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Myhre Begs Navarro For Another Chance

What will Myhre do to save himself? Who will he throw under the bus?

Myhre Begs Navarro For Another Chance

Myhre Begs Navarro For Another Chance

Editorial by Shari Dovale

Acting US Attorney for the District of Nevada Steven Myhre filed a brief outlining his reasons that he should be allowed to retry the defendants in the Bunkerville Standoff trial.

This is quite the masterful work of a desperate man. Clearly he believes that overwhelming the court with a brief so large that it requires a table of contents may hide the truth of the words themselves.

Not only does he repeatedly imply that did he not intend to violate the law, but, in his opinion, it really did not have a substantial impact on the defendants.

This sounds suspiciously like Hillary’s infamous response, “What difference, at this point, does it make?”

Let us not forget that the case that continues to be cited for prosecutorial misconduct, US v Chapman, is a case where Steven Myhre was also the lead prosecutor. This is his history. This is his strategy. Hiding evidence from the defense seems to be his well-established nature as a prosecutor.

To be sure, Myhre does not deny the violations made by him and his team. But, he does downplay them to the point of barely mistakes. Using terms like “simple inadvertence” suggests that the blatant lawlessness of these violations was merely… an oopsie.

As the government understood its Brady/Giglio obligations, the information was not helpful to the defendants” is almost offensive to these men incarcerated for nearly two years. Does Mr. Myhre really mean to suggest that only he should determine what is relevant to the defense?

The original indictment clearly accuses the defendants of lies and deceit in their internet postings.

Claiming that the defendants made up tales about snipers and surveillance on their home which now, through the revelations of these Brady violations, prove to be absolutely true, Mr. Myhre still contends that this is not important enough to be sanctioned by the court.

It does make one wonder, if the tables were turned, how should Mr. Myhre’s deceit be judged? By the same standards as he applied to the common man (Cliven Bundy)? Or is he to be held to a different standard (above the law)?

What Myhre has not given much thought to is the fact that Judge Gloria Navarro has already ruled that his actions were “willful”.

The Court also finds that this information was willfully suppressed, despite representations by the Government that this report was an urban legend and a shiny object to distract the Court.

Does Mr. Myhre believe that Judge Navarro will backstep her ruling and give him another chance at his exercise in futility? Or is he just hoping that she doesn’t set aside the previous convictions and plea agreements in this case, as they were materially effected by his illegal acts?

After the abuse was made public, US Attorney General Jeff Sessions ordered an investigation into the case. This puts another high profile spin to the case that is not so easily swept under the rug.

Myhre is not the only one that will be held liable for this government SNAFU. There will be an onslaught of employees in the prosecutors office that will do anything to save themselves. What will Myhre do to save himself? Who will he throw under the bus?

I am sure that Steven Myhre will do “Whatever It Takes.”


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6 Comments on Myhre Begs Navarro For Another Chance

  1. All of the criminal alphabet agencies involved are guilty of a host of crimes. Myhre is a government asset. An asset devolves into liability at some point. Everyone, including him must be watchful… forever. The Shadow Government will do any thing and/or every thing to protect their cover. Expect some suspicious deaths and suicides in the not to distant future. Those that know anything about the truth of the matter will be eliminated so that the details remain unclear… outside of the narrative. Standard spook procedure. Ref. Waco, OKC, 911, etc.

  2. There has to be some jail time for Myhre’s prosecutorial malfeasance and deception or these kinds of violations will continue unabated. He should be made an example of to deter other lawyers from violating the rule of law. If he goes free without punishment then we have no justice system and the rule of law might as well be thrown out the window. He should also be sued in civil court by the Bundy’s and all involved in a class action lawsuit.

  3. My first thoughts Head Investigator on this case BLM Agent Larry Wooten saw many violations he tried to warn Myhre and others . He was threatened he would loose his job.. He was pulled off from the case and transferred to another office in ID
    The fact that he had to become a Whistle blower and go to a higher level in the DOJ proves that what Myher did was willful beyond any shadow of doubt ..

  4. Be prepared.
    This judge – personally selected by Dingy Harry as his personal poodle – has her own criminal history..
    Likely money is involved…uranium perhaps?

    Her exculpatory escape clause?

    Recuse herself, but not before ordering a new trial in another jurisdiction with different prosecutors.

    That will be a case for appeal, & a multi faceted PI INVESTIGATION INTO HER BACKGROUND & “men’s rea”.

    This is not her first 3 ring circus. She has a personal get outta jail free card.

  5. Can you believe it ! Navarro has already thrown AUSA Myhre under the bus. What part of “Willful suppression” doesn’t he understand ? What about his attempt to suppress the Wooton report ? was that a simple inadvertence ? No way is Navarro going to take the blame for this disaster, and she has her fall guy. Here we are,still over a week till the hearing and I’m already on edge – the suspense ! Anybody else feel like me ?

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