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Cliven Bundy at the Clark County Sheriff’s Office

Navarro made it clear that she was outraged that the prosecutors lied to her and violated the Constitutional rights of these men with their lies.

Cliven Bundy at the Clark County Sheriff's Office

Cliven Bundy at the Clark County Sheriff’s Office

by Shari Dovale

Cliven Bundy was released from Federal Detention on Monday, January 8, 2018. His release was nothing short of miraculous, considering the advantages the Federal government allows themselves while prosecuting citizens.

Most years, the federal prosecutors have a rating of over 99% success in their prosecutions, mostly due to plea agreements. The Bundy family, and their supporters, have put a severe hurt on their win record this year.

Judge Gloria Navarro released four defendants due to prosecutorial misconduct and multiple Brady violations. This means that AUSA Steven Myhre and his cohorts, namely Daniel Schiess, Nadia Ahmed and Erin Creegan, got caught with their hands in the cookie jar. They already had every advantage, yet they got greedy. The win was more important than justice.

Navarro made it clear that she was outraged that the prosecutors lied to her and violated the Constitutional rights of these men with their lies. She found these violations had been deliberate and willful.

But has Bundy, since his release, turned vindictive against the very people that committed these atrocities against him, his family and supporters? Not yet. The average human being would have come out blasting the powers that be, yelling about lawsuits, etc. But Cliven Bundy is a gentle man, as well as thoughtful. He will weigh out the entire situation, not go off half-cocked.

Bundy has not claimed that he is not angry, yet he is trying to focus everyone’s energy and channel it to do some good. Read the Constitution, learn what your rights really are, and fight for those rights. This is his message.

Bundy held a press conference today in front of the Clark County Sheriff’s Office. You can see the coverage below. Bundy was engaging, as usual. The location was determined to invite the Sheriff to attend the gathering, yet that invitation was declined.

I found the questions from the media to be very interesting. They continued their narrative of Bundy owing the Federal government a million dollars in grazing fees. They asked whether he would have another standoff. It was almost embarrassing as to some of the questions.

In other words, they have not paid any attention to the facts of what has happened. It must not make for great headlines.


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2 Comments on Cliven Bundy at the Clark County Sheriff’s Office

    • No, under current law a dismissal with prejudice means that the government can never charge the defendants with the same crimes about the standoff ever again. Now, if I put on my tin foil hat, two things come to mind;
      1) Other crimes, not charged in the original prosecution, could be levied against the defendants. In that there are so many federal laws and regulations (which have the force and punishments of law) it would not be hard for a vindictive government (which we have no matter who is in charge due to career “public servants”) to find other violations. In fact if they say the defendants violated regulations, they can haul them into a “court” where the “judge” and “prosecutors” are all employees of the same federal department, like the BLM. If you think the trials of the standoff were bad, try dealing with a trial carried out and judged by the people that work in the same office together. And, in some cases, defendants are not allowed lawyers to help them through the process. It is legal because the department runs you through a “hearing” and not a trial thus your rights are void at the start and no appeal is possible.

      2)The government, always looking to expand their powers, argues that in this case a retrial is necessary due to the “dangerous and harmful effects of the defendants on society”. There are enough “judges” on the bench that would go with that in a heartbeat. Heck you can see them defying the law now in many ways and admitting that they know they are violating the law but they are part of the “RESISTANCE!” and so they are OK in doing so. This is a very dangerous time in that people are pushing back against lawlessness in the government and it came to within a hair of touching off a firefight that would have inflamed a lot of people. And the government could have used a justification to permanently removed more rights from the people.

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