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Bonneau To Challenge McMorris-Rodgers

We must have a much smaller government in order to bring the power back to the people and restore our great republic.

Jered Gavin Bonneau.

Bonneau To Challenge McMorris-Rodgers

My name is Jered Gavin Bonneau.

Today I have decided to go for my dreams and persue my passion.

We need a serious change of representation here in Washington state and in Washington. Our political leaders in this state have not accurately represented us and have built a castle of lies and promises never kept, while they sit in their ivory towers, filling their own pockets with Gold and backroom deals to profit from. I, like you, am tired of the same old operations, the same old political games and side speak we continue to receive by those we ellect.

As of today I will be starting our campaign. A campaign for all of us, with no empty words and impossible promises. A campaign focused on realistic goals and realistic representation for the people of our great state. I will not make promises, but instead will inform you of my beliefs, my views, my stance on policies, laws, taxes and Constitutional rights and freedoms in which I will always fight for and defend till my dying breath.

I will talk with you, not at you.
I will walk with you, not against you.
I will be your voice.
I will be your defender.
I will bleed my heart and soul into every aspect of the office and will fight for all our rights, our freedoms, our representation.

I am not them.


I will be running for U.S. Representative against Cathy McMorris-Rodgers. I must gather $6,200 in donations in order to register for candidacy by May 18th.

I am open for any discussion or debate on any topic. You have an absolute right to know everything about those running for public office.

A quick run down of popular topics.

I am a staunch constitutionalist. I fight for and defend anything that protects and/or emboldends our rights and freedoms and adamantly fight against the opposite.

I am a firm believer in restraining our government and shrinking the never ending regulations that plague our state and nation. We must have a much smaller government in order to bring the power back to the people and restore our great republic.

I am a huge opponent of taxes. I think that one of the greatest travesties to this nation was the creation of the federal reserve in 1913 and the subsequent income tax that followed. The central banking system is a massive criminal operation that should be abolished along with its cohort the IRS.

I did vote for Trump and am pleased with most of his works thus far. I support our presidents immigration policies, his foreign policies, his tax reform and much more. I do not agree with his support of mass surveillance and will do everything in my power to eliminate the erosion of our 4th amendment and restore our rights as such.

I am disgusted with the politics within both political parties. We have not had true representation in a very long time. We have had very few defenders and supporters of our constitutional rights and I am here to change that.

I will not promise a thing, as I am sick and tired of every empty promise made by our political leaders. What I will do is talk with you, having open discussion on any topic so that you can be fully informed on all my views, beliefs, stances, etc. and in that you will know that I will stand behind all of those things continuously. For I believe every public official, political leader, and those running for office should be open book’s to the public so that the public can make a decision based on truth and transparency.

If you would like to have a discussion with me please feel free to make comments here, message me or send me a personal email to

Thank you all for your support.

If you support this change and would like to have our voices heard and represented in Washington. Then please stand with me and help spread our campaign.

Find us on Facebook: Elect Jered Gavin Bonneau for WA State U.S. Representative


Please share this message and comment.

Thank you all.


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4 Comments on Bonneau To Challenge McMorris-Rodgers

  1. Thank you. But people only need the Constitution to enforced. As soon as that stops you no longer need to obey anything they say, and in writing too. Your conscious should be your guide. Your CHRISTIAN conscious, I should say.

    The Constitution is based on your Christianity. You lost your Christianity, which means you lost your Constitution. That is what is happening before your very eyes.

    If you want the people to return to the Constitution you must return to your Christianity and people like you won’t be needed.

  2. Constitution to “be” enforced.
    Conscience, not conscious.
    I would argue that religion is not required to use and obey the constitution.
    It (religion) is like any other delusion man makes up, mostly harmless until inflicted on others.
    As for Mr. B’s candidacy, I think I would have a greater chance of becoming the next Babe Ruth.

  3. Arch, I agree that religion is not required to use and obey the constitution, but is based on solid biblical principles of which you apparently have no understanding and think is delusional. Those “delusional” founders were brilliant scholars who “made up” the most successful governing structure the world has ever known based primarily on their religious values, the center of which is freedom. On the other hand, I am having trouble calling to mind those high IQ individuals who were atheists like yourself. Whoops, just thought of someone…well, maybe not too brilliant, but famous…Karl Marx who said, “religion is the opiate of the people” and thought nothing about inflicting his non-religion on others. But then he was a pitiful loser who would not work, support his wife and children, hung out at the tavern, lived off donations, and died in depression. Maybe you should consider setting your sites on something a little more substantial than baseball, atheism, and spelling.

  4. Wow, it only took 99 minutes for a bible enthusiast to suggest what I should or shouldn’t do.
    If you want to learn of high IQ atheists, look no further than Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens, and Sam Harris, to name a few.
    Atheism isn’t a belief in something as much as a refusal to believe supernatural things without significant offering of proof.
    As for KM, I am not a historian, but I can comment on a fairly well known 1930s christian who demanded a reference to god in the officer’s oath and demanded that it read “god with us” (albeit in German) on the belt buckle of every soldier. But he only was responsible for the extermination of 10 million, in god’s name.
    And if you really want to argue about how “good” religion is for society, I invite you to review the prison population statistics by religious (or lack thereof) belief. You will find that christians and muslims are significantly over represented and atheists are under represented by a factor of 30. Seems that a silly book may not keep people on the straight and narrow as well as critical thinking.

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