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Tommy Ahlquist and the Progressive Idaho Democrats

One of the primary reasons people think Tommy may be a conservative or even a Republican is because of what he says not what he has done.

Tommy Ahlquist and His History

of Supporting Progressive Idaho Democrats

by The Bard of the American Redoubt

(Charles Carroll Society) – I introduce some of the 2018 gubernatorial candidates in the post Breaking News: Republican Tommy Ahlquist being recruited to run for Idaho Governor as a Democrat.  The Redoubt News wrote an excellent piece about Tommy titled Will Money Buy the Idaho Governor’s Seat?  I found it strange that allegedly a Republican would be recruited by Democrats in Idaho, but I let this community know I would continue to try and learn about the Idaho gubernatorial candidates.

A couple of things first.  Currently there are three candidates that appear to have a chance to become the next governor of Idaho; Raul Labrador a known conservative, Brad Little strongly supported by the current moderate Idaho Party establishment and new comer Tommy Ahlquist.  Also as you use all the wonderful links I have researched for you please note that some times Tommy Ahlquist gives money directly from his personal bank account, and some times he uses his company Ahlquist Development LLC.

I have met Tommy Ahlquist a couple of times, never privately. Briefly talking to him, it is evident he is brilliant and extremely persuasive.  He has also been very successful in his life and is extremely wealthy.  Yet as I learn more about him, there is something that sticks in my craw. One of the primary reasons people think Tommy may be a conservative or even a Republican is because of what he says not what he has done.

It is my opinion that we in the conservative community should care little about what politicians say, we should be more concern with what they have done. And the thing that bothers me is the Tommy Ahlquist has supported a number of very liberal Democrats in Idaho over the years.   At the same time Tommy Ahlquist has supported Idaho progressives, he has not supported local conservative causes or conservatives leaders in Idaho.  At least Donald Trump gave to everyone.   Yet now Tommy Ahlquist wants those same Republicans and conservatives to support him.

Was Tommy a Registered Republican before 2016?

When you are considering who to support for Idaho governor in 2018, the question I would ask is, have you ever financially supported liberal Democrats? Why would you vote for a “Republican” governor who has? Tommy Ahlquist did not vote in Republican primaries before January 2016. I actually can find no evidence that Tommy Ahlquist was registered and active in the Idaho Republican Party before last year.

When it counted Tommy Ahlquist was against Russ Fulcher

During the 2014 gubernatorial election first Tommy Ahlquist supported moderate Republican Butch Otter over conservative favorite Russ Fulcher by giving Butch Otter $2,500 on 24MAR2014. After supporting the more liberal Republican option, Tommy Ahlquist gave the maximum money permissible by law on 23JUL2014 to Democrat AJ Balukoff who was running against the Republican nominee for Governor.  In this case Tommy worked with the socialists AFL-CIO to get a liberal Democrat elected in Idaho.  Tommy doesn’t explain why he supported Butch Otter over conservative favorite Russ Fulcher, but he claims he only backed AJ Balukoff because “…they were friends.” Ok, I said, but I kept digging.

Tommy supports pro-abortion Democrats

In 31MAR2015 Tommy Ahlquist financially supported ($1,000) Boise City Council Member; Lauren McLean a pro-abortion Democrat.  Planned Parenthood also  supported Lauren McLean. While officially the Boise City Council is “non-partisan” Lauren McLean is a registered Democrat and was a vocal and financial supporter of Hillary Clinton and child murder.

Tommy supports open borders Democrats

On 26OCT2015 Tommy Ahlquist financially supported Boise Mayor David Bieter. While the Mayor of Boise is allegedly “nonpartisan” David Bieter is the former Democratic State Representative.  David Bieter is an open borders liberal who encourages poorly vetted muslims to move to Idaho in mass. David Bieter supported by Tommy Ahlquist even wrote a piece lecturing President Trump saying “…And so it is today with refugees. Boise is home to Bosnians, Somalis, Iraqis and Syrians. Our city government reaches out through nearly all departments — police to ensure refugees know they are safe.”   Redoubt News recently reported other Idaho based governmental and non-governmental organizations are trying to force communities in Northern Idaho like Sandpoint to accept 3rd world refugees from extremely violent places around the globe where there has been genocides against Christians.  This is who Tommy Ahlquist calls his “good friend.”

Boise Mayor David Bieter

On 05FEB2016 Tommy Ahlquist financially supported liberal Democrat Trevor “TJ” Thomson over Rick Visser, a Christian conservative Republican for Ada County Commissioner. As the Gem State Patriot News article TJ Thomson is a lifelong liberal Democrat shows TJ Thomson is a very liberal Democrat in Idaho and extremely devoted to Obama, saying: “Barack Obama had such a profound impact on my life that I decided to run for public office.”  TJ Thomson with Tommy Ahlquist’s support out-raised and out-spent Christian Conservative Rick Visser during the campaign, racking up a 10-to-one money advantage. Rick Visser and the patriots of Ada County figured out how to win any way.  Deus Gracis and excellent work Rick Visser.

Has Tommy Ahlquist ever met a Republican he could support other than Butch Otter?  I have found records of Tommy Ahlquist giving to the National GOP, and of course to the presidential campaigns of Obama-care light and now man-made climate change absolutist Mitt Romney and pro-amnesty Marco Rubio. At the State level, the only Idaho Republicans I can find Tommy Ahlquist has supported before January 2016 is some money to fellow #NeverTrump congressional Mike Simpson in 2014 and 2016 the most liberal Republican of our Idaho congressional delegation and a little $100 contribution to liberal Republican Brad Little in 2014.

Tommy did not support the Republican Nominee for President

An interesting point to raise is that although many people did not like President Donald Trump, the overwhelming number of Idaho Republicans were dedicated to stopping Hillary Clinton. 59.2% of Idahoans voted for Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton.  Not Tommy Ahlquist. Tommy refused to support the Republican nominee. Yet now Tommy and others want Republicans who do not know much about him, to politically support him over a well known conservative Republican Congressmen Raúl Labrador. Why?

Will Money Buy the Idaho Governor’s Seat?

Tommy Ahlquist did not feel “comfortable” supporting the Republican nominee for President, yet he felt “comfortable” supporting liberal democrats who not only supported Hillary Clinton for President, but were on her Idaho Leadership Council (Lauren McLean) as reported in the Idaho Statesman.  Tommy has supported liberal local and national Republicans (Brad Little, Mitt Romney), pro-abortion (Lauren McLean) and open border (David Bieter) Democrats. Tommy Ahlquist has refused to support the Republican nominee for President while supporting liberal Democrats (TJ Thomson) who idolizes President Barack Obama. The majority of Tommy Ahlquist political money spent in local Idaho politics has been in support of liberal, open borders, pro-child murder, globalist Democrats. Yet some conservative Idaho Republicans want to support Tommy Ahlquist.  The simple question is, have you ever supported a liberal pro-abortion democrat?

Another way to ask the same question is have you ever given a dollar to a pro-life or pro-Second Amendment cause?  Tommy, a very successful multi-millionaire couldn’t be bothered. Are you one of the 40% plus Idaho Republicans who supported conservative Republican Russ Fulcher over liberal Butch Otter, did you support Republican Butch Otter over Democrat AJ Balukoff, are you one of the 60% of Idaho voters who supported Republican Donald Trump over globalist, baby-killing, gun grabbing Democrat Hillary Clinton?

In each and every case Tommy Ahlquist was actively working against you.


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  1. What I can’t figure out is WHY someone would vote for Ahlquist. Let me see – he’s a physician with deep pockets who knows many important people…. Hmmmmm – is that all it takes? Sorry, Ahlquist, no sale. I’m sure you’re a hard-working, decent person, but, unfortunately, you’re words do not resonate with many of us. Most of Idaho is rural, and prior to now I’m not sure you’ve “connected” with any rural residents in this beautiful state up prior to now. Apologies, but you’re thoughts/ideas do not resonate with rural residents. I realize “rubbing elbows” with the “Top Dogs” is important, but you should have included us in your plans well before running for election. Big mistake.

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