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The Ballot Box Versus The Bullet Box

The Civil War killed more Americans than all the other wars combined. Over 675,000 fatalities including civilians.

The Ballot Box Versus The Bullet Box


by Loren Edward Pearce

I was raised in the USA to believe that if we have a grievance or a complaint about a law or a government policy or a behavior, that all we need to do is contact our elected representative and work within “the system” to get it changed.   We can form grassroots organizations, pass out flyers, buy advertising space on billboards and, of course, use social media to spread our message in order to get what we don’t like, changed.  

However, those of us who have tried these activist methods, have been met with deep disappointment. Seldom do elected officials show any interest or bother to respond to our letters and phone calls.  The standard excuse is that we, a constituent, are like spit in an ocean, our issue is drowned out by millions of other constituent issues and the elected official is simply spread too thin to address our concerns.  

Lincoln reportedly said, “Among free men there can be no successful appeal from the ballot to the bullet”   Yet, appeal to the bullet Lincoln finally did when the South would not align themselves with the dictates of the North.   Lincoln was right though, it was not a successful appeal.  Yes, the North won the Civil War, but at what cost?   State’s rights and the 10th amendment were never the same after the civil war. The civil war gave birth to the federal government we have today, vast, sprawling alphabet soup agencies with their own law enforcement branches, imposing their wills on local communities.

Said to have over 10,000 burials, the Marietta National Cemetery contains the remains of soldiers killed at nearby Kennesaw Mountain and other battles of Sherman’s Atlanta Campaign. (

As to bullets, the Civil War killed more Americans than all the other wars combined.  Over 675,000 fatalities including civilians.  The wounded envied the dead.  Death from a large caliber civil war bullet wound was agonizingly slow as many of the wounded lay on the battle field, no morphine, no pain killers and it was not uncommon to live for days before the sweet relief of death finally came.

Recently, I was at the Marietta battle field near Atlanta, and the museum describes the horror of the battles that took place there, brother against brother, fellow citizens speaking the same language, slaughtering and killing one another. The screams of agony from the wounded were described in diaries as the wounded lay piled up among the dead, waiting for their death.

So yes, the bullet box is not the answer.  But if the ballot box does not work, then what does work?  During a recent visit with the Bundy family at their ranch, they described the frustration of contacting many politicians, many elected representatives and appointed government officials and nothing, no response, no interest, no concern. I like to call it, “playing ping pong against a mattress.” 

Our pompous, egotistical politicians like to slap themselves on the back on how they try to be responsive to their constituents and how any person within their district can rely on them to get answers and bring about change.   Lip service, platitudes, nothing more. Neither I nor the Bundys expect the politicians to agree with us, what we expect is dialog and a search for a solution.  

If a politician or government official is spread too thin to handle the demands of the office, then we need to add more elected officials to a district or find a way to handle the demands of the office  by removing the incumbent politician.  

Along with the Bundys, we have thousands of prisoners who have not been to trial, who have not been convicted and who have been denied a presumption of innocence until proven guilty.  They are subject to solitary confinement and to other unspeakable atrocities, while never having been convicted.  That is absolutely, totally, indisputably, unequivocally unacceptable.   

If politicians and their ballot boxes cannot or will not solve that problem, then what will?

2 Comments on The Ballot Box Versus The Bullet Box

  1. No more blatant example of Official unresponsiveness could be found than Gov, Kate Brown’s stony silence to our Petition for redress in the Hammond case. I’m sure that when our petitions arrived at her desk, the first thing Brown did was run to her Federal masters, then complied with their order for silence. This was the situation we found ourselves in on Jan 2, 2016, and after exhausting every normal means,took our demonstration to Malhure as a last resort. Governor Brown’s response was finally delivered on the evening of January 26,in the form of bullets. We are experiencing this same cavalier disregard for the public trust in the actions of Judge Navarro, and we are brought back to the fundamental question: What do we do as citizens when our belief in govt by the people, and our trust in the courts, is betrayed?

    • Neil I have the same question you do. What do we do when all we get out of our so called representatives is the stone wall of silence? I have thought about this long and hard and the answer I come up with is non-violent non-compliance with injustice. Gandhi showed us all the way to fight back and that is to stop cooperating with our oppressors. Our forefathers showed us the way when they held the Boston tea party. So what we need is massive non-cooperation with tyranny. Once we have that then events will unfold according to the same pattern they did with Gandhi’s actions. The government will crack down harder than ever on those who refuse to cooperate which will cause our numbers to grow exponentially, the government will turn to violence at which point they will lose the battle because everyone will turn against them. The only area where I disagree with Gandhi’s methods is when the Government turns to violence (including depriving people of their freedom) I advocate we defend ourselves at that point rather than allow them to kill us and take our freedom away. Self defense is a human right and I think we need to exercise it at that point when the government uses violence. Self defense is completely different from aggression and during self defense is the only time I will use force. So in my view we need mass non-cooperation with tyranny backed up by organized and powerful mass self defense. That in my view is the only avenue for change we have because it is quite obvious to me that the government does not serve the people and has no intention of helping us but rather plans on heaping even more tyranny and oppression upon us. Eventually we will have no choice but to do this just like our forefathers and founders were eventually backed into a corner by King George’s tyranny.

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