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Will FIRED BLM Agent Dan Love Go To Prison?

Maybe someone should call the US Attorney's office and ask, "Do you intend to prosecute Daniel P. Love?"

Will FIRED BLM Agent Dan Love Go To Prison?
Dan Love, June 2009 (photo credit: Brendan Sullivan, Deseret News)

Will FIRED BLM Agent Dan Love Go To Prison?

by Bob Powell

Daniel P. Love, the Bureau of Land Management agent who led the assault on the Bundy Ranch protestors in 2014, has been fired by the BLM after two blistering reports by the Office of the Inspector General detailing his official misconduct and ethical violations were published.

First Report, 1/30/17

The first report, published on January 20th, 2017, stated, “the Supervisory Agent (Love) used his official position to provide preferential treatment to his family members while attending the (Burning Man) event; directed five on-duty BLM law enforcement officers to escort his family and provide security for them at the event; and (Love’s) family received overnight lodging in BLM-leased facilities.”

According to the report, Love also, “violated Federal ethics rules when he used his influence with Burning Man officials to obtain three sold-out tickets and special passes for his father, girlfriend, and a family friend. We (OIG investigators) confirmed that (Love’s) girlfriend stayed overnight with him in his BLM assigned trailer, contrary to restrictions in the operations plan for the event.”

“He also violated Federal ethics regulations by having a subordinate employee make a hotel reservation for his guests. On at least one occasion, he misused his BLM official vehicle when he transported his girlfriend while at the event.”

Further, the report concludes that Love, “improperly intervened in the April 2015 hiring process for a BLM special agent position after he learned that a friend did not make the initial list of candidates to be interviewed.”

Second Report, 8/24/17

The report published on August 24th states, “We (OIG investigators) found that the senior manager instructed his subordinate to remove moqui marbles from the evidence room and give them to him, which violated BLM and U.S. Department of the Interior evidence policy, and that he gave marbles to several people, including BLM employees and a contractor who had worked on a project in the OLES office.”

“We also confirmed that the senior manager had his subordinate use the senior manager’s computer and personal login information to search the senior manager’s emails for messages pertinent to the document requests, and to “scrub” any messages that could harm the senior manager or any in which he used demeaning or derogatory language.”

“(Love’s) actions violated Federal security and records management policy as well as various regulations and guidance related to the conduct of Federal employees.”



Maybe someone should call the US Attorney’s office and ask, “Do you intend to prosecute Daniel P. Love?”


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  1. If there is any justice left in the USA, he will go to prison for a very long time. But, as he is a Fed, the charges will be dropped for ‘insufficient evidence’.

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