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Josh Gibbons – Candidate for Idaho 11A

Gibbons invites the voters of District 11 to send him to Boise and then closely watch his voting records.

Josh Gibbons – Candidate for Idaho 11A

Josh Gibbons – Candidate for Idaho 11A

Joshua Gibbons, a resident of Middleton, ID in the state’s 11th District announced his candidacy for the Legislature in House Seat A. Gibbons is an experienced entrepreneur that understands how economic decisions of the legislature impacts the bottom lines of Idahoans from all walks in life. His decision to run for House Seat A is the result of legislative votes from incumbent representatives that do not reflect conservative values, support the health of the free market, and empower citizens to prosper.

We have representatives voting in favor of licensure requirements and fee increases that do little more than incentivize increased bureaucracy and ultimately hurt small businesses and stifle economic growth in communities across Idaho” Gibbons explained.

Gibbons pledged to vote in a manner consistent with the conservative values that preserve liberty, foster economic growth, and reduce the overall size and influence of Government in the private sector. “The voting records clearly show consistent support for measures that increase Government and its inevitable imposition of unnecessary bureaucracy. I pledge to the residents of the 11th District to vote in the interest of the people, the free market, the preservation of individual liberty, and the best interest of a strong free-market economy”.

Gibbons believes that it is in the best interest for Idaho to stop burdening the free market with needless regulation and instead turn toward reducing Idaho’s dependence on the Federal Government. “Idaho has a rich, unique history that creates a one-of-a-kind place to live, work, and play. Idahoans are the only people who should decide what is best for Idaho”. He indicated that his approach to legislative issues would cause him to vote in favor of Idaho choosing what empowers Idahoans to decide their own direction in areas like education, business, taxation, and economic growth.

Gibbons invites the voters of District 11 to send him to Boise and then closely watch his voting records. Gibbons said, “I want to be held accountable for every vote cast in the Legislature. My constituents will have access to discuss legislative matters and give their input in the direction they think Idaho should go”.


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