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3 Percenters Demonized in Federal Court

These events were about good citizens coming to the aid of their neighbors

3 Percenters Demonized in Federal Court

3 Percenters Demonized in Federal Court

by Shari Dovale

Though the defendants are actually Eric Parker, Scott Drexlar, Steven Stewart and Ricky Lovelein, the prosecution has made their association the the group “Idaho 3%” a material part of the case against them. It is enough to believe the government is trying to prosecute the group, as well as the individuals.

3 Percenters

The Three Percenters (also styled “3%ers”) is an American patriot movement which pledges resistance against the United States government regarding any restriction of the United States Constitution. Their primary purpose is to protect constitutional rights and characterized as being ideologically similar to the Oath Keepers.

The group’s name is based on the that the historical American Revolution military’s armed resistance against the British, in the American Revolution, constituted three percent of the population. This number has never been accurately calculated, and estimates vary depending on whether or not slaves are included in the colonial population numbers and women are counted as potential combatants. Wikipedia

Only two of the defendants show a membership connection to the group. Eric Parker and Scott Drexlar have the group’s logo tattooed on their forearms.

The prosecution has claimed that the defendants conspired against the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), and, by extension, the US Federal Government. The government has not shown much success with this charge against these defendants.

The previous trial showed the jury in favor of acquittal.

The government needs this charge validated to fully demonize anyone that challenges them on their policies that contradict the US Constitution.

The prosecution is claiming the conspiracy was continued with their association the the Idaho 3% group, between training and recruitment. They also claim a further conspiracy against the federal government by the Idaho 3% involvement in other “operations”, such as “Operation Gold Rush” in Oregon and “Operation Big Sky” in Montana.

These events were about good citizens coming to the aid of their neighbors for support against the land grab of the alphabet agencies within the federal government. However, it should be noted that these events did not take place until months, or years, after the Bunkerville Standoff in April 2014.

Bunkerville was over. These are events “After the Fact” and do not, by themselves, show a state of mind for a time that long in the past.

Judge Gloria Navarro has allowed these events to be brought in as evidence against these defendants over the objections of the defense.

The Idaho 3% was not formed until after the events in Bunkerville. The government seems to want you to believe otherwise. They would like you to believe that anyone in a group like this is a dissident. They would like the public to call them ‘Anti-government’ and lawless. This is simply not true.

Entered into evidence, and played for the jury, is the overview of the Idaho 3%


6 Comments on 3 Percenters Demonized in Federal Court

  1. What is this crap of a video to demonize those that believe in the constitution and are willing to defend it like many did over 200 years ago? How does this judge allow in something like this to demonize patriots and not allow any mention of the constitution which could explain the basis for this group?

    • Damn good questions Fred, and for those of us who have seen Navarro and her gang in action, this question is just one of many. We have heard protests of “An exercise in insanity”!….”Crazy”!!…..”Unbelievable”!!! voiced from the defense tables. In A nutshell Fred, we are the most powerful threat to these Govt Racketeers in a long long time, and they will scruple nothing, even murder, to stop us. You might listen to “Ammon Bundy live on 5 August 2017” on you-tube.

  2. Little do Mhyre (The prosecutor demonizing 3pers)and his clowns know it, but they are sparking a groundswell of III% membership. I became a 3per last October, as one of the acquitted in the Malhure trial. ( the US Attorney in Portland claims a 97% conviction rate) But I’ll be joining the local chapter. Pitch in and join folks, bid defiance to these Govt mercenaries!

  3. Wow,the federal government iz working hard at oppressing us and keep the strong hold they have worked and conspired to have, I see that more than ever now.
    Thank you III%

  4. The Founding Fathers gave us, We the People the power to govern ourselves. Two of the most important of those powers are the Power of the Purse, gold and silver coin, and the Power of the Sword, the Well Regulated Militia both which were part of our history from the 1600’s through the early third of the 20th century.

    The Well Regulated Militia has not existed since 1903. Gold money confiscated in 1933 and silver was counterfeited with potmetal coins in 1965.
    If the people join together and revitalize the Well Regulated Militia and then pressure their State to obey the Constitution and issue an alternative gold and silver backed currency, No Congressional consent required, we can rout the crooked judges and politicians from our governments. But this can only be accomplished by unity at the community level. A bottom up process.

    What we see unraveling in front of our eyes should instill fear enough to motivate people to become involved and restore our republic.

    Dr. Edwin M. Vieira Jr. has put the plan to accomplish this in a very well organized website

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