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U.S. Led Coalition for World Peace

Unfortunately, we can write off the UK, France, Germany and most other Western European countries

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U.S. Led Coalition for World Peace

Benjamin Netanyahu was a decorated Israeli commando in the premier Special Forces outfit known as the “Unit,” the equivalent of Delta Force, Navy Seals, or Russian Spetsnaz. Vladimir Putin is a martial arts master who trains with Spetsnaz, the equivalent to any Special Forces unit in the world. Both are small arms experts. Now – in your mind’s eye, can you imagine Barack Hussein Obama waking into the same room with the two he-men above, wearing his signature adult diaper hat, tell-tale t-shirt emblazoned with “Chairman Mao is Wow” on the front, and “ ‘God Damn America’ Rev. Jeremiah Wright is my mentor” on the back, and all-defining “big-floppy clown shoes?” (GRIN) I can just imagine Netanyahu and Putin rolling their eyes and looking up at the ceiling! (GRIN) After all, Barack Obama was and is an alt-left “snowflake.” It must have been terribly embarrassing for Netanyahu and Putin to be in the same room with a Marxist U.S. president and “cupcake” who hated his country then and now; how pathetic! But Obama is just sordid history now in my opinion, to go down in the history books as the worst U.S. president ever.

A U.S., Russian, Israeli, and Chinese alliance against Al Qaeda, ISIS, and the worldwide forces of murderous radical Islam would be a good thing. Perhaps President Donald J. Trump can make that happen for the survival of the civilized world. Saudi Arabia might join this coalition you think? (As well as other more moderate Muslim countries.)

Unfortunately, we can write off the UK, France, Germany and most other Western European countries from joining this world saving coalition; what I would opine to be their inept, subversive, and pathetically mousy leaders are leading their countries own the slippery slope to eventual subjugation under radical Islamic Sharia Law. That is – unless some brave patriotic souls come to the surface and challenge their pathetic, wimpy Western European leaders. But Eastern European countries, whose forebears fought the barbaric forces of radical Islamic Sharia terror in centuries past, would join the U.S. led coalition no doubt.

President Trump will go down in history as the courageous, fearless leader who saved the world from a seventh century barbarism rooted in the tenets of radical Islamic Sharia Law. A belief system which preaches death to non-believers (to include more moderate Muslims).

One man’s opinion.

Ron Adamik