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End of Session and the Signs of Spring

Every action made by these citizen minded legislators was in accordance with the constitution of the State of Idaho, the Constitution of the United States, and the rules of Masons Manual.


End of Session and the Signs of Spring

Rep. Christy Zito – District 23

The 2017 session is over. I am looking forward to warm weather, the work to be done on the little farm, and visiting with citizens to hear your voice and be prepared to represent that in the next session.  The chicks are getting their feathers, the baby goats are growing and the pup is learning house manners.

I have enjoyed every moment serving as a legislator for District 23A. To be able to give voice to those you represent is such an honor and yet so humbling.  Asked what some of the highlights of the session were, one thing that comes to mind was being able to read on the floor of the house letter sent to me from someone in my district.  That was absolutely representing the voice of the people.

During the last two full days of the session we were  presented with the decision to indebt the state $300,000,000.00 (million) additional dollars.  Money that can only be used for road construction in 5 specific areas of the state and will not be available until 2018.  “It will be paid back with money from the feds.”  Remember, we are “the feds.”  The state will be paying 8% interest on this money.   We are told that Idaho runs a balanced budget.  I find this hard to accept when we close to a third of our budget is our federal money and our federal bank account is $20,000,000,000.00 (trillion) overdrawn.

The grocery tax repeal was left to the last day, a veto by the Governor cannot be overridden with out calling the legislators back to session.  Only the Governor can do that,   It was proposed by some citizen minded Representatives, that rather than Sine Die, we recess for 10 days and come back and either retire the session or repeal a veto, as the Governor had already expressed his displeasure with the grocery tax repeal.  The Governor wanted tax relief for corporations.  We were told by leadership that there was not enough in the body who would stand to override a veto.

Castle Doctrine is alive and well.  This well-crafted constitutionally correct proposed legislation is ready for a hearing the first week of the session.  I am so proud of those 19 legislators who cosponsored last session.  There are brave patriots in the legislature and the number is growing, who are strong and will represent your voice, who will embrace liberty and work tirelessly to ensure that it is protected for future generations of Idahoans

This session, citizen-centered legislators, who are not standard establishment fall-in-line representatives pushed back against the broken process. While the media may try to continue to stir up controversies concerning the session, the reality is, many legislators are beginning to question the top down control of leadership and the suppression of the voice of citizens.

Every action made by these citizen minded legislators was in accordance with the constitution of the State of Idaho, the Constitution of the United States, and the rules of Masons Manual.  This offended some who are devoted to the “process” and not to their constituents, or the oath of office that they took.  Citizens are ready to be represented by their elected representatives, we no longer want to be told that all is well, that those we elected will take good care of us. We claim the liberties granted to us by our Creator, outlined by the constitution, and defended and protected by the blood of those who came before us.

This summer will be filled with opportunities to visit with citizens of the district.  I am looking forward to getting to know as many as possible.  There will be monthly meets in each of the counties in the district.  If you are interested in attending or if you would like to host one or have a group that would like to host a question and answer, please contact me.

Message on Facebook, or phone (208)590.4633

It is a pleasure to be your voice. We can and will make a difference. Together we will stand, the future is ours to shape. Thank you for the opportunity, thank you for participating and contacting your representatives.

Ever in Liberty,