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Liberty Advocates and the Freedom Agenda

Do not question the motives of your fellow Patriot – rejoice in their help and celebrate the victory.

The Agenda of the Liberty Movement

Liberty Advocates and the Freedom Agenda

By Shari Dovale

Our Country is under attack. The US Constitution and our way of life are hanging by a thread. The elite government officials, through all of their organizations, are driven to preserve their own aristocratic way of life. That cannot be accomplished through the system of government that originated in this country, therefore, they must change our founding principles to meet their agenda. This is a war on the people, the citizens of the country, our beliefs and our way of life.

To accomplish this, they misrepresent the Constitution and rewrite the law to benefit themselves. It began with the assertion that we are a Democracy. We are not. The truth is we are a Constitutional Republic, and everyone elected to government office knows this, but they choose to ignore it in their quest for a Totalitarian society. It is not Communism, though many confuse it as such.

Totalitarianism is a political system that does not recognize the rights of the individuals and places no restrictions on the authority of the state.

There is a movement that has been active for years, decades, generations. This is the Liberty movement. It has recently become recognized by more citizens, those that have awakened to the over-reaching of the Federal government.

A case can be made that the Bunkerville standoff in April 2014 was a wake up call for many Americans. Even the Malheur Protest in Burns Oregon, and the subsequent murder of LaVoy Finicum, was a catalyst. However, thousands of citizens were informed and aware long before these events.

Remember the Civil Rights movement of the sixties? The Montgomery Bus Boycott, the Sit-ins, The Freedom Ride?

How about Coxey’s Army? The Sagebrush Rebellion? And the Bonus Army?

Even the Suffrage Movement was based on Liberty.

The principles of Liberty are not something that most of the citizens are instructed in as they grow up. The public school system actively teaches the Socialist ideals, discouraging any opposing viewpoint. The understanding of Liberty is attained after years of watching their way of life be trampled on.

Liberty will not be found within any political party. It will not be found in the halls of the Capitol Building. It will only be found within the hearts of the people that fight for it.

The Patriots are striving for the same principles that our Founding Fathers believed in: Common sense principles. God-given rights that are guaranteed by our Constitution.

Read our agenda here: America’s Founding Documents

This is a fight for Freedom for all Americans. Various people will have their moment in the headlines, as there are many under attack. Constitutional violations by the Federal government are rampant. That is their plan and agenda. To overwhelm the people and ensure their acquiescence.

It is time that we overwhelm them with all of our fellow Patriots insisting on our Founding Principles. We need everyone to contribute.

Everyone has a role. Some, like me, write articles to enlighten, educate, and inform the public. Others make videos for the same reason. Still more will make phone calls to elected officials, write letters to the imprisoned, or organize events.

Do not question the motives of your fellow Patriot – rejoice in their help and celebrate the victory. You do not need to agree with your neighbor 100% on each detail. We all need to understand that everyone has a role in our fight for Liberty. Each will their recognize their own purpose, and every undertaking is vital to our success.

I appreciate everyone in the Liberty Movement. I don’t need to stand on every street corner to show this. They don’t need to write or make phone calls to have an important part in this battle.

The most successful people are those that can work across the aisle. You may not agree with someone all of the time, but there is probably something on which you can both agree. That is a great place to start. Work on that one item. We will all be blessed for your accomplishment.

Who Leads the Liberty Movement?

The Federal Government is desperate to find the “Leaders” of the Liberty movement. Their goal is to ‘cut off the head of the snake’, or prevent the problem from growing and escalating. The same thoughts that were expressed by Oregon Senator Ron Wyden: to keep the virus from spreading.

Here is a newsflash for them: The only leader of the Liberty movement is God himself. There are thousands involved in returning our country to what the founders envisioned. They are all doing God’s work. This is His plan and His agenda.

This is not a movement that has been engineered by any one person, and it cannot be accomplished by any single person. This is a national issue and must be fought on that level, with everyone having a part in it.

This country was founded on Judaeo-Christian principles. It was founded by God. This battle will not be won by the people, but by God himself. This is a founding belief of all Christian Conservatives in the battle for Liberty.

If there is a specific agenda, it is spoken by God himself:

2 Chronicles 20:15

He said: “Listen, King Jehoshaphat and all who live in Judah and Jerusalem! This is what the Lord says to you: ‘Do not be afraid or discouraged because of this vast army. For the battle is not yours, but God’s.




6 Comments on Liberty Advocates and the Freedom Agenda

  1. Excellent Shari, Thank you ! Lets not forget the Indian occupation of Federal property – Alcatraz no less – in 69/70. The criminals now occupy the bench and the Govt. table, while the upright and courageous are persecuted. The “Federal Culture” wishes to enforce the “Government Interest” on us,from the top down , while we defend the AMERICAN INTEREST from the bottom up…..All well and good to comment here, but where does the rubber hit the road ? The place is Vegas , and the time will be the next trial…….

  2. Thank you, Neil. Yes, there are many examples. Keep them coming, I want the world to get a handle on this.

    I am trying to firm up my plans to be in Vegas. I will let everyone know soon!

  3. Sorry, but I cannot ignore this:
    Quoting Rick Warren is not a good thing.
    At the 2009 “inauguration” of BS-Barry, Warren prayed in the name of “Isa”, which islam claims to be Jesus and Warren appears to believe “Isa” and Jesus are one in the same.

    Don’t believe me – go find the inaugural prayer on youtube and listen to him.

  4. Shari, please feel free to delete my previous comment – I just wanted you to know that Warren seems to be part of the lie.

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