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Regarding Our Final Week of this Session

Our final week was extended due to unforeseen circumstances. We continued holding two floor sessions a day.


Regarding Our Final Week of this Session

By Rep. Sage G. Dixon – District 1

Floor Session:

What was assumed to be our final week was extended due to unforeseen circumstances.  We continued holding two floor sessions a day.  The additional appropriations were all due to legislation passed during the 2017 session.


The following were the Bills we heard on the Floor.

(As always I voted yes, and every Bill passed, unless otherwise noted.)

(aa = as amended)


H284     Appropriation for Public Schools: Administrators

H285     Appropriation for Public Schools: Teachers Division

H286     Appropriation for Pubic Schools: Operations Division

H287     Appropriation for Public Schools: Children’s Programs Division

H288     Appropriation for Public Schools: Facilities Division

H289     Appropriation for Public Schools: Central Services Division

H290     Appropriation for Public Schools: Educational Services for the Deaf and Blind

HCR27  Rule rejection regarding Board of Education rule governing administration

HJM8    Urging Congress to appropriate funds to invasive species mitigation

S1038aa Amends law to allow dentistry board to commence emergency proceedings

S1118    Amends law to allow holder of a landowner kill permit to u se one animal

S1077aa Repeals law and implements two new vehicle insurance acts         FAIL              N

S1079    Amends law regarding limited lines travel insurance producers                            N

S1153    Appropriation for Catastrophic Health Care Program

S1156    Appropriation for Vocational Rehabilitation

S1157    Appropriation for Historical Society

S1158    Appropriation for Attorney General

S1159    Appropriation for Public Defense Commission

S1160    Appropriation for Supreme Court

SCR113 Urging hospitals to establish new residency programs

SCR114  Authorizes Legislative Council to appoint a committee to study natural resources

SCR115 Recognizing and honoring Diane Kelly for her service to the State of Idaho

SCR103 Commending Kristin Armstrong for accomplishments in 2016 Olympics

H263      Amends law to provide an income tax credit for medical residency programs

H283      Amends law regarding property taxes and marketable value

S1086    Amends law regarding highway district commissioner vacancies

H293      Adds to law to allow specific renewal fee for veterinarians for one year

S1152    Appropriation for Colleges and Universities

H294      Appropriation for Community Colleges

H295      Appropriation for Career Technical Education Division

H296      Appropriation for Soil and Water Conservation Commission

H297      Appropriation for Wolf Predation Control Board

H298      Appropriation for STEM Action Center

H300      Appropriation for Office of State Board of Education

H302      Appropriation for Regulatory Boards

H303      Appropriation for various Commissioner Salary Increases

H304      Appropriation for State Treasurer

H305      Appropriation for State Appellate Public Defender

H306      Appropriation for Pardons and Parole Commission

S1041    Amends law to provide allow transfers to Public Education Stabilization Fund     N

S1107    Amends law to revise provisions regarding commercial license skills test fee

S1164    Appropriation for Child Welfare/ Developmentally Disabled/ Services Integration

S1165    Appropriation for Public Health Services

S1167    Appropriation for Parks and Recreation

S1168    Appropriation for Dept. of Lands

S1169    Appropriation for Commission on Aging

S1170    Appropriation for Superintendent of Public Instruction

S1171    Appropriation for Dept. of Administration; Bond Payment Program

S1172    Appropriation for Liquor Division

S1173    Appropriation for Capitol Commission

S1174    Appropriation for Medicaid

S1175    Appropriation for State Controller

S1176    Appropriation for Water Resources

S1076aa Amends law to clarify prohibited actions against public employees

S1088    Amends law to require sex offenders to submit DNA samples

S1105    Amends law regarding equipment in certain types of theft

S1109    Amends law regarding executive sessions of Board of Correction

H307      Extends administrative rules expiring on 7/1/17 until 7/1/18

H301aa  Improves processes, transparency, and reporting of oil and gas industry

H308      Appropriation for Dept. of Agriculture

H309      Appropriation for Millennium Fund

H312      Appropriation for State independent Living Council

HCR29   Allows Dept. of Administration to finance purchase of building campus

H315      Allows Public Works Division to enter into leases with Idaho Building Authority

H319      Amends law to provide for temporary approval and duration of approval of water

H118aas Amends law regarding Cemetery Endowment Care Fund

H314      Appropriation for Idaho Transportation Dept.                      (I carried this bill)

H316      Appropriation for Legislature

H11aas  Amends law regarding optometrists licenses

H184aas Amends law provide authority related to interdepartmental transfers

S1120    Amends law regarding forcible detainer of real property

S1125    Amends law regarding delinquency and written objection in court proceedings

S1177    Appropriation for Dept. of Commerce

S1178    Appropriation for Board of Tax Appeals

S1179    Appropriation for Tax Commission

S1139aa Amends law regarding who has authority of admittance at hospitals and facilities

S1185    Appropriation for Industrial Commission

S1186    Appropriation for Agricultural Research and Cooperative Extension Service

S1187    Appropriation for Dept. of Environmental Quality                 (I carried this bill)

S1189    Appropriation for Mental Health/ Psychiatric/ Substance Abuse Services             N

S1090aa Amends law regarding advance health care directives

S1151    Amends law regarding when warrants are issued by State Controller a re lost

S1150    Amends law regarding high risk insurance pool

S1119    Amends law to exempt records of Public Defense Commission from disclosure

S1154    Amends law regarding P.O.S.T. obtaining and retention of criminal records

S1192    Appropriation for Dept. of Corrections

S1193    Appropriation for various health and welfare programs

S1194    Appropriation for Permanent Building Fund

S1093aah Amends law regarding penalties for unlawful entry

SCR111 Honoring Cecilia Violetta Lopez for achievements in Opera

SCR112 Rule rejection regarding Dept. of Building Safety                   (I carried this bill)

SCR116 Authorizes a study of weight class based operating fees for transportation

SCR118 Rule rejection for State Board of Education

SCR119 Rule rejection for State Dept. of Education

SCR120 States finding of legislature approving rules with fees or charges and exceptions

S1191    Amends law regarding licenses for dieticians

S1196    Amends law regarding use of fetal tissue

S1166    Appropriation for Idaho State Police

S1197    Additional appropriation for Water Resources

S1203    Additional appropriation for Dept. of Lands

S1199    Additional appropriation for Pardons and Parole Commission

S1198    Additional appropriation for Physical Health Services

S1200    Additional appropriation for Idaho State Police

S1201    Additional appropriation for Supreme Court

H145aa  Redefines “employer” in regards to PERSI

H202aas Amends law regarding civil asset forfeiture

Committee Reports:



With all the budgets having already been set, we continued hearing “trailer” appropriations for bills passed by both the House and Senate.

They included:


Oil and Gas Division                          S1099aah    $441,400

New Fees for Fish and Game            H230         $5,493,300

Invasive Species Policy Admin.         H274            $183,600

Study on Health Benefits                   HCR 13        $125,000

Health Savings Account Plan            S1046             $77,000

Payment Card Compliance               H184aaS       $200,000

Vehicle Weight Study                        SCR 116       $100,000

Relocation Expenses Tax Comm.     HCR 29      $2,000,000

Additional Fee Revenue                    H135          $5,500,000

Transportation & Defense: Regarding

Our Committee did not meet this week, and was left at the call of the Chair.


We heard, and recommended, (1) Bill this week, S1150, that dealt with the “High Risk” insurance pool provided by the State.

The bill was sent to the House Floor with a  “Do Pass” recommendation


I encourage you to contact me with any questions or concerns, and I am grateful for the opportunity to represent District 1 in The Idaho House of Representatives.


Lord Bless,

Sage G. Dixon