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Portland Has No One to Blame But Themselves

It is amazing how far Portland’s politicians will go to enforce their Marxist Ideology

Portland Has No One to Blame But Themselves

Portland Has No One to Blame But Themselves

*UPDATE: The Feds have denied the request to revoke the permit for the planned rally.

By Chris Brumbles

Recently Mayor Ted Wheeler of Portland asked to have a Free Speech Rally in Portland on June 4th shut down and permits pulled. He is also asking that the permits being applied for on June 10th not be issued to conservatives.

He is quick to criticize the right for having a Rally, but not the terrorists that are showing up to confront them. What should we expect from a person that recently gave into terrorist threats and shut down a parade. It is amazing how these fools think that Free Speech is only meant for people who don’t offend the lefts mentally dysfunctional ideology, when in fact Free Speech is actually for unpopular speech,  popular speech doesn’t need defending.

I have been told that MoveOn has coordinated efforts for Antifa, Black Bloc, Redneck Revolt, John Brown Militia, and Black Lives Matters to wreak havoc on the legal rally that is being put on in Portland. These groups are more than likely being paid to create disorder and confusion.

This rally has a more than good chance to turning into a riot as I hear that the left is coming to start trouble. The FPS (DHS) will be there along with the PPD and I have been told that even those defending themselves may very well be arrested. This could be a setting for a perfect storm since at the same time that the Rose Festival is going on.

Portland has no one to blame but themselves. They have been giving into these terrorists for years now from allowing Occupy to invade and live in tents in the City, to all of the riots and vandalism they have allowed recently including but not limited to the disparity of force applied to Michael Strickland, a journalist who was forced to defend himself because he feared for his life. Mike didn’t fit the right ideology and was given a kangaroo court and found guilty of 21 crimes.

It is amazing how far Portland’s politicians will go to enforce their Marxist Ideology and voter base even at the expense of the right to defend yourself, which no longer exists in Portland contrary to State Law.

I have faced these anarcho-communists before and I tell you, they are cowards, that’s  why they wear masks. They don’t care about property rights, Free Speech, or the rule of law, they just want sustained social political power and to “tear the whole thing down” no matter the costs.

The politicians of Portland need to quit protecting and enabling these criminals to violate the law. I have a feeling that if Portlandia would enforce the rule of law, quit having sit ins with these freaks singing kumbaya, and hold them accountable, they would probably run home to their Mommy and hide in their safe place.

Chris Brumbles is the Columbia County Coordinator for Oath Keepers and Oregon Firearms Federation , and the Co-State Coordinator for Oregon Oath Keepers