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Does the BLM Have Unfinished Business?

The Bundys believe that they, along with other adherents to the original constitution and its limits on government, are the ones who occupy the legal and moral high ground.

Does The BLM Occupy The Legal High Ground?
Bundy cattle, Bunkerville Standoff 2014. Photos used by permission from Shannon Bushman, Peek Promotions.

Does the BLM Have Unfinished Business?

Who Occupies The Legal And Moral High Ground?

“Nobody should lose sight of what the core issue is here,” Ford said. “We’re a nation of laws, and frankly Cliven Bundy chose not to follow them and still doesn’t.”
~Mike Ford, former BLM Nevada deputy director, as reported by the Oregonian.

by Loren Edward Pearce

It was previously noted in the article “For the federal team, losing is not an option” that, in spite of the good news of dismissing the trial with prejudice, many of the same issues remain that gave rise to the April 12, 2014 protest and the subsequent charges against the Bundys and others.

It did not take the reporter long to report on the remaining issues and that it is only a matter of time before the federal government revisits the Bundy ranch waving their court orders and proceeding with the unfinished business that was delayed due to the protests.

This time, the federal team’s strategy is to enlist the help of the local authorities under the assumption and preconceived notion that the local authorities will, of course, agree with the federal team and that there is no chance that the local authorities will side with the Bundys.

According To The Bundy’s Religion, The Constitution Is Divinely Inspired

Mr. Ford, former deputy director for the BLM in Nevada, is right, the core issue is we are a nation of laws, but he fails to state that all the laws hang on the supreme law of the land, the constitution. Mr. Ford is wrong in assuming that the laws he refers to are constitutional and assuming that Cliven is wrong because “frankly Cliven Bundy chose not to follow them and still doesn’t.”

Mr. Ford believes, as do millions of other Americans, that the BLM continues to occupy the legal and moral high ground and that the trials of the Bundys and their supporters were dismissed on technicalities and that the core issue, the trespass of the Bundy cattle, has not been resolved.

Larry Klayman, in a recent interview with Redoubt News, mentioned that he was impressed with how knowledgeable Cliven was with regard to the constitution and that within the context of Cliven’s Mormon religion, the constitution is revered as a “divinely inspired” document. Specifically, Mormon writ and scripture declare,

According to the laws and constitution of the people, which I have suffered to be established, and should be maintained for the rights and protection of all flesh, according to just and holy principles;”

And for this purpose have I established the Constitution of this land, by the hands of wise men whom I raised up unto this very purpose, and redeemed the land by the shedding of blood.”

Therefore, I, the Lord, justify you…in befriending that law which is the constitutional law of the land; And as pertaining to law of man, whatsoever is more or less than this, cometh of evil.”

So, a fundamental belief of the Bundys is that, because the constitution is divinely inspired, whatever is more or less than that which is contained in the constitution, is derived from evil. The Bundys believe that they, along with other adherents to the original constitution and its limits on government, are the ones who occupy the legal and moral high ground.

Because I Read Them

Jon Ritzheimer, in an interview with Redoubt News, told about how Senator Ron Paul had a reputation for voting against most of the bills that came before him. When he was asked why he was always voting against the bills being proposed, Ron Paul replied, “Because I read them.”

Senator Ron Paul

And Ron Paul, after reading them, understands that the thousands of laws being passed today, are more or less than what the constitution allows under its very limited and defined enumerated powers:

This essential principle of our Constitutional Republic is being ridden roughshod over by imperial Washington, which bullies local governments into accepting its illegal and unconstitutional policies.” Ron Paul Interview by Joseph Murtagh, June 28, 2007

Judge Napolitano praised Ron Paul for his defense of the constitution in passing laws:

There are 535 people on Capitol Hill whose job it is to write the laws that govern all of us, and he is one of them. There are 535 people on Capitol Hill whose job it is to preserve the constitution, and he is one of them. There are 535 people whose job it is to preserve our liberties, and he is one of them.”  ~Andrew Napolitano, Future of Freedom Foundation, June 3, 2007

So, Mr. Ford, and the hundreds of thousands of federal employees who make up the federal team and who want to protect their turf and their job security, believe that Cliven Bundy is a criminal and an outlaw because he wants to defend and obey the constitution.

But, the federal team, including Mr. Ford, might answer with something like this,

The BLM, federal ownership of 640 million acres of land, protection of the desert tortoise, the BLM authority to enforce its administrative orders and the BLM authority to exist, can all be traced back to acts of congress and to decisions made by the courts”, Acts which Ron Paul would not vote for because they are unconstitutional and are not part of the enumerated powers found in the constitution. As to Mr. Ford’s claim that we are a nation of laws, Ron Paul would reply,

And the Constitution and the courts said slavery was legal, too, and we had to reverse that.”

  • Fox News Sunday, 15 May 2011, quoted in Millhiser, Ian (15 May 2011)

As Ron Paul acknowledges, not even the constitution is perfect, and where it tramples on individual rights, the rights of African Americans, then it needs to be amended. But, where it promotes individual rights, it is the supreme law of the land, and all subsequent laws should have the same DNA as the original constitution.

Study Of Constitution Law Not Relevant To The Bar Exam

A law professor recommends that constitutional law not be taught to law students in preparation for the bar exam, as it is not relevant to the questions asked on the bar exam and knowledge of the constitution’s original intent will only frustrate them.

In effect, this is what Mr. Ford is saying when he said the core issue is that we are a nation of laws, laws that are multi generational offspring of other laws that no longer orbit the constitution.

Bringing The Fight Back To Bunkerville

So, we are faced with the same issues that precipitated in the April 12, 2014 protest, they have not gone away. The only thing that has gone away is the trial of Cliven, Ammon, Ryan Bundy and Ryan Payne and their unconstitutional imprisonment. The fate of other political prisoners is still not resolved.

Overcoming Tyranny and Oppression in AmericaThe fate of the Bundy ranch and the fate of the Bundy cattle are still not settled according to the article cited above. What is settled is that local authorities, like Sheriff Dave Ward in Burns, Oregon and Sheriff Joe Lombardo in Clark County, Nevada, are more likely to recognize the unconstitutional authority of the federal government, as opposed to the deeded rights, the prescriptive rights, and the constitutional rights of the Bundys in Clark County.

Sheriff Lombardo and his deputies, under pressure from the powerful landlords who rule 85% of Nevada, will probably capitulate and do their bidding, without ever studying or understanding the supreme law of the land and their oath of office.

All those who violate their oaths of office and do not uphold and defend the constitution, do not occupy the moral and legal high ground and are perpetuating the evil that comes from supporting massive, powerful, centralized and unconstitutional federal bureaucracies like the BLM.

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11 Comments on Does the BLM Have Unfinished Business?

  1. Federal Convention of 1787
    Teusday, June 5th, 1787. Mr. Butler
    “…we must follow the example of Solon who gave the Athenians not the best government he could devise; but the best they would receive.”

    Compared With:
    “They must follow the example of Solon who gave the Athenians not the best government he could devise; but the best they would receive.” – God

    “Uh Hmmm”, things that make you say to yourself, “Uh Hmmm.”

  2. Perhaps the most unfortunate lesson being demonstrated in all of this is that when factions refuse to resolve differences civilly in courts of law and through legitimate political processes, excesses and perhaps violence will inevitably follow.

    I find it amusing that the Bundy’s repeat “whatever it takes” in defiance of legitimate court orders. So when idiots like Dan Love take that at face value and respond with what they arguably consider the amount of force necessary to meet any contingency, the Bundys bellyache that they are being subject to “Gestapo” tactics…as if they had nothing to do with inciting said tactics. The Bundy’s then whip up a mob to defy legitimate court orders while militia types infiltrate the mob pointing weapons at law enforcement (which in fact is felony “assault”) while using the mob as “human shields”; and this somehow is passed off as mere “protest”. Putting into practice the despicable lowest-common-denominator morality of “whatever it takes” trumps the higher government morality as articulated by Gov. Sandoval and Sheriff Gillespie that “no cow is worth the life of a human being”. The government backing down demonstrated much more “moral high ground” than the Bundys ever have.

    Congressman Cresent Hardy was defeated in 2016 by his Democrat opponent Ruben Kihuen, who openly campaigned against Hardy using Hardy’s perceived support of Bundy as a sledgehammer. The Clark County Commission represent “We The People” here in Southern Nevada…not a bunch of ill-informed yahoos from out-of-state whipped up by Bundy misinformation. The Bundys only respect “We The People” when it is a mob gathered together in their delusional cause. Certainly they can disagree with the popularly elected County Sheriff and the ALL DEMOCRAT Clark County Commission, but they CANNOT legitimately claim to represent “We The People” of Clark County, Nevada. And neither does Redoubt News.

    Now that the principals are free because of government arrogance and/or incompetence in their prosecutions, one would hope that wisdom can prevail and more somber reflections can take place as to what happens in the future. Unfortunately, delusional people rarely learn wisdom. I expect that there will be even more violence from this rhetoric as time goes by. If the Bundys seek martyrdom in the eyes of their supporters, I suppose that is their privilege and choice. My hope is that others won’t be drawn into their delusional and violent vortex.

  3. I spent a winter in Quartzite Arizona with nearly a million other people camped out on BLM ground. Several thousand of those campers own 4 wheelers which they ride all over the desert on the hundreds of trails. There are Desert Tortoise everywhere. I have seen them. The BLM doesn’t try to stop the 4 wheeler traffic because of the danger to the tortoise. The tortoise being endangered is a lie on the part of the BLM.

    Talk about a conspiracy to get power and gain. The root of the Bundy
    grazing “crime” fiasco goes right back to Harry Reid and the Clintons.

    Ammon Bundy was on KTKK in Salt Lake Jan. 12, Here is the
    archive, Ammon Bundy starts at about 7:30 on the timer:

    Several revelations stand out from this interview concerning Judge
    Navarro. First, with only 3-1/3 months experience, and no experience
    as a judge, she was nominated by Harry Reid to be a District Court
    judge for Nevada. Then in 2014 Reid turned around and made her Chief

    This put Judge Navarro directly under Harry Reid’s thumb, to do his
    bidding. The part of the puzzle that nobody talks about is that the
    land where the BLM squeezed the Bundy’s neighbors out, and where the
    Bundys grazed their cattle, was part of the Clinton Uranium One deal.

    This stinks to high heaven!!!

    Suddenly Judge Navarro declares a mistrial, then for no legal reason
    acquits everybody “with prejudice,” and the Bundy’s go home.


    The misconduct by the prosecution and obvious prejudice by Judge
    Navarro were striking. If the mistrial were allowed to stand and a
    new trial had started, the defense in the case had enough information
    to trace a conspiracy in the BLM straight through Judge Navarro, to
    Harry Reid, to the Clintons. I don’t know if the information will
    ever be made public, but that’s what the acquittal was all about.

    CONSPIRACY, CONSPIRACY, CONSPIRACY, with the Clinton crime family at
    the source.

  4. You’ve got the Idea Quintus: Our fight is ripe for a new stage, moving on from a raggedy band of protesters and into the political sphere. The nucleus is there – people like Matt Shea, Michele Fiori,COWS, and others. I too feel that a Citizen’s Grand Jury should be assembled to investigate all this Federal corruption and abuse. I have suggested this to a number of people in person, including Larry Klayman and Cliven’s lawyer Morgan Philpot, but it hasn’t gained traction. The call for this CGJ would have to come from some notable person – I’d pick Ammon – and it should happen soon while the iron is hot……..

    • Unfortunately, it appears that our side is now eating its own. Pete Santilli has filed formal misconduct complaints against Larry Klayman, who at the moment is representing Gerome Corsi in a sad finger pointing dust up with Roger Stone. There are other examples. The corruption has wormed its way into our ranks. Look at the NRA. It’s the eight hundred pound gorilla in the 2A fight, mainly because most of its officers are just as much swamp creatures as Jeff Sessions and Mitch McConnell. They’ve been in the muck too long. You can see it in their win this time, lose the next strategies. If our rights and the Constitution were ever actually restored, their gravy train would end. I do see a blow up coming, but it will be spontaneous and organic, without any visible central leadership, akin to what developed in Northern Ireland. If the Trump administration were to reign in the BLM and ATF (not happening), it might be delayed, but I think it’s too late to avoid it.

  5. The Bundy case leaves behind an odius reflection of our true political and social evolution. We have evolved to become a POLICE STATE. Bureaucrats are on a direct collision course with private citizens and their fundamental rights. This is evidenced by the proliferation of SWAT teams, sniper teams,military vehicles, tactical police operation directives and military equipment we see now in our police departments and that proliferate federal agencies. Instead of searching for viable mechanisms to settle disputes, bureaucrates mobilize SWAT teams to settle disputes with contentious citizens.

    Instead of searching for mechanisms to assist farmers and ranchers in their imporant jobs, bureaucrats search for ways to seize their land and then sell that land to conservancy foundations that in turn sell it to private corporations.

    Much of this is being fueled by the covert infiltration of our institutions and judicial apparatus by socialist oriented agents that seek to strip Americans of their land and water rights to serve a collective agenda grounded on monopoly capitalism and power…basically, it is a FASCIST agenda where corporate power trumps private rights.

    We have to stop this. We must remind Washington and state governments that bureaucrats are civil servants. The people are their masters-not the other way around.

    So, where do we stand with the Bundy case and others like it? It appears that nothing really has been solved. No indictments for gross malfeasance, or civil rights violations, or obstruction of justice have been handed down aganst government agents. The Sheriffs in Harney County, OR and in Clark County, Nevada still retain their jobs. The federal prosecutors still are on the job and the judges retain their seats. The same applies to legislators who were aware of the Constitutiional implications of this case. There is a solution, but it is up to the people to use it.

    Legislators can be recalled and fired. New political candidates that are willing to follow the US Constitution can be found to replace those that served us badly.

    Resources in the alterntive media can be used to expose the malefactors in the Bundy case to educate the people on the issues and to present examples of wrongdoing to the people.

    Finally, a citizens grand jury can be empaneled to hear clear cases of criminal conduct by elected officials or by civil servants. Indictments can be handed down and wrongdoers stripped of their office and imprisoned. These persons must be held accountable. Let us not forget that prodcutive citizens have been wrongfullu arrested, imprisoned and abused by government officers. One man is dead (LaVoy Finicum). His killers have not been held accountable. A deep and burning resentment against the federal government still smolders. The BLM and its police powers (if any) still remain intact. And the question of land ownership and property rights still remains undetermined.

    This has to be resolved for once and all, or citizens remain at risk from predatory government agencies beholden to corporate special interests. The Bundys led the away and exposed government corruption and wrongdoing. We must follow their example and finish the job.

  6. Well done, Mr. Pearce. I wholeheartedly agree with the article and the replies. I pray that our communications systems do not go down! That more and more good, Godly people have been awakened to the truth and will stand against tyranny wherever it is found.

  7. God’s law…Man’s law….On the one side,historically true, blood bought principles,codified by the people themselves to protect their life, liberty and property. Called “Little short of a miracle” by George Washington himself, the idea of a Government by the people was radical for it’s time. The challenge for us today so many years later is – are these principles still true ? and can we, today, live up to them ? And on the other side ? Man’s Law…Personified it appears by characters like Mike Ford. With our own firsthand experience of how Mr Ford’s agency goes about implementing these Man’s Laws, his pious mouthing of respect for the law rings hollow.Just how far would Mr Ford go in enforcing his hallowed laws ? would he enforce the Nazi Nuremburg laws of 1935 ? Yes, he probably would. Ford might protest that comparing him to The Nazis is outrageous and ridiculous, until we remember the full on police state his agency sent to Bunkerville in 2014 – attack dogs, helicopters, snipers, and a gang of armed thugs, led by a man with a trophy “Kill Book”. The infamous “Court Order”!..the so called legal basis for BLM’s invasion, yelled at us that day in Toquop Wash. Shall we recap who wins when a private individual is dragged into a Federal Courtroom, before a Federal judge,opposed by Federal lawyers and a Federal Agency ? The sanctity and probity of DOJ becomes a bit tarnished upon reading SCOTUS decisions like Citizens United v FEC – 2010…..Kelo v City of New London – 2005……Korematsu v US – 1944…. and at any rate,The court’s habit of periodically reversing it’s own judgements adds no credibility to it’s reputation. But then..The events in April of 2014 had less to do with fine points of law than with the actions of a fire brigade. The emergency was unfolding NOW! in real time! and the response by good Americans made history. Estimates vary wildly as to the number of us in Toquop Wash, but we were enough. I suggest to any FBI or BLM reading this that before you implement another folly like Bunkerville, a nationwide web blackout will be necessary, and wireless communications blackout as well. There are tens of thousands of people who regret having missed Bundy Ranch, and they will descend upon the scene of your crime like a biblical horde.

    • They’ll need more than a nationwide web and wireless communications blackout next time, because the moment the web & cell phones go down we all break out the cb radios and shortwave…at that point, all regs be damned, the relays across the continent will spread faster than a range fire.

  8. Mr. Lombardo does not care about the citizens of Clark County or Las Vegas if he did he would stand upon the constitutional rights and protect his citizens apparently $163,000 a year is not enough pay for mr. Lombardo To do the right thing.

    • “No State shall…; make any Thing but gold and silver Coin a Tender in Payment of Debts;…” – United States Constitution, Article I, Section 10, Para 1

      General Account Principles (GAP) specify that wages are debts.

      So the Sheriff is not even being paid Constitutionally. He is being paid with Fiat Debt Money (FRNs or eMoney) by Nevada. Can’t expect much loyalty to the Constitution if his bankroll is being fluffed up like that.

      Now, someone might argue, “Well, Nevada never explicitly “made any Thing but gold and silver Coin a Tender in Payment of Debts”; however, by the disallowing of paying State wages and State Tax Debt in gold in silver…that is the same thing.

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