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May Day Update by Rep. Christy Zito

It can’t be said enough what a privilege and honor it is to serve and to be your voice in your citizen legislature.

May Update by Rep. Christy Zito
Idaho barn (Source: Flickr user Loren Kerns)

May Day, Soon It Will Be Warm!

by Rep. Christy Zito – District 23

When my children were young they watched Schoolhouse Rock on TV.  I loved the songs that taught different lessons on America, grammar, math, science, history and other subjects.  I had not thought of these catchy little songs for many years.

This past session I sponsored what is referred to as a “trailer bill”.  A trailer bill effects another bill in some way.  Often a trailer will provide funding for a bill that has previously gone through the process earlier in the session.  Ours was a trailer to H139, the cosmetology and barber bill.

H139, allowed stylists to do their work off site.  They would be free to do hair and makeup for example at weddings, fitness events, or photo shoots. The bill also provided for those selling hair styling appliances to be able to do so. Had H139 become law, the effective date was July 1. The trailer bill contained what is called an emergency clause, causing H139 to be effective receiving passage and approval.

Prior to the session starting, I was invited to a tour of POST academy.  The day was spent learning about the training process of the amazing men and women who protect and serve the citizens of the state.  While there it was pointed out that there were about 2500 “sexual assault evidence kits” that had been used to collect DNA evidence, and were never turned in to the state.  H146, sponsored by Representative Melissa Wintrow, made changes in the law to ensure that these kits were turned over and that the evidence was kept for appropriate periods of time.

Looking back every day of the session was filled with committee meetings, floor sessions, meeting with people from the district, working with other legislators and working with people outside the legislature who were working on good legislation.  Starting in April and continuing through October we will have an informal gathering at the Mountain Home Public Library in the back-conference room.  This will take place the last Friday of the month, from 5pm until 7pm.

We are in the process of setting up other gatherings in different parts of the district.  If you would like to host one please email and we will get it set up.

It can’t be said enough what a privilege and honor it is to serve and to be your voice in your citizen legislature.  All questions, comments and ideas are welcome.