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Cliven Bundy to Remain in Jail – Bunkerville Standoff

Ammon Bundy will have one more chance to argue for his release on Monday.

Cliven Bundy to Remain in Jail

Cliven Bundy to Remain in Jail

by Staff

The third Bunkerville Standoff Trail in Las Vegas has been delayed for several motions to be resolved before opening arguments.

Thursday saw a pre-trial detention release hearing for the four defendants, Cliven Bundy, his two sons Ryan and Ammon, as well as defendant Ryan Payne.

Bret Whipple, attorney for Cliven Bundy, argued for release of his client citing his age and failing health. The elder Bundy has noticeably weakened since his incarceration nearly two years ago.

Whipple told the court of Bundy’s dental problems, noting that the 71-year-old has had to pull several of his own teeth in his attempts to stop infections. Dental care is minimal in the CCA detention center.

Cliven Bundy’s oldest daughter, Sharee Cox, was visibly upset during the hearing and was removed by the US Marshals for shaking her head in disbelief. The Marshals have banned her from the courtroom for the remainder of the trial. She did tell her father that she loved him as she was led out of the room.

Navarro did not delay her ruling and said that his lack of respect for federal rules and regulations is one reason he will stay in jail.

Ryan Payne was also denied release quickly by Judge Gloria Navarro. Navarro cited Payne’s guilty plea in the Malheur Protest Trial in Oregon and that he is awaiting sentencing in that case. Judge Anna Brown, who presided over the Oregon case does have standing to weigh in on the issue of Payne’s release, should Navarro chose to consider it.

Ammon Bundy testified and argued for his own release and promised the court that he would abide by all restrictions and curfews set for him. Prosecutor Daniel Scheiss made every attempt to paint a picture of a man that could not be trusted. Judge Navarro delayed her ruling saying that she will give the prosecutors another chance to make their case on Monday, Nov 13th.

Ryan Bundy, who should have had a great chance at release, was also denied. Ryan made a compelling argument for his release citing the need for trial preparation. Navarro has indicated that she would like to see him be on “equal footing” with the other attorneys, as he is defending himself. Bundy, however, has not been allowed this equal footing, since he has been denied basic preparation materials, including a pen and paper on occasion.


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  1. The only reason they had a Pretrial release hearing is so judge Navarro could pretend like she is doing the right thing! We know they are purposely making life miserable for these guys!

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