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President Trump is going to reshape the SCOTUS into a solid, endearing ultraconservative court - as it should be.




Dear Body Politic,

Following up on my previous SCOTUS letter-to-the-editor about the appointment of Associate Justice Neil Gorsuch, now wasn’t that something really great about the recent SCOTUS ruling in President Donald J. Trump’s favor in lifting much of the travel ban injunction? Nine to zero I believe it was; I can hardly wait for total victory in the fall rehearing!

RINO Justice Anthony Kennedy and Demo-bunny a.k.a. Democrat (GRIN) “snowflake” Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg will likely be retiring before Donald J. Trump’s two term presidency ends (good riddance to her). Probably one other, Demo-bunny “cupcake” Justice Stephen Breyer will likely retire also (good riddance to him too.) President Trump is going to reshape the SCOTUS into a solid, endearing ultraconservative court – as it should be. The SCOTUS should be an original, textual analysis court of interpretation – safeguarding the U.S. Constitution from “snowflake” or “cupcake” nonsensical Saul Alinsky like renditions. At future conservobunny a.k.a. conservative (GRIN) gatherings I attend, this conservobunny  shall propose a toast to President Trump’s reshaping of  the SCOTUS along ultraconservative lines, saving our great nation from seemingly “whacko-tobacco” inspired interpretations by perennial “snowflakes” Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Elena Kagan, and mindboggling “cupcakes” Stephen Breyer and overtly racist Sonia Sotomayer (sometimes joined by RINOS Anthony Kennedy and / or John Roberts, who in my opinion can’t make up their minds in the morning whether to get up on the alt-left Demo-bunny or liberal Republican side of the bed, not that there is much of a difference). Roberts was another belly-flop by failed President G.W. Bush who infamously told the U.S. Congress: “Send me an assault weapons bill and I’ll sign it” (actually a Demo-bunny & RINO proposed ban on semi-auto firearms and high capacity magazines), forever enshrining himself as a Second Amendment turncoat president, dishonoring the U.S. Constitution in the process!

Just a matter of time until Roe v. Wade is reversed under President Trump’s reshaping of the SCOTUS, abortion a.k.a. “infanticide” or “baby- killing” is reclassified as First Degree Murder (with malice aforethought) for the woman and whoever performs the diabolical procedure (physician, physician’s assistant, nurse practitioner, RN, etceteras), and Second Degree Murder for whoever aids and abets (RN, medical assistant, concurring spouse, parents, etceteras). I of course make allowance for an exception in any case where two or more physicians deem the life of the mother is at risk. I should think that life imprisonment with no possibility of parole is an appropriate penalty upon conviction for First Degree baby-killing, and twenty-years for aiding and abetting with no parole for Second Degree baby-killing. Principled conservatives will be elated to see the demise of Roe v. Wade for sure.

Reiterating, reshaping the SCOTUS into an original, textual analysis court of interpretation will be prominent in President Donald J. Trump’s endearing legacy, along with Making America Great Again (MAGA). Why even perennial “snowflakes” and hopeless, pathetic “cupcakes” will have to concede that President Trump is going to reshape the SCOTUS along ultraconservative lines! And in that SCOTUS reshaping process alone, he will Make America Great Again!

Just think of everything-else President Trump can accomplishes in his eight years my fellow conservobunnies (GRIN); my-my but the Great Founding Fathers are going to be proud again!

Perhaps we should amend the Twenty-second Amendment, thereby potentially allowing President Trump third and fourth terms in restoring constitutional government in the United States if reelected, and restoring the Tenth Amendment. (We could stipulate a “sunset clause” to take effect when President Trump finishes his fourth term.)


One man’s opinion.

Tally-ho as they say in the UK….


Ron Adamik a.k.a. “Ron Conservobunny” (GRIN)


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  1. Introducing Retention Elections upon the Supreme Court after a term of years would give us more rational control and accountability over the Supreme Court Judges and their decisions (John Robert’s “It’s a Tax”)…rather than praying they die and then the President picks a good ‘un with no hope of correcting the mistake if one was made.

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