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Legislators Need to Keep Up the Pressure

The Federal government is throwing a tantrum and retaliating against the citizens of this country.

Legislators Need to Keep Up the Pressure
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Legislators Need to Keep Up the Pressure

Editorial by Shari Dovale

We recently reported updates from the upcoming Bunkerville Standoff trial. This included updates on Todd Engel and his upcoming sentencing on two lesser charges.

It was revealed that Engel’s first Pre-Sentencing Report (PSR) recommended roughly 12 years, after corrections were made to the calculations to remove points for an invalid charge.

However, add in a letter written by Liberty Legislators who actually stand up for their constituents, and the Federal government throws a tantrum and decides to retaliate.

A majority of elected officials in Idaho, including US Congressman Raul Labrador, stepped up to the plate and showed that they intend to do what they were elected to do, that is fight for their citizens.

Since this letter was delivered to US Attorney General Jeff Sessions, the Federal Probation department decided to revisit Engel’s sentencing recommendations. They are now recommending he be incarcerated for as many years as is possible, in excess of 20 years.

The Federal government is having a conniption fit over this letter. They are striking back and retaliating. And, they are taking it out on the political prisoners, beginning with Todd Engel.

Did the letter hurt Engel and the other political prisoners? Not at all, it actually helped them.

Do not misunderstand. The government would have done most of this anyway, if they could have. They would have tried to have Engel sentenced to life in prison, if they thought they could get away with it. However, the letter forced them to takes their shades off and fully expose themselves.

They filed a PSR in June of this year. Why then, all of a sudden, have they decided to revisit this report? Why then, all of a sudden, have they changed their minds and decided to increase their recommendation?

The letter was delivered to AG Sessions on a Friday. It was the following Monday when the prosecution began making overtures of plea deals to the defendants. Myhre and crew are scrambling to try to salvage whatever they can.

Remember: The pressure on the prosecutors began after the letter was delivered. If this letter can make the prosecution panic, what do you think a few more letters can do?

We need more Liberty Legislators from other states to step up and declare their support for citizen rights! There is talk from other states, like Montana, Nevada and Arizona, that they are considering writing similar letters. This would help these defendants tremendously!

The more elected officials that stand up for citizen’s rights, the better the chances for these defendants to see real justice.

I applaud Congressman Labrador, and each of the representatives that signed the Idaho letter, for leading the charge to bring this country back to the US Constitution.

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2 Comments on Legislators Need to Keep Up the Pressure

  1. Watching a Documentary called “Nazi Britain” – a what if scenario in which the Germans successfully invade and take over England – I was struck by the treatment of Todd Engle as compared to the hostages taken by the Nazis. The new rulers demanded compliant and docile behavior from the newly conquered Britons. Any troublemaking would bring harsh treatment to the hostages. Isn’t this exactly what we are seeing done to Todd by the Federals ?
    Mentioned above are plea overtures coming from Myhre and Co. This is the first I’d heard of it, and coming this late in the game, such a move by those despicable hacks can only be a sign of desperation. In Portland I rejected Williams’ plea offer out of hand, but then, I was on pre trial release. Easy enough for us outside to say hang tough, but for our guys inside?

  2. Thank you US Congressman Raul Labrador. When the unalienable rights of the people are established and protected the law is upheld. Many young people and minorities have lost all confidence in the lawless justice system, which is why they reach out to and support big Government in an attempt to solve their challenges and difficulties. The process of weaning ourselves from the “protective” state must start with the law being upheld.

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