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Travesty of Justice #FreeJoeRobertson

call Senator Cory Gardner at (202) 224-5941 and Congressman Ken Buck at (202) 225-4676

veteran Travesty of Justice
Joe Robertson

Travesty of Justice #FreeJoeRobertson

“The only thing keeping me going is all the precious people out there writing me”
~Joe Robertson

By Jenn Cannon

We have been working over a year to get a Montana man, Joe Robertson, 78 year old veteran, out of prison.

He built stock ponds on mining claim property with a state ‘310’ permit. EPA (environmental protection agency) claimed he needed a ‘404’ federal permit which ironically includes all types of ponds EXCEPT stock ponds. They charged Joe with polluting and warming the WOTUS WaterWays of the United States and illegally building the ponds and stealing the water.

  1. The government doesn’t make water. God does.
  2. The government doesn’t own the water rights. Joe’s has the water rights and MINING rights. Protected by land patent
  3. The river they are claiming Joe polluted and warmed with a LITTLE stream passing many mountains and hills over its 59.6 MILE stretch it the Jefferson river 59.6 MILES AWAY… 59.6 miles
  4. Kagal Environmental did a study of Joe’s ponds and impact on the earth. Ray Kagal used to manage the EPA. Kagal’s report showed Joe’s ponds actually improved the environment 100% and also his community allowing a place for water for helicopters to dip from during a fire and such.

How you might ask?

Joe’s first trial was found in a hung jury. He was tried again. The 2nd go round his attorney Michael Donahoe REFUSED to bring up the land patent and REFUSED to use Kagal’s report… By the time we became aware of Joe Robertson and his wife Carri Robertson, Joe was already found guilty at the 2nd trial.

This man, Joe Robertson sits in prison. What a travesty! This is what his sentence includes:

  • Life time ban on guns. LIFE TIME. The judge; Judge Malloy, stated during sentencing that he(Joe) wouldn’t make it past the 7 year ban because of his age and said “therefore its a lifetime ban”
  • He’s not a druggie or alcoholic but is required to seek and pay for treatment of such. He is not allowed to enter an establishment that serves alcohol.
  • He is not allowed to have ‘own’ or be around ANY type of surveillance, security video/audio recording systems or devices except the law enforcement. Devices can not be found on his property at any time, not even by VISITORS.
  • Joe has lost all of his VA benefits
  • No more social security benefits
  • Joe has been banned from opening any kind of bank account or any line of credit without getting permission exclusively from the FEDERAL government.
  • He was assigned $129,933.50 restitution.
  • 18 months in prison
  • 60 months probation

My group Team America PAC is working hard to raise awareness of Joe Robertson’s plight.

This is a travesty and I urge you to call Senator Cory Gardner at (202) 224-5941 and Congressman Ken Buck at (202) 225-4676 and urge them to reach out to Attorney General Jeff Sessions and urge Sessions to ask President Donald Trump to pardon Joe Robertson. ~Tom Tancredo

Please send mail. Joe needs us!

Joseph David Robertson 13726046

Email your letter we will print it and mail it for you.

#FreeJoeRobertson #LoveYourNeighbor

***Editor’s note, corrected mileage 6/2/17

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  1. I would add that you should not allow the congressional reps to give you the brush off. Hold them accountable! Demand follow up and action. If they drag their feet or don’t give it the priority it deserves, tell them that you will print flyers explaining how they contributed to this travesty of justice by doing less than is required and passing out in parking lots and door to door.

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