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Shutting Down The Defense – UPDATES on Bunkerville Trial

The government prosecutors have said that there has been no evidence presented that the BLM showed or used force, and Judge Gloria Navarro agreed.

Shutting Down The Defense - UPDATES on Bunkerville Trial five years later

UPDATES on Bunkerville Trial
Shutting Down The Defense

by Shari Dovale

With the reports coming out if the courtroom in Las Vegas, Nevada, it is obvious that the defendants will not be allowed a fair trial.

Some of the key testimony the defense was planning has been denied them. They intended to bring in Margaret Houston, Cliven Bundy’s sister, who was thrown to the ground by the BLM agent. The defendants were told that her testimony is not relevant to this case and Houston will not be allowed to testify.

The government prosecutors have said that there has been no evidence presented that the BLM showed or used force, and Judge Gloria Navarro agreed. She has ruled that the defense cannot present testimony that the BLM overstepped their bounds or used unnecessary force, such as the testimony of Margaret Houston.

Judge Navarro has also ruled that evidence of Dave Bundy’s arrest will not be allowed. Neither will the evidence of the BLM tazing Ammon Bundy repeatedly, or the evidence of the BLM killing the Bundy cattle.

Navarro also reiterated that Special Agent Dan Love will not be called to testify, and his current investigation into his illegal activities while in charge of the operations in Nevada were not to be brought into court.

Judge Navarro has ruled that all of this evidence is not relevant to the current case and can only confuse the jury. She and the prosecutors discussed, repeatedly today, that they are concerned that ‘Jury Nullification” could become an issue in this trial. Navarro is not going to allow any evidence in front of the jury that could sway the jury to nullify.

Navarro has also ruled that you do not need to point a weapon at an officer for it to be an assault on that officer. Merely having a weapon that the officer can see is enough to be considered assault on that officer.


It was made clear today that any witnesses that are allowed to testify for the defense will be required to first talk to the judge and then talk to a court-appointed attorney, as their testimony could likely get them prosecuted.

Attorney Jackson got up and said that if the government is threatening the witnesses with charges if they testify then that is grounds for a dismissal. Navarro did not agree and dismissed that motion.

The government repeatedly made note that this case was a part of an “ongoing investigation” and the government will not discuss who else is under investigation. They seem to be waving the “UN-indicted co-conspirator” flag at anyone that supports the defense. But, there are still people that are willing to testify, if Judge Navarro would allow them to do so.

All of the prosecutions dozens of witnesses were labeled as “experts, regardless of whether or not they were physically at the wash on that eventful day. Even the agents that were only looking at Facebook, memes and posts.

However, the defense is not allowed the same. If a defense witness was at the wash, saw with their own eyes the events as they happened, they are being labeled by the court as “3rd party” or “LAY” witnesses, therefore their testimony is seemingly unreliable. Additionally, lay witnesses are being denied the right to testify because of this, as well as being told they might be prosecuted.

When it was discussed about Metro police, Highway Patrol, etc, the judge amended her stance to include those law enforcement officials, as well. I wonder if any of the defense witnesses are active or retired law enforcement? Would that qualify them?

Another issue the judge has stressed is that the “lay” witnesses are not allowed to discuss their fear. Only the BLM is allowed to discuss whether they feared for their life, the witnesses are not afforded the right to tell the whole truth.

It is painfully obvious that Judge Navarro, between everything we heard this morning, and the limited time she has allowed the defense to present it’s case, she is trying to manipulate the defense into forcing the defendants to testify against themselves.

The defendants are Constitutionally guaranteed a fair trial, with rights to face their accusers, etc. They are being denied these rights. Remember what Navarro told Todd Engel:

“You, as a defendant, have only THREE rights.”

She said that he had the right to:

  1. Plead Guilty
  2. Testify on his own behalf
  3. Appeal his conviction


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7 Comments on Shutting Down The Defense – UPDATES on Bunkerville Trial

  1. If you look back at the timeline of what happened here with the Bundy’s & Hammond’s & the BLM aka “Bureau of Land Management”

    Now look at the timeline & introduction of “Black lives matter” whose’s acronyms as you know are also “BLM”

    I honestly believe they were introduced to detract & confuse the masses “the half-conscious masses” I might add from the government agency know as “BLM” aka “Bureau of Land Management” at the time, & to hide the atrocities perpetrated by the original “Bureau of Land Management” AKA “BLM” to the “once again” half conscious masses out there right after this started.

    I’d ask people what do you think “BLM” stands for?
    Over 89% said to me “black lives matter” This was their intent clear & simple.
    To quell & squash the anger wave that was sweeping across the nation at the time. People got sidetracked.
    The only “BLM” on the mainstream news here on the East coast back then was “Black lives matter” I believe it was a psyop to take over of attentiveness of the constitutional violations that took place. I also believe they had it planned ahead of time.

    Just walk up to anyone in the street and ask….
    “Did you hear what the BLM did to those people last year?”

    I guaran-damn-tee you they won’t think you are talking about the “Bureau of Land Management”

  2. The only thing I could suggest is to file for a change of venue and move the trial to Texas. I believe the Bundys could get justice here. Words cannot describe pile of poop these lawyers and judges have dished out to these people. I would imagine that when they do have a BM, it comes out crooked because they are all a bunch of snakes.

  3. If this case is not successfully appealed then our country is lost. This judge is setting herself up for criminal charges.

  4. Ay, today when got home opened up Facebook looked at list of postings saw John Lamb’s day 2 of Bunkerville trial headline no witnesses and no jurors in my list went back to read it & it was gone! FACE BOOK is deleting censoring stuff for sure.

  5. What a crock this whole trial is slanted. I wish there was something I could testify to. I happen to be campaigning for Sheriff at the Bundy ranch when all this went down. As a 39 year law enforcement veteran, I sure didn’t like what I later saw on video and what I later heard what the BLM agents did to the peaceful protesters. The Judges comments about police officers seeing someone in possession of a firearm as an assault on them, is a little far fetched and hardly contain the elements for an assault charge on a police officer. God Bless the Patriots, and the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

  6. What is the remedy for a biased judge? Our forefathers would have stormed the court house and demanded that this judge step down. Maybe it’s time for us to do the same.

  7. This is why the swamp needs drained and these foreign criminals court persons felons need to be deported back to england. This is exactly the cause in the first place that caused all this nonsense including the breach of their treaty agreement with this lawless violence. This needs to be in a law court not the criminals court.

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