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Was LaVoy Finicum on the KILL LIST?

We know there is a list. We want to know what names are on it!

Was LaVoy Finicum on the KILL LIST?

Was LaVoy Finicum on the KILL LIST?

Editorial by Shari Dovale

Exposing corruption within the government is becoming an almost daily occurrence. Recently, we exposed the damning news that the FBI had a “Kill List” in place with Cliven Bundy, and others, on it.

It was revealed by Washington State Representative Matt Shea that the news of this list was found on a whistle-blower email from BLM investigator Larry Wooten.

My supervisor even took photographs in the secure command post area of the Las Vegas FBI Headquarters and even after he was told that no photographs were allowed, he recklessly emailed out photographs of the “Arrest Tracking Wall” in which Eric Parker and Cliven Bundy had “X’s” through their face and body (indicating prejudice and bias).

This “Arrest Tracking Wall” with the photographs showing Xs through these men’s faces was seen in the Las Vegas FBI Headquarters, and photographed by a BLM Supervisor. He then shared these pictures through email.

This makes two separate government agencies complicit in this horrifying idea of the Kill List. Both the FBI and the BLM.

This validates the existence of list but does not give us a complete look at who was on this list.

We know several people that could be on the list, beginning with every person that showed up to the Bunkerville Standoff. Every person named Bundy is likely on the list, including the women.

Think about Ruby Ridge for a moment. Was Vicki Weaver targeted for assassination, as many have reported?

Although the feds later claimed Vicki Weaver’s killing was an accident, the New York Times reported in 1993 that an internal FBI report justified the killing by saying she put herself in danger

Everything about the federal government’s actions in this case is sickening, but possibly the worst was their taunting of the Weaver family after Vicki Weaver’s murder: “Good morning, Mrs. Weaver. We had pancakes for breakfast. What did you have?” That was one of the FBI’s tactics revealed in court records, reported by Jerry Seper in the Washington Times in September 1993.

The federal government argued that sniper FBI Lon Horiuchi accidentally killed Weaver’s wife Vicki. At the trial, however, Horiuchi testified that he was an accurate shot at 200 yards.

Anyone that has had an impact on the outcome of events between Bunkerville and now, including LaVoy Finicum, is likely to be on a list. It may have taken nearly 2 years, but was his murder on that lonely stretch of highway part of the plan? Was he the first from the government’s ‘Kill List’?

Was LaVoy Finicum assassinated as part of the government’s agenda to stop citizens from speaking out and turn this country into a Totalitarian society?

LaVoy made a difference and was not afraid. He continues to be an inspiration to the people in this country. The government is afraid of people like LaVoy. By teaching Constitutional principles and awakening the masses, he was a threat to the government’s agenda. Teaching that we should get back to the ideas that the Founding Fathers had when they built this country is a dangerous concept to the government elite.

The Constitution is not a ‘living’ document, it is set in stone. If it needs to be changed, there is a process to do that. It is not to be interpreted to suit someone’s wishes, or circumstances.

There were several elected officials in Bunkerville on April 12, 2014. This list includes Matt Shea, Michele Fiore, Shelly Shelton, and more. These people were duly elected by the people in their districts. If they are to be targeted, for assassination or even arrest, the people have a right to know this.

We know there is a list. We want to know what names are on it!


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4 Comments on Was LaVoy Finicum on the KILL LIST?

  1. If Mr. Finnicum wasn’t on a kill list how would these bloodthirsty assassins know where to set up the ambush and who to murder?

  2. The video from inside the truck is all the audio necessary to prove that nobody in that truck used firearms in a threatening manner to justify shooting at the truck or killing LaVoy. Even when watching the original released ‘drone’ video without any audio from FBI Special Agent Greg Bretzig, It’s clear that LaVoy kept his hands up and outstretched until he was wounded and he even pointed to the agent who first shot at him, causing him to grab his left abdomen. It is also clear that he put his back up again when he was shot several more times with obviously lethal rounds.

    This was an assassination pure and simple. The only questions remaining are who were the assassins and who gave the order.

    I think it came down from the White House.

  3. Where is the audio to match the video of LaVoys murder? Seems Harry and his chosen ones had a habit of threatening folks then bringing in the assassins for noncompliance. The truth will come out.

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