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Fulcher Announces Congressional Run

Labrador has endorsed Fulcher's decision and urged conservatives to support him

Pandemic Vote Russ Fulcher Announces Congressional Run

Fulcher Announces Congressional Run

by Shari Dovale

Former State Senator Russ Fulcher had set his sights on Idaho’s Governors mansion since the previous election.

However, with Raul Labrador entering the race, there are now four Republican candidates for the state’s highest office.

Fulcher announced today that he will step out of the Governor’s race and run for Labrador’s seat in Congress.

From his announcement:

As a lifelong Idahoan, international businessman, and former state Senator with a solid record of elevating the interests of families over those of government, I believe I’m uniquely positioned to serve you well in public office.

My continued presence in the [Governor’s] race could actually have the effect of splintering the support of voters who want a system that places the citizen as the pinnacle of governance.

During my entire political life, I have evangelized that there are “politicians” and there are “statesmen.” The difference is that statesmen earn credibility by consistently placing their principles ahead of themselves.

So my friends – it is time for me to prove if I believe my own words. Unlike the situation in 2016 when I entered the Governor race, now the office in most need of an experienced conservative candidate is the 1st Congressional District. And if I really am a servant leader, I need to offer service where most needed. And I am excited to do that!

So with that, I request your support, as I step out of the governor race, and into the congressional race. I sincerely want to do the right thing for the people of Idaho. Good leadership recognizes when there is a need to institute a U-turn. Now is one of those circumstances.

Labrador has endorsed Fulcher’s decision and urged conservatives to support him.

“I am convinced that this is the best move for Republican party unity and also the best move to change the direction of our state and country,” Labrador said.

It is not an easy decision for a candidate to step from one race to another, however, in a four way race, the conservative vote would likely be split. This gives a more even ground to the remaining candidates.