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What the House is Doing to Protect Life

Our government has a duty to protect all human life – especially the life of the unborn.

What the House is Doing to Protect Life

Why I’m Pro-Life, and What the House is Doing to Protect Life

by Congressman Raul Labrador

I wanted to share some great news with you: On Tuesday, I voted for, and the House passed, H.R. 36, the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act. This bill prohibits abortions 20 weeks after conception because of the substantial evidence that unborn babies at this stage can and do feel pain (to watch my House floor speech in support of the bill, please click here).

I’ve long believed that our most fundamental right, as Americans, is the right to life.

Thomas Jefferson, who authored our nation’s founding document, agreed when he said, “The first duty of government is the protection of life, not its destruction. The chief purpose of government is to protect life. Abandon that and you have abandoned all.”

Our government has a duty to protect all human life – including the life of the unborn; especially the life of the unborn.

Furthermore, we have a special responsibility to speak for those who cannot speak for themselves.

Life begins at conception. The unborn child is still a child – made in the image of God, who will one day have the same hopes and dreams as the rest of us.

The fact that life begins at conception might be an uncomfortable truth for some. But it’s a truth, all the same.

Here’s another truth: Science, in recent years, has proven that unborn babies feel pain no later than 20 weeks after conception.

It’s at the 20-week mark that many premature babies are able to survive these days – thanks to incredible advancements in medical technology.

At the 20-week mark, anesthesia is used in fetal surgeries for patients still in utero. For premature babies born at this stage, special care is given to reduce their pain. All children – whether they happen to be inside or outside the womb – should be protected from pain.

The U.S. is one of only seven countries that allow abortions after 20 weeks. Along with China and North Korea, America is in the top four percent of countries with the most permissive abortion policies. We should not aspire to be in the same category as known human rights abusers, like China and North Korea.

I am pro-life and proud of it. As the child of a single mother, I am grateful that my mother chose life – when so many in her situation choose differently.

All of us came from a mother who chose life. As Ronald Reagan said, “I’ve noticed that everyone who is for abortion has already been born.”

But this is about more than just abortion; it’s about pain and suffering. And our obligation, as a good and civilized people, is to minimize pain and suffering – especially for those who we can all agree are the most innocent among us.

I am proud to support H.R. 36 and I am glad it passed the House. I will continue doing all I can to advance a “culture of life” – in Idaho and America.

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