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From Bundy Ranch to Standing Rock, the NDAA is a Threat to ALL

This bill will be heard on January 31st in Boise, Idaho. Please contact your representatives!

NDAA is a Threat to ALL

From Bundy Ranch to Standing Rock, the NDAA is a Threat to ALL

The National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) of 2012 authorized the President of the United States to indefinitely detain, without charge or trial, any person he simply deemed a “terrorist”. These include those who are “reverent of individual liberty,” “suspicious of centralized federal authority” or “demand identity privacy” [1].

Even though Americans are less likely to be killed by a terrorist each year than by falling furniture [2], the President of the United States maintains the power to lock someone up upon a simple accusation they are supporting “terrorism” like “protests,” “extremist literature,” or direct support of any of the above [3].

It was in opposition to this legislation that I got my start in political activism PANDA, People Against the NDAA and the seeds are still spreading.

The Restoring Constitutional Governance Act (RCGA) of Idaho [4] prohibits the Federal government from using the laws of war to detain, execute, or torture any person in the state of Idaho without trial, and applies the same punishments for assault, battery, kidnapping and murder for any Federal agents who do and state or local agents who help.

If you are in Idaho, this bill will be heard in the State Affairs Committee tomorrow 1/31/2018 at 9:30 am in Room EW 40. Please contact your representatives below immediately:

Chair Thomas F. Loertscher Home (208) 522-3072
Statehouse (208) 332-1183 (Session Only)

Vice Chair Jason A. Monks Bus (208) 884-8684
Statehouse (208) 332-1036 (Session Only)

Christy Zito Home (208) 590-4633
Statehouse (208) 332-1181 (Session Only)

If you are outside of Idaho, please send a (respectful) email to the chair of the committee above, and check out this legislation for your state here:

The chance to defend our liberties doesn’t come too often. And with at least one American citizen we can confirm being held without a trial [4], the time to act is now. Please take the action steps above, and share this post.

For liberty!

by Jason Casella




Ammon Bundy Speaks on The Issue:


Redoubt News is currently working with PANDA on a more comprehensive breakdown on the NDAA and will be releasing more information on this subject in the near future.  There is also a three part series in the video section on Pandaunite’s Facebook page that explains the NDAA in great detail.  Part one Part two Part three 

Visit to learn more.

*Edited 1.31.18 – please note that Dan Johnson founded PANDA


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2 Comments on From Bundy Ranch to Standing Rock, the NDAA is a Threat to ALL

  1. Apparently, our noble reps in Congress saw that they had fallen behind, and were quick to enact an American version of Hitler’s “Nacht un Nebul” – Night and Fog decree of 1941. look it up. Believe it or not, you in Idaho are lagging behind Commiefornia on this issue. Our “Ca Liberty Preservation Act” prohibits any Ca State resources or agency from assisting the Feds with NDAA arrests. One thing for sure – we citizens have a lot more faith and confidence in the resilience and truth of our republic than these hack legislators…..To them,if some threat comes along, it’s out the window for our cherished institutions. While claiming to protect us from evildoers, they become evildoers themselves.

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