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Grangeville, Idaho City Council Election

Please vote for Todd McGeorge for Grangeville city council, November 7th

Grangeville, Idaho City Council Election

Grangeville, Idaho City Council Election 

Grangeville’s city council election offers a stark contrast in choices that will shape our small town’s future.  Will the city council be comprised of those who continue with reactive type of thinking where problems are only addressed as they arise? Or will it be comprised of those who seek a long-term strategy that anticipates problems and offers solutions? If the recent candidate forum showed anything, it showed there do not appear to be any serious proposals to address the coming challenges Grangeville faces. Many questions abound. Will the city council take the needed steps for Grangeville to become an economically thriving small town? Or will their lack of vision keep Grangeville a town where its citizens barely get by? Will the citizens of Grangeville continue to continually struggle to make ends meet, with financial ruin being one unexpected problem away?  Or will the city council take the steps to improve the future of Grangeville’s citizens?

These decisions have far-reaching consequences that go beyond our city limits. One concern that has been brought to my attention is “Agenda 21” (or recently renamed “Agenda 2030”). For those who have never heard of this, it essentially involves a global push for sustainability.  This “sustainability” is brought about by what most in our state would consider Draconian means that would have dramatic consequences for rural populations. There appears to be a strong push to move people to big cities.  I am concerned that those who are supportive of this agenda would enjoy seeing small conservative, self-reliant, independent, and liberty loving towns fail. As these towns fail, its citizens move to bigger cities in search of jobs. They often get lost and their voices are no longer heard. More dependence on the government becomes the new normal, political correctness abounds, and freedom is stifled.

I believe this trend can be countered by electing a city council that is proactive and takes the difficult steps to ensure Grangeville has a stronger economy and its resident do more than just get by. Resistance to some common sense conservative changes like encouraging modest housing developments and actively drawing responsible businesses to Grangeville, while good intentioned, often result in unintentional consequences of doing harm to Grangeville’s future.

I have advocated for a common sense, conservative approach to ensuring Grangeville’s future. I envision Grangeville as that proverbial city on a hill lighting the way for other small towns that do not want to see their populations dwindle because of constant economic struggle.

I strongly encourage the citizens of Grangeville to make their voices on November 7, and when you vote please vote for Todd McGeorge for Grangeville city council. Together we can work to secure our freedoms by making sure Grangeville has a bright future.

by Todd McGeorge


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