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CITIZEN ACTION Snags Multiple Washington Democrats

This is the perfect example of how one person can make a difference.

CITIZEN ACTION Snags Multiple Washington Democrats

CITIZEN ACTION Snags Multiple Washington Democrats

by Shari Dovale

The Washington State Attorney General’s Office (AGO) filed suit today against the Spokane County Democrat Central Committee. The AGO complaint also names SCDCC executive director and former chair Jim CastroLang and former treasurer Justin Galloway as defendants.

Rev. Jim CastroLang (photo credit:

We first reported on Glen Morgan’s 55 page complaint here, showing that the SCDCC had an enormous amount of violations, alleging Falsified expenditure reports, Failure to accurately report large donations, and at least 208 forged documents.

Elected Chair and paid Executive Director and acting Treasurer Jim CastroLang seemed to be in control of all of these shenanigans, including hiding SCDCC payments of at least $17,260.36 to himself.

“The Spokane County Democrats claimed my original complaint was not based on the truth, however, I think this AG lawsuit clearly supports the validity of the allegations I made,” said Morgan.

This abuse was first disclosed by
Citizen Reporting!

Glen Morgan, who runs the website “We The Governed” has stumbled upon a great amount of lawbreaking within the political arena of Washington State.

Glen Morgan (photo: We The Governed)

In researching his theory that campaign finance laws are written in such a way that almost no one can comply, he expected to find violations everywhere he looked. He didn’t see this as a partisan issue, just a convoluted mess by the too-big, and overreaching, state government.

Instead, he found violations so numerous the AGO has filed several suits based on Morgan’s reports.

When the Attorney General’s Office receives a Citizen Action Notice, it has 45 days to investigate and respond to the citizen. If the Attorney General’s Office or local prosecutor does not start litigation, the individual may sue in the name of the state.

If litigation is successful, any penalties awarded would go to the state, and the individual’s attorney could recover attorney fees and costs. If the citizen’s litigation is unsuccessful, the defendant may recover attorney fees from the state.

Not only has Morgan’s reporting resulted in the suit against the SCDCC and Jim CastroLang, but he can also claim credit for exposing additional violations around the state.

The AG also filed a lawsuit against the King County Dems today based on Morgan’s notice from two months ago.

Morgan points out that the “violations committed by the Spokane County Democrats are clearly more significant than the King County violations or the Thurston County Democrat violations both in scope and amount.”

Frank Chopp wasn’t smiling when the Attorney General filed a lawsuit against him for various campaign finance violations (courtesy We The Governed)

Additionally, the dollar volumes involved are far more than the following AG lawsuit filed earlier this week against a former Grant County judge in which an original illegal expenditure of $3900 is now resulting in a $454,000 lawsuit.

And here is another case being exposed by Morgan:

State of Washington vs. Jay Manning, cult-funded SuperPAC director exposed

Morgan had previously exposed violations by the Washington State Democrat Speaker of the House Frank Chopp.

Citizens are the vehicle to reign in abuse and expose corruption! This is the perfect example of how one person can make a difference.

Stay Tuned! This story is just beginning, there is a lot more to come!


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  1. I wish Glen would write a book about actions for local people to take. There are few people, if any I have met that are as efficient, effective, and direct as Glen. I’d like to see him delegate and organize an entire state of activists because this is where most people fall short, which is in the “what to do” category. It’s not that they won’t or can’t, it’s that they don’t know what exactly to do that will topple the house of cards most effectively. Keep up the awesome work Glen!

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