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Danielle Ahrens Running for Idaho’s Senate in District One

She is running to ensure that North Idaho is well represented in Boise.


Danielle Ahrens is announcing her run for the Senate in District One.

Danielle is a 58 year old mother and grandmother who lives on a ranch North of Sandpoint. Danielle is very active in representing her constituents in District One as the Legislative District One Republican Chairman. She is also on the Board of Directors for Bonner County Farm Bureau serving as their government affairs chairman and the Board of Directors for Life Choices Pregnancy Center in Sandpoint.

She believes in the American dream of hard work, God, Family and Country. Service above self was her family’s motto and all five of her brothers and sisters followed this in their careers as they watched Danielle’s Dad served in the US public health service as a Doctor with the Army for many years.

Danielle has earned an A.A degree in Business, B.A. in Psychology and post graduate certificates in Criminal justice and a P.O.S.T. degree. She is retired from a career in Corrections.

She is running to ensure that North Idaho is well represented in Boise and that the concerns of her fellow North Idahoans are heard from the Governors office to our Congressional delegation and all offices in between. She has worked very hard at making sure that these points are accessible.

Danielle was elected as a Colburn Precinct Committeeman and Bonner County Republican Central committee Chairman in 2014. In 2016 she was elected Colburn Precinct Committeeman and Legislative District One Republican Chairman.

Her areas of concern are:

  • Business
    Reducing the regulations and taxes on new and small businesses is important because this is the economic engine that drives our economy and can provide living wage jobs for our citizens.
  • Education
    Needs to be properly funded by the state per our constitution there by reducing the levy amounts on the local taxpayers. Parents should have school choice to do what is best for their children.
  • Natural resources
    Our area needs to be locally and state managed instead of the continuous Federal over reach into our lands. We have rich timber and mining resources which if properly managed provide good living wage jobs for our citizens and keeps our economy strong.

“It’s very important to me that North Idaho is consistently represented well and our concerns are well heard throughout every political body and office throughout the state. I have worked hard and will continue to represent and address constituents concerns in our District One of Boundary and Bonner Counties.”

The primary is on May, 8th, 2018.

4 Comments on Danielle Ahrens Running for Idaho’s Senate in District One

  1. It is my sincere hope that you will be voted in as our new state senator. Keough must be defeated.
    Point out her liberal voting record at every point. Give details. There are a lot more liberals in this district than the registration rolls will show. She wins every time from liberals who register as Republicans so they can keep their little RINO
    in office to do their bidding.

  2. Even though Keough was RINO, we really need to get rid of U.S. Senator Jim Risch. With his stance on Scotchman Peaks he is showing his true colors as Big Government “we do not care about what locals say”. This whole back door dealing with Big Timber/Environmentalists is enough to make one sick. Thank you Heather Scott for showing these things.
    We need to clean Idaho’s Swamp. As long as Boise has a say in anything we do up here – we are done. I actually think Boise is Idaho’s Seattle.

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