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BLM Escalates Threat Level During Cattle Impoundment

"Alex Branson was setting us up from the beginning to believe we were in danger"

BLM Deliberately Escalates Threat Level During Cattle Impoundment

BLM Escalates Threat Level During Cattle Impoundment

More truth continues to sneak it’s way out to the citizens!

by Staff

Though the government narrative would have you believe they were darn near having a Sunday BBQ with friends on April 12, 2014, they were actually very heavily armed with hundreds of agents ready to take on any dissenters of their version of law.

This did not happen out of the blue, and it could not be set up overnight. How long had the government been planning their attack? Why did the government escalate the situation? Were they hoping for bloodshed?

These are just a few of the questions we have been asking since the Bunkerville Standoff.

Deb Jordan, of the Pete Santilli Show, has dropped another bombshell for everyone. She tells us (emphasis added):

During the first trial in Las Vegas, Nevada against Bundy Ranch protestors caught up in a surprising show of force by Federal Law Enforcement, the FBI admitted on the stand that 1,000 FBI and other Federal officers were assigned to surveil the Bundy family and their closest followers on social media.  

One of those agents was Robyn Kirkham, a Bureau of Land Management Agent who under the direction of former BLM (SAC) Daniel P. Love, began her surveillance sometime in January of 2014.  

BLM Agent Robyn Kirkham is also known as “Alex Branson on FaceBook

BLM Agent Robyn Kirkham known as “Alex Branson on FaceBook”, contacted Bailey Bundy Logue in March of 2014 on Facebook. Bailey, who is the daughter of Cliven Bundy says that in those messages Agent Kirkham “aka” Alex Branson, tells her that she was involved in a group of “like minded” people in Cedar City, Utah and would like to help the Bundy family with protest they may be planning against the Bureau of Land Management’s upcoming cattle impoundment. She then ask if there are any plans coming up to protest —

The messages take on a more urgent feel after Kirkum tells Bailey Bundy that she is good friends with someone inside the Las Vegas Metro Police Department who is sympathetic to the Bundy cause.  She routinely alerts Cliven’s daughter, that her intel inside Metro PD is telling her “lots of cops” are coming down there, and that the BLM is starting to get “VERY” busy. At one point she tells her that her inside person is now advising that the BLM had an MRAP delivered to the compound.

It is interesting to learn that the BLM tried to escalate the situation well before the protesters were even made aware of the details.

Bailey Bundy Logue talked to Jordan about the situation and released copies of several messages from the undercover BLM agent, posing as Alex Branson, to her:

Bailey Bundy says, that she had no reason to suspect Alex Branson was not legitimate because many locals were keeping an eye on the situation for them, giving them promises of support, and information. “Looking at those messages now makes me angry to think Alex Branson was setting us up from the beginning to believe we were in danger just so she could see how we would react and find out what we would do next” says Bailey . She goes on to say,

I wasn’t afraid because I didn’t know I should be afraid at the time if that makes any sense, I just thought she was trying to help; but it did make me sick to re-read these messages knowing now what she was trying to do.  To purposefully make us think we needed protection caused so many problems that never needed to happen.”

Messages Between Robyn Kirkham & Bailey Bundy in no particular order:


The Bureau of Land Management’s impound operation was so terribly handled it has many people asking; When will a complete investigation on Daniel P. Love’s actions at Bundy Ranch be investigated?

In the meanwhile, be careful who you’re talking to on FaceBook  —- You just never know.

She is right! Pay attention to who you are talking to, and what information they are trying to gain. It has been revealed in court that there are many undercover agents, and informants, working against the citizens of this country.

The protesters were not trying to escalate the situation. It has been made clear that it was the government, from long before April 2014, that wanted a showdown. There were better, and less violent, ways to handle this dispute. Yet, the government has their own agenda, and it contradicts the US Constitution.


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1 Comment on BLM Escalates Threat Level During Cattle Impoundment

  1. I gave a press interview at Malhure,the Govt showed it as evidence against me at our trial, and I made a point of thanking them for showing it. Everybody knows how it all came out. I did have what appeared to be an agent provocature dialogue on FB, but all he heard from me was that you can’t fight an ideological war with guns. that violence is counterproductive, and that we have never hurt anybody and plan to keep it that way. Audaces Fortuna Iuvat folks, fortune favors the bold. Silencing us through intimidation is the Govt tactic but we will not be intimidated. 241 years ago our founders signed a document of high treason, punishable by hanging. They put their lives, their fortunes and sacred honor on the line, Are we lesser men today? If so, we do not deserve liberty.

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