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Spirit Of America Rally Comes to Idaho

Redoubt News streamed the event live for those that could not make it.

Spirit Of America Rally Comes to Idaho

Spirit Of America Rally Comes to Idaho

by Shari Dovale

This weekend brought the second Spirit of America Rally to the inland Northwest. Gathering at the Greyhound Park in Post Falls, Trump supporters heard a variety of speakers talk about the State of the Nation and the State of their region.

Sponsored by Northwest Grassroots, an Republican organization out of Spokane, the event was held Saturday, June 24th.

Brent Regan, of the Kootenai County Republican Central Committee, emceed the event and kept the crowd engaged and cheering.

Several speakers were lined up to speak to the crowd, including the popular Washington State Representative Matt Shea, who is spear-heading the efforts to separate Eastern Washington from the more Progressive Western half of the state to form the 51st State of Liberty.

Idaho State Representative Heather Scott was also in attendance. Scott is the Representative that organized a stand for veteran John Arnold when his second amendment rights were threatened by the Veterans Administration. Within hours, she had over 100 people standing in his yard waiting on the VA spokesperson to arrive.

Pearl and Satin, also known as Lesley Haskell and Donna O’Leary, provided levity through satire in the middle of the event. Tearing up photos of political ‘undesirables’ was a favorite with the crowd.

Redoubt News streamed the event live for those that could not make it.

Select your favorite speaker from the list below and hear what they had to say, with the approximate time into the video that you will find them:

2 mins: Col. Tim Fitzgerald
15 mins: Northwest Grassroots Founder John Charleston
40 mins: Pearl & Satin
1 hr, 12 mins: Spokane County Prosecutor Larry Haskell
1 hr, 32 mins: College Republican Abigail Osborn
1 hr, 38 mins: Patriot Academy, Brady Smith
1 hr, 51 mins: ID Rep. Heather Scott
2 hrs, 9 mins: WA Rep. Matt Shea

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