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Is the Bunkerville Prosecution Afraid of Redoubt News?

We have shown the bias of the government, and they are showing their fear of the truth and transparency.

Is the Bunkerville Prosecution Afraid of Redoubt News?

Is the Bunkerville Prosecution Afraid of Redoubt News?

By Shari Dovale

Monday morning began the jury selection in the Bunkerville Standoff Trial-Of-The-Century in Las Vegas, Nevada.

For several months, I have been in Las Vegas covering other proceedings in this case. I was present during the previous trial, in which a jury could not convict four defendants of the same charges the current defendants are facing.

I was in the courtroom throughout the previous month for every hearing and motion the public was allowed to watch. But, I have always been present as a part of the general public, never as authorized media.

The US Marshals have seen my credentials on multiple occasions and have consistently refused me media-status. The only reason I have ever been given is that I am “alternative” media and not “Main Stream”.

Well, that proved to be more of the government’s deceit towards the people today, when Redoubt News was the only credential-carrying news source that was denied entry as media. Redoubt News was barred from the official priority media seating, however, all other alternative media outlets were allowed entry.

These outlets included Left-wing radical Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) and another left-leaning enviro site, High Country News. The Federal court has made it clear that the left-wing radical alternative media is acceptable, as they will push the agenda the government wants the public to hear.

Redoubt News, however, forces transparency by printing what they do not want you to see. The truth of this trial needs to be open for the country to see.

Redoubt News has published, by far, the majority of articles on this issue and these trials, even to the point of being cited in a motion concerning public perception of Judge Gloria Navarro.

We have shown the bias of the government, and they are showing their fear of the truth and transparency.

They can refuse to recognize Redoubt News, but we are going to keep reporting what happens in the courtroom.


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10 Comments on Is the Bunkerville Prosecution Afraid of Redoubt News?

  1. Without your updates, we would be completely unaware of the sham that’s been going on. Keep “prosecuting until these government gets theoutcome they want. I read a small blurb on national news saying the “desperadoes” (my word) were going to have their Trials begin. Of course the standout comment was that Cowboy Bandy “refused to pay for his grazing fees for years”. They keep poisoning the pool. Shameful. My prayers are with the Bundy family, and the Jury that they can see through the the stacked deck that has been manipulated to suit the narrative of a Prosecutor spinning out of control.

  2. It takes guts to stand up with the truth. That is what Patriots have- guts. Redoubt News has guts- Thank You!

    “The Lord is my light and my salvation; Whom shall I fear?..”
    Ps. 27:1

    “You have enemies? Good. That means you’’ve stood up for something, sometime in your life.”
    ” ― Winston S. Churchill

  3. The power of the press… Before the morning session, Ms Dovale was met by US Marshals, suddenly eager to give her a press accreditation. You could remark on their quick response and wonder if their change of heart was due to the above article. If The Marshals are numbered among the Redoubt News readership – and this incident proves that they are – Who else in the Fed Castle is tuning in ?

  4. As those of us courthouse gang would attest, novelty is the order of the day in Navarro’s courtroom. From her interference in the voire dire process, to the concept of a “Lay witness” – meaning an unreliable “Non Federal” witness, to banning our pocket Constitutions, to barring any reference about why we were there at Bundy Ranch. We’ve seen it all – until The Judge comes up with her latest newspeak. Not surprising then that they have their own self serving criterion for news correspondents. I do think however that with the start of this latest chapter in the Bundy saga, Navarro and her gang are catching on to something, namely, WE ARE NOT GOING AWAY AND WE WON’T SHUT UP ! Shari is our muse and omnibundsman.

  5. Please please keep reporting we rely on getting the truth not some twisted negative version distorted beyond recognition!!
    Always look for the redoubt news coverage, truth be told!!

  6. Just when I thought the rabbit hole could not get any deeper or the stench of corruption any higher, then this happens.

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