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Satanic Exhibit in the Vegas Courthouse *Graphic Warning*

No one wanted to take responsibility for authorizing this evil exhibit.

Satanic Exhibit in the Vegas Courthouse

Satanic Exhibit in the Vegas Courthouse

*Editor’s Note:  While we find the photos offensive and disturbing, we believe everyone has a right to decide for themselves. So, they are presented here for you.

by Shari Dovale

One of the nicer parts of being in Vegas was the art display in the Lloyd George Federal Courthouse. Right in front, they had several photographs displayed of Classic’ Vegas. You might find Frank Sinatra or Marilyn Monroe, Elvis or Ann Margaret. Some of the photographs were of the older casinos. They were well done and historical.

Yesterday saw the removal of these beautiful photos, and they were replaced with drawings and paintings depicting evil. Now, you will see goat heads, dismemberment, bird men kidnapping women or children, and references to the Evil King. I am told that these are all textbook references to Satanism and Satanic beliefs.

These are reportedly created by local high school students. Their teacher said to one of the complainants, “They are learning that they don’t identify people by their faces.”

They were hung in the very front of the courthouse, next to the main entrance, just in time for a group of children to peer and gaze upon them during a field trip today.

Contact Info to register your opinion

When asked bout this satanic display, the courthouse workers all ‘passed the buck’. No one wanted to take responsibility for authorizing this evil exhibit. The General Services Administration (GSA) in the courthouse gave a group of complaining citizens the contact information to file complaints:

However, when asked outside the facility how they felt about the display, most of the Federal employees were appalled. They were not happy about having to view the evil pictures every day at work.

After the complaints were made, they staff removed 2 of the offending paintings. They removed two that depicted nudes. The other paintings remained.

“To come into a public facility that we pay for, our tax dollars pay for and support, and then to be subjected to something that is so obviously evil, it’s disgusting,” said Wendy Leatham.

*photo credit: Thanks to Raja Dee for providing the pics for the article.


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17 Comments on Satanic Exhibit in the Vegas Courthouse *Graphic Warning*

  1. This is actually hilarious to me. I’m one of the students who made these, and they are certainly NOT satanic. Our teacher had us draw three students in dynamic poses (sitting, standing, laying), and put masks on them so that we would focus on drawing the body and not the face. That’s what she meant when she said recognizing people regardless of their faces. Drawing human figures even if they didn’t have human faces. She always wants us to create some sort of story with our pieces, and stories of the betrayed brother or an evil king are literally everywhere. They look dark because it was our first time using water soluble graphite. It’s amazing that so many conclusions could be jumped to to get to this.

  2. Just letting you guys know they were figuring drawings of people and objects with masks on. The art was from a high school. It’s not satanic but the people viewing the art want it to be satanic so they can get angry and feel like they are important. I find it rude to post artwork on a website without asking the artist first.

    • I agree, permission from the artists should have been received first, especially since they are all high school students and not adults. And before judging you should know the context of the paintings. People will always see what they want to see in paintings. I see nothing wrong with any of these. I see nothing sadistic about them.

  3. Dirty Harry Reid named the Vegas fed building “Lloyd George” from DC, because George was the fed judge who issued the “void” injunction orders against Cliven grazing his cows on Gold Butte, & against my improvements in Laughlin NV. Tortoise BS?

  4. For interesting insights into the imagery used in these graphics and their meanings/associations and his indictment of the Illuminate, watch Stanley Kubrick’s 1999 film Eyes Wide Shut.

  5. The entire nation is circling the drain. I just read several of Thomas Jefferson’s quotes. Basically, he says we are allowing this to happen to ourselves. We are playing right into the hands of the elite. NOBODY in Washington is held accountable for anything. Like the days in Rome before a total collapse. There has to be penalties for those committing crimes. With no penalty, the crimes only continue but with greater magnitude. We must demand accountability.

    • “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” -John Adams

      “(you have) A (representative) Republic, if you can keep it.” -Benjamin Franklin, coming from Independence Hall on the last day of the Constitutional Convention, Philadelphia, Pa., 1787

  6. That this kind of sickness could be on display in a public building is truly a sign of our time. Evil owns a large percentage of our “representative” government these days; so much so that the controllers don’t even try to hide it any more.
    How odd that these images were produced in the NEA’s public schools.
    But what the Hell — it’s fitting signage for a court building, right?
    Heaven help us!
    Elias Alias

  7. In the spirit of the Bible’s admonition against Idolatry, both seemingly good and that which is bad, there is a pertinent segue and that is the symbols and patterns some people have identified on our paper currency (many videos on YouTube.) Some are very apparent…some require credulity…and there is every reason to believe given the complexity of the design an active imagination could “create” some hidden symbols to draw offended gasps…but that does not negate the fact that some of the things people have identified are…how should I say…”not good”.

    So while these pictures have no place in a Government building made up of a diverse population…how close does that criteria come when handling paper money every day?

    • Boyd this is not direct to you but to all, I just put it here because you have got the idea,you might want to check this out too. For those who don’t, better take heed. This is all the NEW WORLD ORDER, Made up of a very Wealthy Cartel that started 1000 years ago & worship money &satan & 90% of the people don’t see it coming. Go to YouTube & just watch our past history videos. Presidents Kennedy Roosevelt Eisenhower,& TRUMP speeches, they tell you flat out about the NEW WORLD ORDER. Watch “We have all been fooled”, Ex Pro Football player explains how to understand Revelations & prepare for what it tells of the beast being our system that Rothschild’s, Rockefeller’s, have been doing since they got the Federal bank sneakily voted in, that’s in our history books & on YouTube. Watch or read the biography on these rich people like I have mentioned & the Walton’s (WALMART) how they got started who the burned out people they hurt & all the people they don’t give a dam about.See how the Rothschild publish school books & give away to our schools. (COMMON CORE EDUCATION)they are behind & TRUMP is going to get rid of. Pay attention to how we are not a Republic Govt> we are a PLUTOCRACY GOVT>. Google it, Its front page news! If you want to be enslaved & forced to get the mark & worship satan, don’t do nothing, for the bible says once you got the mark you will not be saved!You can look that up on line by just googling “What does the Bible say about……….any ???? you want to know. Put the Bible’s name that your religion is. Ex., King James Version. can’t be any easier. Do your research & be prepared instead just gripping about it.Then share to all your friends & family, because the bible says 1/3 of the population will rise to be with JESUS are you in that small group or will you stay with satan? It’s up to you, God gave us free will to choose, just saying “OH I didn’t know” counts in God’s eyes just like the law says it. IGNORANCE IS NO EXCUSE. Don’t be a couch potato Christian, for he takes it as not caring to find out who the enemy is. Please prove me wrong check it out. check this out look at its member list & compare it to the wealthy. then read what other sites say about this organization, basically owned by the Rockefeller’s When you can’t find owners of Banks & non tax paying organized business, Google their stock holders, that’s the only way you will find out just what they have control of.Chase Bank & Bank of America, are just 2 they have 80% control of Banks in the World Now last but not least, Read NON DARE CALL IT CONSPIRACY, by Gary Allen, Prefaced by 35th Calif. Representative John G. Schmidt. It says it all there too. Read Gary’s PDF book right online of Rockefeller’s Biography, don’t you think he would be in jail of hve to retract it if it were not? I have given you the places to look now it is your conscience if you don’t. Thank You for Reading this lengthy post, Hope I have reached some of you on this & God Bles all of us.

      • Sounds like you have your head screwed on right and a honest heart, Desiree. I have been involved with Bernard Von Nothaus’s “Liberty Dollar” and did not have a bank account from 2014-2016 in my small attempts to do the right thing. Had to get a bank account because my employer is in another State and direct deposit makes transferring funds easier.

        I have quite a collection of Monetary documents and videos along the lines you mention…and will look up the ones you listed.

        I have even been blessed to make some original work into monetary policy; I know that sounds vain but by the absence of similar observations I have to assume it is uncultivated.

        The main driver of honest money comes down to “The Power of the Peg”…as in what quantifies money. The Mint Act of 1792 listed two values for the U.S. Dollar:
        “…Dollars or the same is now current, and to contain three hundred and seventy-one grains and four sixteenth parts of a grain of pure, or four hundred and sixteen grains of standard silver,…”

        Now, consider the concept of “Fractionalization”…Bank’s have a 100% reserve that being their customer’s deposits…but when they loan that money out they then have a “Fractional Reserve”. That is a private business practice…Caveat Emptor. Without government intervention it has nothing to do with the Monetary System of the USA…but alas, the government DID intervene.

        And now the USA does not just issue Greenbacks from the Treasury/Mint (Like they did during the War Between the States)…they created a shell game with debt issuance to the misleadingly named “Federal Reserve”.

        The main reason they do so it to provide “Fluidity” and “Elasticity” which is whitewash because again Issuing and Removing money from circulation could be done with Greenbacks as well.

        Coming full circle, since there was a dearth of gold and silver in the USA as noted by Thomas Paine in Common Sense…leading to the Foreign Coins Acts of 1806 and 1834 monetizing other countries coins as USA legal tender…the credulous could be convinced of the value of Greenbacks or FRNs to provide Fluidity and Elasticity…but that is false. If the Dollar was pegged to a specific amount of silver…the increasing that amount would make bigger coins and less dollars in circulation…and decreasing that pegged amount would make the Dollar coins smaller but put more into circulation. Silver DOES have the capability to be Elastic and Fluid in monetary sense.

        Now, clear everything out of the figurative Ft. Knox and place one ounce of silver in the middle of the floor. There are and estimated 35 Quadrillion atoms in one ounce of silver (Since silver is on the Periodic Table of Elements it is not a composite…and can’t be reduced beyond on atom)…to create a monetary system of $20 Trillion Dollars based on one ounce of silver divide those two numbers and you get 1,790 atoms of silver. And by increasing or decreasing the atoms of silver you either expand or contract the money supply. Whalla, a silver backed monetary system and no debt. Another facet is Paper Money and eMoney could represent this dollar since you cannot hold 1,790 atoms of silver…and exposes the fact that Paper Money and eMoney are not the evils in themselves…it is the “Power of the Peg” that is the dangerous facet.

        A person might laugh and say, “A dollar based on 1,790 atoms of silver…what a moron to suggest that.” Well, what is a dollar worth today? Is it worth “four hundred and sixteen grains of standard silver?”…does it come out more or less in value than 1,790 atoms of silver?

        Since the FRN is debt based…the value will be extracted from our liberty, our freedoms, our property/land, and our ever loving souls.

        Here is a video I make on the Foreign Exchange on how fast the peg changes in relation to other currencies which Nixon associated our Dollar with:

  8. That’s awful content AND it poorly executed. Those drawings are trash. The courthouse is an evil place and the management isn’t even trying to conceal it.

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