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Standing on the Edge by Jim Boyer

Think about what the FBI has in its power to do to any citizen.

Standing on the Edge

Standing on the Edge

Editorial by Jim Boyer

Hillary Clinton, Huma Abedin, Ben Rhodes, Susan Rice, Samantha Power, Debbie Wasserman-Shultz, James Comey, Rod Rosenstein, Andrew Weissmann, Andrew McCabe, Peter Strzok and his mistress Lisa Page along with almost all of the major players in dominant media have shown they openly disregard the law and flaunt their ability to do so.

It can be strongly argued that their actions have brought America perilously close to accepting a media controlled police state. Or, it could be that their actions have led to the exposure of the unconstitutional police power within a deep state establishment that has been building up for quite some time. What has been exposed is the destructive capabilities that can be amassed through corruption when checks and balances are not being utilized and when honest people turn their heads.

My first and most seriously emphasized concern is that recent events have proven that at least half of our country doesn’t understand, or doesn’t care about the conditions leading up to our current state of abusive government.

We recently saw half the voters in America stand behind the woman who has lied to keep power for decades. Whether it was about stealing over 900 confidential FBI files or stealing furniture and artwork from the White House she has never been held accountable for her actions. And as her campaign appeared headed for disaster, former FBI director James Comey stepped up to violate both law and protocol by reading a statement of exoneration written before witnesses (her included) were even heard in the investigation of her multiple criminal activities. He followed that up by participating in a conspiracy to create an independent counsel to open an investigation focused on developing a case against President Donald Trump by leaking assertions made in a false dossier created by the Clinton campaign in collusion with the DNC and some of the FBI’s own attorneys.

Although he has been repeatedly glorified as being a man of supreme integrity who has led a stellar career, James Comey has proven that image to be false. A good question would be, “When did he begin being dishonest and corrupt?”

Human nature supports the conclusion that it didn’t just happen in 2016. The commission that came from his effort is headed by his long time friend Robert Mueller and a strongly partisan cadre of democrat donors and campaigners. The commission has no investigative boundaries, no limits of time or purpose and NO BUDGET CONSTRAINTS!

The partisan team of investigators can call in anyone they wish and bring up any subject they desire in order to trap them into an inconsistent comment which can be used to jail them for lying to the FBI. This has now happened to two men who had nothing to do with the initial stated purpose of the commission; a purpose that has morphed into finding someone who can divulge information leading to some sort of criminal charges or impeachable offenses being created against President Trump and will trade their potential loss of freedom to do so. People of every political persuasion deserve to be outraged at what we are watching and should be hyper-concerned about where this political opposition to the 2016 election has taken our country. Yet, actions indicate they are not.

Step back from your preconceived political notions for just a moment and think about what the FBI has in its power to do to any citizen who steps out of line and imagine yourself sitting before the FBI during such a witch hunt. History shows your ‘interrogation’ could go something like this:

FBI: “Mr. Citizen, We are here to investigate comments attributed to you on social media websites. First, I’d like to ask you about your actions on November 22, the day the President was shot?”

Joe Citizen: “Do you mean President Kennedy? I wasn’t born until 1969.”

FBI : “We’ll let’s put that aside. Have you ever used an illegal substance?”

Joe: “What has that got to do with…”

FBI: “Isn’t it true that you’ve taken copier paper and other office supplies home from work?”

Joe: “I don’t see how…”

FBI: “Have you ever driven a vehicle after drinking alcohol, knowing full well that the legal limit is .08%?”

Joe: “I don’t have to…”

FBI: “… and didn’t you falsify your IRS return by….”

Joe: “I think I want a lawyer”

FBI: “Why would you need a lawyer, Mr. Citizen? Is it because you are not telling the truth?” – “What is it you are hiding, Mr. Citizen? Do you know that deceiving the FBI is a FELONY OFFENSE?”

Joe: “But, I’m not…”

FBI: “OH REALLY? Did you ever think about … or, ever even consider a violent act against someone of another race or gender? Did you ever feel like punching someone? What about the president, or a member of government? — THINK CAREFULLY, MR. CITIZEN – YOU’RE UNDER OATH!”

Violations of personal freedom, protection of privacy and malicious prosecution were very serious concerns held by our founding fathers who crafted a constitution to guarantee us those protections and our God given rights would never be taken away. And when asked what had transpired at the Constitutional Convention, Ben Franklin replied, “We’ve given you a republic if you can keep it.”

So here we are, standing on the edge of the precipice where just one or two more unguarded steps can tumble us to disaster. Will we wake up and pay attention in time to avert disaster or accept all of this as business as usual like over 63 million voters did in 2016?

Silence is your enemy. But, if you care to be heard your congressional representative is only a mouse click away.


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1 Comment on Standing on the Edge by Jim Boyer

  1. This really is fodder for hard core mature political conversation.

    In Plato’s “Republic” one of the observations is that the populace hates a virtuous ruler since there is no “trickle down effect”…but with a vice-prone or corrupt ruler at least a portion of the populace will support the ruler since there will be a “trickle down effect”. (Think military-industrial complex, grants, and social programs propping up private businesses.)

    But at the opposite end of the spectrum supporting public morality we have Benjamin Franklin writing as the old woman Silence DoGood:

    “July 23, 1722 – Silence Dogood #9
    Corruptio optimi est pessima.
    (“the corruption of the best is the worst of all.”)

    To the Author of the New-England Courant.


    It has been for some Time a Question with me, Whether a Commonwealth suffers more by hypocritical Pretenders to Religion, or by the openly Profane? But some late Thoughts of this Nature, have inclined me to think, that the Hypocrite is the most dangerous Person of the Two, especially if he sustains a Post in the Government, and we consider his Conduct as it regards the Publick. The first Artifice of a State Hypocrite is, by a few savoury Expressions which cost him Nothing, to betray the best Men in his Country into an Opinion of his Goodness; and if the Country wherein he lives is noted for the Purity of Religion, he the more easily gains his End, and consequently may more justly be expos’d and detested.”

    Interesting to note, and I had not realized it until I was formatting this comment, that the Silence DoGood letters were written circa 1722 which is the same time frame The Cato Letters were being printed in the British newspapers…The Cato Letters later being the most quoted reference in Colonial papers leading up to the American Revolution. Learn something new every day.

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