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Will the Media Televise the Revolution?

Maybe if the media were not biased and one sided there would be more concern growing within the population.

Will the Media Televise the Revolution?

Will the Media Televise the Revolution?
Will you be watching?

by Jim Boyer

America has come to a place many people never dreamed possible. More than a debate of differing philosophies, or two political parties, we are caught up in a clash of two opposing citizen factions.

One faction is rooted in the conservative values of liberty, accountability and self- determination. People of all walks of life, grounded in those ideals joined together to elect Donald J. Trump President in 2016.

In rebellious opposition to that segment of our population and their values is an angry and vocal conglomeration of disparate activist and victim groups led by a media set on destruction of our constitution, abandonment of the law and complete dominance over all who disagree with them.

One faction wants to “Make America Great Again”. The other will use any means to derail that objective.

Anarchist leftists have taken to the streets to burn and destroy property while urging violence against those who would enforce the law to keep the peace. Meanwhile, their media leadership has adopted the strategy of fabricating news in an attempt to deny the moral population their right to a fairly conducted election. They have withheld damaging stories about Hillary Clinton, James Comey, Loretta Lynch and others who have conspired to defy the law and at the same time they publish and broadcast fictional compilations designed to damage President Trump, his family and their supporters.

In a surreal illustration of the trouble our country is in, a large percentage of the US Congress itself has joined the media effort to deny the choice of over 60 million legally eligible voters by nullifying the election results in any way they can. Even the majority of republican members of congress are turning their heads to avoid recognizing the truth about the lawless actions of the left and proposing bills in violation of the Constitution to hamstring the Executive Office’s ability to counter their efforts.

These actions are open and observable. But, it seems that people aren’t generally interested. Maybe if the media were not biased and one sided there would be more concern growing within the population. It could be that the lack of interest is symptomatic of a largely uninformed society. But it goes deeper than that.

Vote counts allege that over 65 million legal voters supported Hillary Clinton in 2016. Taken at face value it is fair to assume that this huge number of our American neighbors are supportive of unchecked corruption and criminal activity at the highest level of our government if it puts someone in office who sympathizes with their values, or lack thereof.

Just prior to the election, FBI director James Comey laid out a detailed list of criminal violations committed by Hillary Clinton and concluded by saying he didn’t think anyone would prosecute her. We now know he colluded with [then] Attorney General Loretta Lynch to obstruct justice regarding these crimes.

We now know that he colluded with [then] Director of National Intelligence James Clapper and CIA Director John Brennan to suppress evidence, obstruct justice and grant immunity to multiple accessories to criminal activity.

We have learned that Clinton and Obama administrators were allowed to destroy evidence. We have learned that Attorney General Loretta Lynch used a fake name and email account to communicate with media sources on how to kill or down play her tarmac meeting with Bill Clinton. And now we know that Hillary Clinton was under subpoena to testify under oath before the election and the powers in place at the time just let her slide rather than possibly disrupt an election that they felt she was sure to win.

This coming year will bring forth a plethora of candidates from the left running on little more than a “We Hate Trump” platform. Some of them will be vocal and angry in the mold of Elizabeth Warren or Howard Dean and some will disguise themselves as well meaning compassionate democrats, or maybe even ‘moderate’ republicans. But the undeniable truth underlies all that they do. If they supported Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama before her, they have proven themselves to be fully amenable to the idea of setting aside the law for someone who shares their philosophy, or [in turn] using the law to persecute those who don’t.

Our moment in history is at hand. This is where we must stand against the forces that oppose the American heritage and the Constitution that created it. Now is the time to look at reality and move out of government’s shadow to enjoy the sunshine of freedom and self determination, or succumb to the dark forces of tyranny.

If you have ever thought “I’m just one person, what can I do?”, the answer is simple. It doesn’t take a lot of money or a lot of time. All you have to do is step up, voice your support, commit your vote and bring a friend who will also bring a friend.

This is our time. The future hangs in the balance. Do not stay idle and expect others to carry the load.

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