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NFL Needs To Play Football And Shut Up

When I want to watch football, or a movie, I don’t want to hear about politics.

NFL Needs To Play Football And Shut Up

NFL Needs To Play Football And Shut Up

The other day, President Donald Trump suggested that it would be nice if NFL owners were to fire players who didn’t stand for the National Anthem. Big surprise here, but he was immediately attacked by leftist media outlets, NFL Owners, and pro athletes in the NFL and the NBA.

I say big surprise, because Trump could release the cure for cancer and he would be painted as a bigot and homophobe for not finding the cure for Aids by the commie media and their low information, indoctrinated Marxist Ameriphobes . I do not hate our President, nor am I his apologist, but I agree with him on this issue.

When Kaepernick started his disrespectful  movement by taking a knee during the National Anthem, he spit on our country, and vomited on every veteran that has ever served or died so that we may be free. The Seattle Seagulls now say that none of them will participate in the National Anthem. Some owners have joined the Trump bashing media calling him disrespectful and claiming “we will not let him divide us”…what do they think taking a knee does? Where were these people when the last undocumented President spent 8 years dividing this country and pushing us into the present day cultural war?

These players should be held to the highest standards as they make many millions of dollars and make impressions on our children. If these folks don’t like our country, there is a European league; good luck making millions of dollars though. I have loved football since I was 6 yrs. Old, but because of their recent involvement in politics, I began boycotting the NFL last year. When I want to watch football, or a movie, I don’t want to hear about politics nor do I care what a bunch of overpaid 20 yr. olds or entitled celebrities think.

The NFL has lost around a third of their viewership in the past two years for the first time in history, but doesn’t get it. Jerry Jones has informed his team that anyone taking a knee or disrespecting our country will be fired, so HOW BOUT THEM COWBOYS, someone has common sense. As for the NFL, they need to shut up and play football…we don’t care what you think.

In Liberty,

Chris Brumbles

Columbia County Coordinator
Oregon Firearms Federation
Founder, CoCo Irregulars 3%
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3 Comments on NFL Needs To Play Football And Shut Up

  1. I’ve not heard one of these kneelers articulate their motives, but I cant have much sympathy for someone who drives home in their Bugatti Veyron after thumbing their nose at their flag. Hey ! how about an announcement at the next game….US Citizens are entitled to stand for the Anthem, but 2nd class subjects must kneel !

  2. In an effort to be equal…I suggest at every Harlem Globetrotters game white people kneel until we get the first black person who trots the globe from the North Pole to South Pole…what else are white people to humbly do for the memories of Nansen, Andrée, Shackleton, Amundsen, and Scott who actually made the effort to trot the globe…and some died cold frozen lonely deaths.

    This might be offensive to some people and it might be humorous to some people…but in thinking about the topic all five of those expeditions happened before WWI…what chance is there the hardcore Darwinian eugenic genocidal racists in the early 1900’s were not encouraged by this discrepancy…the lack of other races than the Caucasian peoples to reach out and explore?

    In the long run, concerning the security of a society, these two things are true about liberty:
    1) Don’t deny anyone the opportunity to improve themselves, and
    2) Don’t give anyone accreditation they do not deserve.

    Yes, the clauses in the Star Spangled Banner, which are not commonly sang, can be interpreted to be…well, racist, to not try and gloss over the words. So an ethnic group who protests against those stanzas can be said to be trying to improve themselves…especially when those stanzas occur in a National Anthem…so that should not be stopped in respect for Liberty.

    But this also spotlights the importance of doing the right thing and the right time. The media situation with the sports team would go away if the National Anthem were just not played before games. Would the real situation go away…no, but in relation to the NFL and sports in general it would.

    That might raise a protest; however, instinctually, when I search my memory, I have always thought it bit cheap and odd to play the National Anthem before a sports game as a ritual.

    Sports is sports and the Nation is the Nation…if we can’t separate the free time rubber ball bouncers from the importance of 100% accurate scales in our governments affairs and real National pride…well, I digress, the horse has already left the stable.

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