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Forced Vaccinations or Disability Discrimination?

When the parents declined to vaccinate, Health and Welfare stepped in to take the baby.

Forced Vaccinations or Disability Discrimination?

Forced Vaccinations or Disability Discrimination?
The Case of Baby Elijah

by Shari Dovale

This beautiful baby was born on Nov. 20, 2017 to a loving family. The mother, Diamond, has cerebral palsy. She and the baby’s father, Ari, live with her father. They have a community support group through their church.

Everything was going fine for them until Nov 22nd, when the personnel at Kootenai Health wanted to vaccinate the baby. When the parents declined, as is legal in the state of Idaho, Health and Welfare (DHW) stepped in to take the baby.

Our friends at Health Freedom Idaho tell us:

Diamond Mehlhoff, who gave birth in Kootenai County @ Kootenai Hospital on Monday November20th via C section. On Wednesday November 22nd, after the parents refused vaccination for the baby, the state became involved and took this beautiful baby, Elijah, from his loving parents, claiming the mother to be unfit due to a diagnosis of cerebral palsy (a non progressive movement disorder). They have stated the mother to be bedbound, which is not at all the accurate, she also lives with her husband Ari and the grandfather of the baby. This is an unbelievable, unheard of, egregious case of disability discrimination.

One of the most important questions is whether DHW took the baby because of Diamond’s disability, or because they opted out of the vaccinations? DHW knows very clearly that the parents have chosen not to vaccinate Elijah at this point, however, we will see if they disregarded the parents wishes and vaccinated the child anyway.

All we really know at this point, is that DHW is not following their own rules, and are delaying reuniting this family.

Idaho Child Protection Manual is clear that, in the case of a child’s removal, Idaho law provides that a shelter care hearing must be held within 48 hours of removal. The baby was taken from the family while still in Kootenai Health a week ago on Wednesday. The baby has yet to be returned to the family.

One hearing has taken place on Monday. Nothing has been resolved and another hearing is scheduled for Wednesday morning. This hearing is expected to take several days, at least through the end of the week.

The family has asked the Idaho 3% to be at the hearing on Wednesday to support them.

The Idaho 3% group, which had previously seemed dissolved due to inadequate leadership, has recently had a revitalization and seems to be back stronger than ever. They are making great impressions within their communities. They have agreed to provide whatever the family needs during this hearing.

DHW has gone out of control to have reached this point. There are many parents with Cerebral Palsy. This should not be an issue. Elijah was blessed to have been born into a community that cares so much for his family. The State cannot possibly think they can do better.

But, there are too many cases where Big Government thinks they should make all the decisions. This seems to have turned into another one.

Is this disability discrimination, or a case of forced vaccinations? Let’s hope that Wednesday’s hearing will resolve these disturbing questions and Baby Elijah will be returned to his family.

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*11.29.17 – edited to correct the relationship status of the parents, they are not legally married.