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Y2Y – Another UN Land Grab – Are You Ready?

There is no federal law that gives any one of these groups authority to do what they are doing

Y2Y - Another UN Land Grab - Are You Ready?

Y2Y – Another UN Land Grab – Are You Ready?

By Karen Schumacher

Previous articles introduced the reader to the America’s Great Outdoors Initiative by the Obama administration in 2010.  Multiple federal agencies were tasked with implementing this initiative through interagency coordination.  One section of the initiative was to “Build upon State, local, private, and tribal priorities for the conservation of land, water, wildlife…creating corridors and connectivity across these outdoor spaces…and determine how the Federal Government can best advance those priorities through public private partnerships and locally supported conservation strategies.”

What this initiative really did is put United Nation (UN) non-governmental organizations (NGO) in charge.

Federal agencies created twenty two large landscape conservation cooperatives (LCC) across the United States.  The Great Northern LCC (GNLCC) was discussed in previous articles and how it is affecting southeast Idaho, specifically Island Park, but the GNLCC also extends into central and northern Idaho.


The Great Basin (GBLCC) takes the rest, covering southern Idaho as well as parts of Oregon, Nevada, Utah, and even into California.  As they see it, there are no jurisdictional boundaries between states because wildlife doesn’t live within boundaries.  And wildlife overrules humans.

Aside from federal agencies colluding between themselves, they have given power to initiatives such as the Heart of the Rockies (HOTR), Yellowstone to Yukon (Y2Y), and High Divide (HD) to do the work for them.  All of them are connected to UN NGOs such as The Nature Conservancy (TNC) and International Union For Conservation Of Nature (IUCN).

The map below shows the targeted areas in central and north Idaho by the HD and Cabinet-Purcell Mountain Corridor (CPMC), a Y2Y initiative. 

In north Idaho the GNLCC is focusing on connectivity in the Clearwater area using the 2012 Forest Service Planning Rule. The Cabinet-Purcell Mountain Corridor (CPMC) will be used as a transboundary link connecting wildlife between British Columbia and Idaho. Y2Y has formed a collaborative conservation framework for the CPMC region and together they want wildlife to move freely across all jurisdictional boundaries.  These folks don’t accept the concept of sovereignty and are working aggressively to “secure private lands”.  Here is the amount of land being pursued in northern Idaho.  But the GNLCC doesn’t limit it to wildlife, it also includes “ecological connectivity“.  Ecological captures everything.

The GBLCC seems to like working with everyone except Idaho, including California, Arizona, Texas, and others.  Working with all of these folks, not you, the GBLCC created a Science and Traditional Ecological

Knowledge Strategic Plan (S-TEK).  Priority topics include adaptation to changes in water availability and ecosystem structure and function.  Basically this plan prepares them in deciding what they are going to do to those who live in southern Idaho, and you can bet your booties that it includes land conservation, including wetlands and riparian areas.  For the cattle ranchers, look out.  The grand plan for you is figuring out how grazing affects sage-grouse, the effects of spring grazing, and the pièces de résistance is possibly halting all grazing for four years just to see what happens.

The Idaho Cattle Association expressed some consternation about the federal land management agencies’ plans to manage sage grouse habitat.  Along with the removal of junipers this has been the plan all along.  Hmm, let’s see what will happen if we damage the land by changing it, and when it becomes damaged, then we can justify restoring it.  Of course, after restoring it then it must be protected and conserved so it won’t be damaged again.  Scientific management is the excuse being used to control land use because technocrats don’t think anyone else knows how except them.  Why, the GBLCC even has their hands in connectivity, including for the pygmy rabbit.

This story goes far beyond what has been written.  Just understand, these LCCs have nothing better to do than create ways in which to justify taking over land for environmental and wildlife purposes, pushing Idahoans out while banning access or use, dictating how the land can be used, all in order to conserve it for people who have not even been born.

There is no federal law that gives any one of these groups authority to do what they are doing but these same vicious groups are actively lobbying for such laws, and are already deeply embedded with Idaho agencies.  They are not American in their thinking, they don’t believe in how our Republic was designed to operate, they only believe in their own ideology.

Wake up Idaho, all of you.  This covert agenda will eventually win if action is not taken to oppose it.


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