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When Do the Retina Scans Start?

If you give up freedom for security, eventually you would have neither.

When Do the Retina Scans Start?

When Do the Retina Scans Start?

By Chris Brumbles
April 19, 2017

Today should be a Happy Day for our country as it is the anniversary of the Battles of Lexington and Concord where a bunch of farmers with pitchforks formed militias and stood against the strongest military in the world in defiance of tyranny. Liberty was the main objective of our Forebears and these heroes’ put everything on the line, so that their posterity would never have to undergo the oppressive despotism and hopelessness that they had endured.

Yes, it should be a day of celebration in this country, but in St. Helens Oregon it wasn’t…at least not for me.

I received a text from my daughter today, telling me that the High School had received a bomb threat. This “bomb threat” was supposedly found written in one of the bathrooms somewhere.

The kids were taken to the football field and later transported to Columbia City School where they were to remain until picked up. Once I reached the school and finally found parking, I was directed to walk around to the side of the school. When I rounded the corner, I was shocked. In front of me were hundreds of parents lined up to pick up their children. I immediately had visions of a FEMA camp…or NAZI Germany.

So here’s how it worked; you had to stand in a long line. When you got to the front of the line, you had to fill out a REUNIFICATION paper and show I D, to get your own kid.  Upon completing the paper, you moved to a longer line. When you got to the front of this line, you were escorted to the other side of the gym and waited for the teacher to go get your child, (pretty low tech in this day and age).

I realize that you have to take a bomb threat seriously, but not at the expense of common sense or Liberty. A parent shouldn’t have to show up, stand in a long line, fill out paper work, show ID, stand in an even longer line, show the paper work and ID again, and then wait for their child to be brought to them. I can think of a thousand easier ways to handle the situation. The truth is, this is about control. We saw it first with the airlines and they have gotten progressively more and more totalitarian and now in our schools and the DMV.

Where does it stop? We were warned that if you give up freedom for security, eventually you would have neither. The only way to be completely secure is to lock ourselves in a prison, which is where we are heading. When will they start asking for fingerprints and retina scans. Don’t laugh, the airlines now require retina scans on some international flights and when government is involved, they rarely give up power, they only take more. As for our Founding Fathers, they are turning over right now.

Chris Brumbles is the Columbia County Coordinator for Oath Keepers and Oregon Firearms Federation , and the Co-State Coordinator for Oregon Oath Keepers

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  1. America is lost. only an armed rebellion will change it but for the worse. maybe n.korea ussr or iran will teach us a lesson we cannot seem to do.

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