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Home with Mountains of Snow – Rep. Dorothy Moon

I will be travelling across District 8 to present a legislative update this month.

Home with Mountains of Snow

by Rep. Dorothy Moon

News Brief – District 8

Dear Friends,

I attended Bonneville County Lincoln Day event on Friday, March 31st with my husband Darr and sons, Dane and Parker. We were thrilled to listen to Judge Jeanine, from the popular Fox News show “Street Justice”, talk about illegal immigration and its impacts on American society.

Judge Jeanine was followed with presentations by Idaho’s three gubernatorial candidates for the 2018 election: Tommy Ahlquist (on video), Brad Little and Russ Fulcher. Over 800 people attended this event which made it one of the largest Republican Lincoln Day events ever held in Idaho. Many of my new legislative friends from across the State also attended the informative and fun gathering.

Home with Mountains of Snow

I have been honored to represent District 8 this past session and appreciate all of the comments and well wishes from hundreds of you from all across the District. The work has been very intense, much more than I anticipated. The trial by fire process was also exhilarating and rewarding.

Many of my days would begin at 5:00 AM and not end until 11:00 PM.  Bills move through both chambers at a very rapid pace but I can promise you that I read and studied each bill so as to be prepared with an informed vote.

I will be travelling across District 8 to present a legislative update this month. I would appreciate meeting each of you and look forward to answering your questions and hearing your comments. I will send out an email alert and advertise each speaking event when I am scheduled at a town near you. See you soon!

Tax Relief Please

The legislative session came to an end on March 29th with a flurry of activity. Bills of interest which would impact taxes for Idaho citizens included the grocery sales tax exemption, the unemployment tax reduction and the highway tax increase by federal GARVEE loans.

As of this date the grocery sales tax exemption bill, removing the 6% tax sales tax on all groceries, is sitting on the Governor’s desk for signature or veto. We should hear very soon whether or not this tax relief bill will become law.

The unemployment tax exemption bill was shot down on the Senate floor when a House income tax reduction bill was attached. Sadly the Senate killed an opportunity to reduce unemployment taxes when we currently have a large surplus fund.

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse, SB-1206 a bill to increase our tax burden by $300 million passed the Senate with just a few votes. Then the House gave its nod with an even wider margin. SB 1206 will increase Idaho’s debt and do little for the thousands of road miles where necessary repairs await. The federal injection of highway funds through GARVEE Bond loans will primarily be used for new construction for the I-84 Nampa to Caldwell corridor. We should have used money stashed away in our rainy day fund before indebting ourselves with more federal debt through 2032 and beyond.

Let’s Hope for a Slow Thaw!

Now that the session is over if you need to reach me, call my home 208-838-3714 or my cell 208-781-1782, my email is


Representative Dorothy Moon

Stanley, Idaho