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Bunkerville Standoff: Summarizing The Atrocities

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Summarizing The Atrocities

Summarizing The Atrocities

by Loren Edward Pearce

Over the many months, we have listed the many atrocities being committed by the feds, through the complicity of elected officials. Off the top of my head, here is a partial list of the many travesties and mockeries of justice:

  1. Denial Of A Presumption Of Innocence:Leading the list is the death of the centuries old right to a presumption of innocence. The Bail Reform Act gave a single person, a judge, the power to imprison somebody before trial, denying them bail. In effect, that single person, has found them guilty of the charges against them prior to trial and kept them indefinitely in jail. Pretrial prison was a tactic used by kings and other ruling class to punish and weaken their political enemies, and is now in full bloom in the USA justice system.
  1. Claiming That Pretrial Prison Is Not Punishment, It Is Regulation.To avoid colliding with the constitution, courts have held that pretrial prison is not a punishment, it is simply a way to regulate the accused. In reality, the pretrial prisoner is subject to all the same treatment as a convicted prisoner while in prison. Calling pretrial prison regulation is similar to the Orwellian logic of saying war is peace.
  1. The Death Of A Speedy Trial.In complete opposition to the 6th amendment, the courts have ruled that the accuser, the government, can simply declare that the case is complex and can justify delaying the trial for at least 5 years.
  1. Forcing Pretrial Prisoners To Accept Plea Deals.Because pretrial prison is hell, and they are treated like convicted prisoners, the federal team (judges, prosecutors, law enforcers, prison staff) unite in an effort to make prison life miserable for the unconvicted inmates. Out of desperation, pretrial inmates accept plea deals rather than watch their families, businesses and jobs go to ruin.
  1. Denial Of The 4th Amendment Right To Protection From Unreasonable Searches.While in pretrial hell, prisoners are subject to hundreds of strip searches, often including body cavity searches. Courts have ruled that unconvicted prisoners are subject to the same treatment as convicted prisoners. Bundy et al prisoners have reported that, while they are nude, guards make fun of their genital size, have contests among themselves on which prisoners have bigger genitals and other such atrocities. Female guards often participate in inspections of male, unconvicted prisoner private parts.
  1. Use Of Solitary Confinement As A Way To Punish (NOT Regulate) Pretrial Detainees.Ammon Bundy and other pretrial prisoners have been subject to hundreds of days of solitary confinement for refusing to undress for strip searches. They do not refuse the strip search, but have said they will be passive while guards undress them. Guards refuse to undress them and punish them with solitary.
  1. Denial Of A Right To Attend Court Hearing.Because the unconvicted prisoners have refused to actively participate in their being stripped nude and subject to the humiliating sexual inspections, guards refuse to take them to their court hearings. This shows the insanity of the system that, on one hand, says they are flight risks and will not show up to their hearings and then, in contradiction to their stated goal, prevents them from attending the same hearing for which they were a flight risk.
  1. The Use Of Lies And Deception By The Federal Team In Order To Further Their Interests

The list of lies and deceptions is too long to include here and have been specified in other articles. Whether it be Ryan Bundy told he has a court hearing when in reality they wanted to remove the bullet in his shoulder, or police testifying that they feared for their lives while videos show them mingling with the protesters, the feds use lies as if it was an acceptable tool and strategy.

  1. Use Of 1st Amendment Areas And Then Denying The Mention Of The 1st And 2nd Amendments In Court

Protesters were beat up because they refused to stop filming fed activities and refused to go to a 1st amendment area. At the same time, Navarro declared that the constitution and the Bill of Rights will not be brought up in her court room.

  1. Triple Jeopardy, Two Hung Juries Resulting In Near Acquittal Of The Accused. In spite of the decisions of two juries clearly in favor of the accused, the federal team, in a display of obsessive, tyrannical behavior, continue to punish the pretrial detainees with prison while they prolong the trials in spite of favorable jury decisions.

The list could go on, but my fingers are tired. Please add to the list and while you are at it, contact your elected reps and explain these atrocities to them. It will surprise you, as it has me, how little they know about these atrocities, and how little they care.


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3 Comments on Bunkerville Standoff: Summarizing The Atrocities

  1. Number one the question of jurisdiction has been completely ignored, and was the reason for the conflict to start with. The federal government is acting on a legal assumption, when it presumes authority over the the lands of Nevada. Before this case was brought to court the prosecutor should have been obligated to produce proof of jurisdiction, of both subject matter, and of the person charged. Neither of which can he prove if pressured to do so. Second, the BLM is by its own admission not the owner of the property in question but the manager, without lawfully legislated police powers. The action’s the BLM took is akin to Walmart’s private security company assuming the role of county sheriff.

  2. Thank you Loren….To me, the bald faced liars we see – collecting Federal paychecks – are the most disgusting. At one juncture in the Portland trials, Prosecutor Gabriel set off on an accusation that directly contradicted previous sworn testimony. He was foisting a raft of lies and everybody knew it, including Judge Brown. Unfortunately for that shyster he was questioning Ammon at the time, who shot him down pronto. The worst atrocity ? “and shall be confronted by the witnesses against Him” Wasn’t Dan Love’s testimony pivotal in securing the Grand Jury indictment ? HE is most definitely a witness against the Bundys, and his exclusion from being confronted by the defense is a gross violation. Of course, if he took the stand the Govt case, which is whistling past the graveyard now, would be sunk………………..

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