer to form our own opinions and do not wish to be flooded with GOP junk mail pleading for money that would then be given over to the likes of Jeff Flake or Mott Romney. We will break our “west Coast” habit in order to support honest conservatives in Idaho this year.

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